10 List of Camping Gear You Can't Miss

06 January 2023

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Going camping is one of the activities that is starting to get popular, especially by young people. Camping is outdoor activities carried out with tents and some simple equipment to enjoy the outdoors activities.

If Sobat Honda planning to do this activity, make sure that camping equipment list is complete.

Keep in mind to bring necessary equipment and cross check again before going camping. If you forget to bring some equipment will cause chaotic.  Then just prepare your notes and pen, then see all the camping equipment below!

What is the List of Camping Equipment that Can't be Missed?

Talking about what items to bring really depends on what they needed when camping.  There are people who like to do it simply but there are also those who need to carry all the stuff, aka maximalist. 

Of course, these two personalities will affect the list of camping equipment. Sobat Honda don't get confused, there are at least 10 basic equipment that you must have when you want to go camping.

1. Tent and Camping Chairs

Tent and camping chairs are must item that needs to bring while going camping. Choose a tent that can protect you from all the weathers. That means the quality of the tent must be strong and sturdy and use good quality materials.

Then also choose a tent that can be assembled easily. Don't let your time run out because the tents is very large and not easy to assembly. This is same as how to choose a camping chair too.

Look for something sturdy that doesn't tear easily and is quickly assembled. While at the camping supply store, you can ask how to do it so you don't get confused during the actual camping.

2. Sleeping Bag or Mattress

Of course, it will hurt if you sleep without any mat. Even though there are already tents that protect you from being exposed to dirt and dust, it's still not comfortable resting without a mat.

Therefore, you need a sleeping bag and or mattress to make your sleep comfortable. It won't be as soft as the mattress at home but at least your back won't hurt when you wake up the next day.

You can choose between buying a sleeping bag and a mattress or even both. Just adjust to your preferences and needs when camping.

3. Stove and Elpiji for Cooking

Being in the wild nature, you will not have a source of energy and a stove for cooking. Of course, you can't dig into the ground to find a source of natural gas, right? So, prepare a special camping stove and gas so you don't go hungry. In general, the size of the stove and gas will not be too big so that it can fit in a bag.

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4. Cooking Equipment

Stoves and elpiji are available, so you need for cooking equipment. Currently, all cooking equipment specifically for camping is widely sold in the market, so you won't have any trouble finding it.

The design is made multifunctional to facilitate storage and camping activities.  From all the cooking equipment you need to buy a pot that can be used for boiling as well as sautéing. Then don't forget the cutlery, knife, and plates and other cutlery needed.

5. Lighter

Fire is one of the most important sources of energy that must exist in camping. Without fire you cannot cook or warm yourself. Bringing lighter can be an alternative if you don't want to bring a stove and gas for cooking.

Just collect some wood and dry leaves, then burn it with the lighter. So, you'll have a campfire for cooking and warmth from the frigid night winds.

6. Lighting and or Heating Devices

Lighting tools such as flashlights, head lamps, or lanterns are needed when camping. Please note that campsites are usually not equipped with lighting devices such as streetlamps. So, you can only rely on your personal flashlight and headlamp when the sun starts to set, and the sky gets dark.

7. Portable Generator

Generators are useful for providing the electrical energy you need while camping. If you bring a generator, you don't really need to bring a stove and elpiji. All you have to do is bring an electric stove, so your cooking needs will be immediately fulfilled.

The electrical energy available in the generator will meet all your needs while camping. That's why you don't have to bother carrying so many things to warm your body or for lighting.

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8. Raincoat

Camping outdoors is a lot of fun, but if the weather is rainy, it's sure to be a lot more troublesome, right? You can get sick and catch a cold if you don't stay out of heavy rain. make sure you also provide a raincoat, so you don't get wet.

9. Trash Bag

Staying for a few days in nature will surely give you peace of mind. This natural preservation needs to be maintained carefully so that the following people who want to use it can camp comfortably.

Therefore, you need to bring your own trash bag and collect all the trash so that nature will remain beautiful.

10. Medicines

Furthermore, you also shouldn't forget to bring personal medicines so that you stay healthy while camping. You can't rely on anyone while out in nature. So your own health is your responsibility.

Besides being able to provide peace of mind and heart, camping can provide its own happiness. More than that your courage will be challenged because camping is not an easy activity to do.

But with the best preparation, Sobat Honda can enjoy camping time as much as possible. Immediately prepare the entire list of camping equipment including a mini generator to make outdoor activities easier.

Speaking of generators, Honda Power has a range of generator products to choose from. For camping, you can choose EU10i and EU22i which can provide electrical power while camping.

Equipped with a 4-stroke engine and using the best material, Sobat Honda can comfortably enjoy relaxing time because the sound and vibration are very minimal. Find the best and most trusted generator according to your needs only at Honda Power Products!

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