Causes of Lawn Mower Not Starting

27 July 2023

causes of lawn mower engine not starting

Have Sobat Honda ever experienced a lawn mower that won't start? Usually happens because of a problem with its components, such as the power control lever being in the wrong position or issues with the ignition system or the fuel quality. Therefore, Honda users need to know the causes of a lawn mower not starting. To learn more, check out the discussion below.

Causes of Lawn Mower Not Starting 

There are several reasons why a lawn mower may not start, including problems with the fuel, spark plug, and other components. Therefore, Honda users must perform regular lawn mower maintenance to keep them in optimal condition. Let's check the explanations below for a clearer understanding of the causes.

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1. Fuel Valve in the OFF Position 

When the lawn mower doesn't start, Sobat Honda can check the position of the control lever. For example, the fuel valve may be in the OFF position. The fuel valve is an essential component in the fuel system and regulates fuel flow to the engine. 

If the fuel valve is not active, the fuel cannot flow to the engine, causing it not to start. It would help to turn the fuel valve to the ON position to get the lawn mower to work again.

2. Power Control Lever in the Wrong Position 

The power control lever is a component that controls the strength of the engine. If the power control lever is not in the correct position, the lawn mower won't start. 

Therefore, move the power control lever to the CHOKE position unless the engine is already warm. For example, when starting the lawn mower and the engine is still cold, the power control lever must be in the CHOKE position. Sobat Honda can move the lever to the HIGH position if the engine is already warm.

3. Fuel Quality 

Low-quality fuel can affect the performance of the lawn mower. This is especially true if the lawn mower has yet to be serviced regularly or filled with low-quality energy. 

Therefore, ensure to use high-quality fuel for Sobat Honda lawn mower. Also, ensure that Sobat Honda lawn mower has enough energy in the tank. If the fuel tank is empty, it can be a reason why the lawn mower won't start.

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4. Problem with the Spark Plug 

If the lawn mower doesn't start, try removing and checking the spark plug. Unfortunately, the component may be dirty, flooded, or improperly installed. The spark plug is a crucial component in the lawn mower and needs to be maintained to ensure optimal performance. 

To address this issue, clean the spark plug, let it dry, and reinstall. If the spark plug problem is severe, Sobat Honda may need to replace it. To check if the spark plug is working well after being cleaned or replaced, turn on the engine with the power control lever in the HIGH position.

5. Clogged Fuel Filter 

If the fuel filter is clogged, the fuel won't flow properly to the engine, preventing the lawn mower from starting. A dirty or damaged fuel filter can cause this problem. The fuel filter must be cleaned or replaced regularly to avoid this problem. 

The fuel filter is usually located at the front and is attached to the carburetor. It is typically a foam filter that is easy to clean. If the filter is clogged, check and repair it immediately. If necessary, Sobat Honda can replace the fuel filter.

6. Malfunctioning Carburetor

The carburetor is responsible for supplying fuel to the combustion chamber. If this component is having problems, the lawn mower will not start. Symptoms of a faulty carburetor include a weak sound, improper fuel distribution, and a flooded carburetor.

Within the carburetor component, a float will automatically close the fuel line when the float chamber is full. Therefore, leaks will not occur. However, when the float is weak, fuel leaks can occur, and gasoline will overflow into the hose joint.

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When the lawn mower experiences problems, it is best to immediately take it to the nearest Honda service center. Sobat Honda can also refer to the manual provided by Honda to address the component issue.

Sobat Honda can also replace the component causing the lawn mower not to start so that Sobat Honda can use it more optimally. Honda has two lawnmowers: a walk-behind lawn mower and a push lawn mower. But, again, Sobat Honda can adjust it according to Sobat Honda needs.

For the LAWNMOWER-HRJ196 push lawn mower, Honda offers exceptional and reliable performance. Especially since it is equipped with an entire blade that can produce more minor grass cuts, this machine is also equipped with a bag to make the grass-cutting process more efficient.

Meanwhile, Honda's walk-behind lawn mower is divided into two types, the Brushcutter-UMR345N, which can operate at a 360-degree tilt with two cutter blades. 

In addition, the Brushcutter-UMK450T lawn mower offers professional grass-cutting results with high-efficiency Honda technology. The resulting vibrations are low, and the noise level is also moderate.

So, what are Sobat Honda waiting for? Find the best and most reliable lawn mower according to Sobat Honda needs only at Honda Power Products!

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