How Does a Paddy Thresher Work?

07 September 2023

how a paddy thresher works

When it comes to agriculture, paddy is one of the most produced commodities. That's why various machines, such as paddy threshers, are needed to help farmers complete their work quickly. As a farmer, you must understand how a paddy thresher works appropriately.

Its use cannot be arbitrary because the quality of the paddy will depend on the thresher machine itself. If the machine's performance is optimal, the quality of the paddy can improve. If your sales increase, your income will definitely increase as well. So, how does a paddy thresher work correctly?

Types of Paddy Thresher Machines

Before discussing how a paddy thresher works, you need to know the types of paddy thresher machines available. At least there are two types that are widely used by Indonesian farmers, namely Gebot and Thresher.

1. Gebot

Gebot is one type of agricultural machine that facilitates the process of harvesting paddy. Generally, Gebot is a paddy thresher machine that uses a milling system on a drum with a shaft with blade eyes. The milling system on the drum will crush the paddy and separate the paddy grains from the husk.

The main function of Gebot in agriculture is to speed up and simplify the process of paddy harvesting, especially if you have a large enough field. In the traditional paddy harvesting process, farmers have to manually harvest and separate paddy grains from the husks. Such actions require a considerable amount of time and energy.

However, with Gebot machines, threshing and separating paddy grains from the husks can be done more quickly. Using Gebot in agriculture can also improve the quality of paddy harvest and minimize the risk of damaged paddy that cannot be sold in the market.

2. Thresher

Besides Gebot, the thresher is also a paddy threshing machine that can be considered more advanced. The thresher works by separating paddy grains from their stems using mechanical or electrical power generated by a gasoline engine. This machine is usually used by farmers or paddy processing industries with large fields.

The machine that has been talked about is actually a general-purpose machine that can optimize the performance of the paddy threshing machine itself. Honda Power Product has a range of general-purpose machines that you can choose according to your needs.

Its capacity varies to ensure its use can help you complete various tasks. Some general-purpose machines include Engine - GX120T2 QD, Engine - GP160H1 SD1, Engine - GX200T2 QD, and GX200 - SGN - R280 BI-FUEL ENGINE.

Its greater power capacity clearly can speed up the paddy threshing process and effectively separate paddy grains from their stems. Through the use of a thresher, farmers can perform paddy threshing in larger quantities in a shorter period of time.

In addition, using a thresher also helps reduce the risk of damage to paddy grains that often occurs in manual threshing. If we go back to the past, farmers needed considerable time to separate paddy grains.

It took a long time, but the amount produced was insignificant. It was not proportional to the energy expended and the time spent just to produce a small amount of paddy.

That is why farmers need a thresher so that the paddy threshing process can be carried out efficiently. As a result, farmers' productivity becomes higher and they can produce even more paddy.

During the paddy production process, the thresher is usually used to quickly and effectively separate paddy grains from their stems. The separated paddy grains are then further processed into paddy using a milling machine.

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How Paddy Threshing Machines Work

The operation of paddy threshing machines is relatively easy. When turned on, paddy plants can be directly processed in the machine. For more details, let's take a closer look at the explanation below.

1. Preparation Stage

At this stage, farmers need to prepare the paddy threshing machine by cleaning its parts from dirt or remaining stem debris. Before use, the paddy threshing machine must be prepared first.

Make sure the machine is properly installed in its place. In addition, make sure the machine is adjusted according to the conditions of the agricultural land that will be used.

2. The Process of Cutting Paddy Stems

If all the preparations have been completed, the process of cutting paddy stems using a knife can be carried out. The knife blade will cut the paddy stems and release them from the plant. The paddy stems will then fall into the crushing drum of the machine.

3. The Process of Crushing Paddy Stems

The crushing drum in the paddy threshing machine functions to crush the paddy stems so that the grains are separated from the husks. The crushing process is done by slowly rotating the crushing drum in the machine. The paddy grains separated from the husks will fall into a different part of the machine, so they do not mix together.

4. The Process of Separating Paddy Grains from The Stems

After the paddy stems have been crushed, the next step is to separate the paddy grains from the stems. In the paddy threshing machine, there is a part called the "gabah cleaner" that functions to separate the paddy grains from the remaining paddy stems.

This part usually consists of a sieve and a blower that will separate the paddy grains from the remaining paddy stems.

5. The Process of Cleaning and Drying

Next, the paddy grains that have been separated from the stems will be directed to a different part of the machine for the process of cleaning and drying. Cleaning is done to remove any remaining debris that may still be attached to the paddy grains while drying is done to reduce the moisture content of the paddy grains so that they can be stored for a longer period of time.

In paddy harvesting, the paddy threshing machine is an efficient solution for farmers. To achieve good results, farmers need to understand how the paddy threshing machine works. In addition to good understanding, farmers can also add the use of additional tools such as general-purpose engines.

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Through the use of general-purpose engines, farmers can save time, energy, and costs in the process of processing their harvest. One of the best general-purpose machines that can be relied on can be easily found at Honda Power Products.

Honda Power Products' general-purpose machines can not only be used to operate paddy threshing machines, but it can also be used for other purposes such as watering, spraying pesticides, and even generating electricity.

There are many types and capacities of general-purpose engines that you can choose from to meet your needs. So, visit Honda Power Products now and get quality general-purpose machines to help with your work!

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