Best Inverter Generators of 2023

08 June 2023

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The existence of inverter technology in generators makes their use very efficient. Every user can maximize the use of the generator without worrying about increased fuel costs. Are you looking for the best inverter generator? Don't worry! Honda Power Products has some recommendations for you.

Before we look at the various recommendations, sobat Honda need to know that  inverter technology in generators functions to produce better quality AC (Alternating Current) electricity. Another advantage of inverter technology is the stable frequency and voltage of the electricity produced. This stability applies even with different loads on the generator.

Generators that use inverter technology automatically control the engine speed efficiently, ensuring that the electricity produced matches the demand. As a result, the fuel consumption each time the engine is used becomes very efficient. The emissions are also minimized for, environmentally friendly. It's no wonder that inverter generators are highly sought after by the public, right? Let's discover the best inverter generators from Honda Power Products below!

Best Inverter Generators in 2023 from Honda Power Products

Honda Power Products Indonesia always offers excellent machines to meet people's needs. New Innovations and developments are always introduced in every product to maximize their usefulness in various activities.

That's why you can find inverter technology in Honda Power Product generators. There are at least 4 best inverter generators from Honda Power Products that you can choose to meet your needs. Find out the complete specifications of each generator below.

1. EU10i


The first product from Honda Power Products that in  the list of the best inverter generators in 2023 is the EU10i. This inverter generator offers a maximum output power of 1.32 kW. It is equipped with inverter technology, which produces electricity with stable frequency and voltage.

You can use it to its maximum capacity without any obstacles. The design of the EU10i by Honda Power Products is compact and easy to move . It weighs only 13 kg making it suitable for highly mobile use. Remember that inverter technology makes its fuel consumption efficient, so your expenses won't increase event thought  frequently usethe EU10i generator.

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2. EU22i


Next, there's the EU22i, which offers a maximum output power of 2.2 kW. This generator is also equipped with inverter technology, ensuring stable frequency and voltage of the electricity produced.

The EU22i is made with a simple design and has size that is not too nig , making it easy to use for various high-mobility needs. It weighs only about 21.1 kg, so this inverter generator can be easily moved  to different locations as needed.

3. EU30is


If you need a generator with a larger capacity, the EU30is generator is suitable for you. It offers a maximum output power of 3.82 kW and can be used continuously for 7.3 hours (rated load). This generator can be used to turn on large electronic devices such as air conditioners, water heaters, and so on. You don't need to worry about the electric voltage produced when turning on these devices because it is safe.

The inverter technology integrated into the generator produces stable and large energy so can't disturbed your activities. The presence of inverter technology also makes the fuel consumption highly efficient, so it's not a problem to use it for long periods and frequently. The EU30is generator is also a silent generator, meaning the noise produced when the generator is running is very low compared to conventional generators.

4. EU70is



Lastly, there's the EU70is, which has an even bigger capacity. The maximum power of 6.6 kW, so you can turn on various high-power electronic devices such as refrigerators, water heaters, and air conditioners. Even though its quite  heavy, you don't have to worry about move g it to various places. The EU70is generator is designed ergonomically, make it easier for you to move around. It comes with wheels and a safety lock handle for mobility and security when used

Turning on this generator is also easy with the starter motor and recoil feature. You only need to turn the main switch from OFF to ON and then press the engine starter button. It's very easy right? In addition, the EU70is generator uses Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) system, which makesfuel consumption more efficient. Its usage is also environmentally friendly because low exhaust emissions.

So, those are some of the best inverter generators you can get from Honda Power Products. Which generator is most suitable to meet your needs? When choosing the best inverter generator, there are many factors to consider.

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First of all, you should to consider the required output power. If you only need low output power, then the EU10i inverter generator is the best choice.but , if you need higher output power, then the EU22i, EU30is, or even EU70is inverter generators will be more suitable.

Then, You also need to consider your fuel needs basedon the chosen generator. The EU10i inverter generator has a highly efficient fuel system, which saves fuel consumption. Additionally, you should consider other factors such as noise, size, and ease of use. But actually, you don't need to worry anymore when looking for the best generator with all the important characteristics mentioned. You can find them in Honda Power Product generators.

The four generators mentioned above already have advanced inverter technology with various maximum power capacities to meet your needs. So, visit Honda Power Products directly to choose the best inverter generator!

Make Honda Power Products inverter generators your best investment for your current and future needs!

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