4 Ways to Overcome Drought when the Dry Season Comes

17 February 2023

how to deal with drought

As is known, water is an essential element in life. Only sometimes hot weather in the dry season has a good impact. While you may enjoy traveling without having to wear a raincoat, it can also have the negative effects of drought. Then how to deal with drought?

This loss of water supply in large quantities is caused by several factors, such as the long dry season, the absence of water catchment areas, the habit of overusing water, the absence of water reservoirs, and the decreasing number of springs.

Of course, drought must be overcome immediately because various activities will be hampered due to a lack of water supply. For example, farmers who need water for irrigation to fish cultivators who have to change the water. It's not an easy thing, but of course every problem has a solution. Check out the complete information in the following article.

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Impact of Drought on Life

The danger of drought is evidenced by the inclusion of this condition as one of the natural disasters in Indonesia. The drought is a condition of a lack of water supply for a certain period time. Due to the importance of water for various aspects of life, drought has a negative impact on life. Some of them are:

1. Lack of Clean Water Sources

As is known, the human body consists mostly of water. Therefore, the saying that humans can survive without food but has difficulty without water is most likely true.

If drought occurs, of course, this will affect the drinking water supply and can cause dehydration which is dangerous for the body. In addition to clean water for consumption, the community will also experience difficulties in finding clean water sources for bathing, washing and other daily activities.

2. Threat of crop failure

For a farmer or garden owner, drought will affect their yields, especially for plants that require large amounts of water flow. This affects not only farmers who fail to harvest and lose their source of income but also the general public needs a supply of healthy food such as vegetables, fruit, rice and much more.

3. Increased Pollution

Friends of Honda may not have thought that it turns out that drought can cause the severity of pollution. This situation is related to the number of plants that start to fall and die. Because plants are one of the components that process carbon dioxide into oxygen. So when there are no living plants, the air will become dirtier and more polluted.

How to Overcome Drought when the Dry Season Comes

Even though it has a considerable impact, drought can be prevented and overcome in several ways. To make it happen, of course, requires the cooperation of all levels of society. So for the water supply to last for an extended period, you need to participate in doing the following things:

1. Creating a Reservoir

Reservoirs are rainwater reservoirs that are commonly used to prepare water supply during the dry season so that drought does not occur. The existence of this reservoir can help you continue to receive a supply of water when a drought occurs for a long time.

So, Honda friends, you don't need to worry about the availability of clean water and irrigation water when the dry season comes because the ponds will irrigate the rice fields, provide clean water that can be used for daily activities, and much more.

2. Reforestation and Reforestation

As we all know, afforestation is the simplest and most effective way to deal with drought during the dry season. Reforestation cannot be done just like that. There is still a need to have reforestation rules that must be followed.

First, reforestation should be done from upstream first, followed by the surrounding area's land conversion process. Only after that can you do greenery to the downstream and surrounding areas.

The benefits of reforestation continue further. This process is carried out to increase water absorption ability on high land. If reforestation is carried out, sedimentation and siltation of the reservoir can also be reduced.

3. Save Water Use

Often hear the phrase save water or use water as needed? Not without reason and without meaning, this sentence is usually displayed or heard on many occasions because, indeed, one of the easiest ways that can be done today is to conserve water.

When the rainy season arrives and the water supply is abundant, many people forget there will be a dry season after that. If you don't save water, the water supply will likely become more limited during the dry season. But of course, this needs to be done together with many other people so that an adequate supply of water during the dry season can be realized.

4. Using Quality Water Pumps For Irrigation

For farmers or other types of work requiring an ample water supply, using a quality water pump for irrigation or providing water needs may be a solution to overcome drought and crop failure.

The trick is pumping to irrigate agricultural land or other water needs using a water pump. The water pump, in this case, is used to collect water from the nearest water source.

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