10 Types of Boats in Indonesia

07 September 2023

Types of Boats in Indonesia

Indonesia is an archipelagic country where many people depend on the sea for their livelihood. Therefore, you may see boats in almost every water area in Indonesia. However, you may need to be made aware of the different types of boats used by Indonesian fishermen.

If you think only one type of boat exists, you should read this article until the end. The reason is that the types of boats fishermen use are sometimes different. Furthermore, there are additional tools that make it possible for boats to travel at a stable speed. Without further ado, just read the complete information below!

What Are the Types of Boats in Indonesia?

The number of boat types in Indonesia can be confusing. However, have you ever wondered why fishermen use so many types of boats? This thought is natural because each boat has its purpose that has been adjusted to meet the needs of fishermen. 

The location and destination of the voyage are important aspects in determining the use of a boat. If you are in a distant sea location, using a simple boat is impossible.

It's because you will be sailing for a week or more. Likewise, you will not use a large boat to catch fish in shallow waters. Please take a closer look at the following types of boats to understand their specific uses.

1. Jukung


Jukung is a traditional fishing boat that is usually used in Bali and Nusa Tenggara. This boat is made of wood and has a slim shape with an upward-curved end. The uniqueness of jukung lies in its aerodynamic shape and good buoyancy, making it very effective for catching fish in shallow waters.

2. Sampan


Besides jukung, there is also sampan that is still used by fishermen to search for fish in shallow waters. This type of boat is widely used in Sulawesi and Maluku regions, with operation carried out by two people.

One person will steer the boat while the other will try to catch fish using a fishing rod or net. This boat is generally made of wood or bamboo and has a round shape with a flat bottom.

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3. Bagan

Bagan is a type of fishing boat that is usually used in Sumatra and Kalimantan regions. This boat is made of wood and has a long shape with a pointed end. Bagan is usually equipped with a large net used for mass fishing.

If previously boats were operated using simple machines, bagan requires a larger engine. The size of the boat is also quite large, with wings on the left and right to help lift the fishing net. In addition, there are already GPS and radar to help fishermen find the most appropriate location to throw the net.

4. Katir


Katir is a traditional type of boat commonly used by coastal communities in Indonesia. This boat has a unique shape, small in size, with a length of around 5-7 meters and a width of about 1-2 meters. Katir boats are usually operated by a fisherman using oars or simple machines as propeller.

5. Raft


Although almost all regions in Indonesia have experienced technological developments, it cannot be denied that there are also communities living in remote areas. The vehicles used are not large cruise ships but simple bamboo rafts.

They are used not only for transportation but also for fishing. Its simple shape makes the raft easily move on the water's surface. The raft will move directly by rowing using oars towards the desired direction.

6. Canoe


Of all the types of boats, you should already be familiar with canoes. It is because canoes are commonly found in recreational areas on various rivers and lakes. However, this type of boat is actually used for fishing. Its propulsion is not powered by an engine, but rather by paddles, using human power.

7. Prahu

The prahu is the traditional fishing boat commonly used in the Maluku and Papua regions. This boat is made from wood and has a long shape with a curved upward end. In addition, the prahu is also equipped with a small net for catching fish individually.

8. Getek

Getek is usually operated using paddles or a small engine to speed up movement. Like a raft, getek is usually made using bamboo or wood. Its shape is very simple and often used for shallow water fishing.

Aside from being used for catching fish, many people use it as a means of transportation. Although very simple, its strength has been tested for hundreds of years.

9. Fiber Boat

perahu fiber

Fiber boats are a modern type of fishing boat made of fiberglass or glass fiber material. This boat has a slim and lightweight shape to move quickly in the sea. Fiber boats are usually used for fishing in large sea waters.

10. Rawai Boat

The rawai boat refers to a traditional boat widely used by fishermen in Indonesia, especially in the coastal areas of Java and Bali. This boat is used for catching fish by setting a net called a rawai.

The rawai boat is usually large, with a length of around 15-20 meters and a width of about 3-4 meters, and is equipped with an engine to facilitate the sailing process. Fishermen usually depart from the port at night and return to land in the morning after catching considerable fish.

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