9 Maintenance Tips for Durability and Safety Usage of Generator

17 January 2023

Generator Maintenance

All the items that you buy will not last long without maintenance. it also the same case with generators. Sobat Honda, you must know how to care for a generator properly so that it can be used for a long time. In addition, maintenance must be carried out regularly.

It's not enough to maintain generator only once a year because the generator must have been dusty and piled up with a lot of dirt. If only the outside is exposed to dust, then you can clean it right away.

But what about the engine on the inside? If you don't do maintenance properly, don't be surprised if in a short time the generator will be broken. But don't be discouraged either!

The fact that you were been here shows that awareness has started to build up to carry out generator maintenance. Then immediately find out the generator maintenance information below!

Why generator need to be maintained?

There are several reasons why generators must be maintained regularly, for example, as follows.

1. Finding Out the Problem as Early as Possible

Generator is built with sturdy and certain quality materials. But that doesn't mean you can just let it go. Without proper care, the product will not last long, no matter how strong the material used is.

Besides that you never know when a critical situation will occur. While you can do prevention by taking it for service, why not do it?

2. Ensuring All Components Function

Periodic maintenance is useful to ensure the components in the generator function properly. This is because each engine component that is installed has its own age limit.

If you are not aware of the limitations, these components can interfere with the generator's overall performance. So don't let any components get damaged and eventually spread to all parts of the machine.

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3. Cleaning a Various Dirt

Dirt will always appear even though you always have been cleaning it. Imagine if you never clean it, it is clear that the generator will get worst. This is just the outside, not the inside.

Therefore you need to clean inside and outside so that there are no sludge. Of course, don't disassemble the generator engine independently if you don't understand how to disassemble and/or install a generator. You have the potential to damage other components if you don't understand the component of the generator. Take it to a trusted Honda Official Dealer to carry out maintenance on your generator

 4. Ensuring a Safety

Maintenance is also taken to ensure safety. Problems that occur in the generator will result in short circuit damage, up to fire. That's why a generator should be serviced regularly  will save you and your family from danger.

5. Saving Expenses

The point of this savings is that you will not losses due to damage of generator that will cost you for replacing parts or other costs that are quite large at one time. And this savings is also intended so that the generator can last a long time (durable)

Instead of having to pay more latter, isn't it better to pay little more up front so that safety is guaranteed?

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Genenerator Maintenance Tips for Durability and Safety Usage of Generator

the main goal of Generator maintenance is to prevente problems or damage. As common people who don't understand about engines, many people don't know the difference between proper and broken generators.

Therefore it is better to carry out maintenance from now on and periodically. Follow these maintenance tips below.

1. Check the Fuel Section

Components related to fuel such as tanks and lids need to be inspected periodically. Make sure that the required fuel does not run out. Also check whether there is a leak which is indicated by the continuous smell of fuel.

You can also see leaks from the tank body. If the fuel tank area looks greasy then something is probably wrong. Then all checks need to end by looking at the indicators carefully. Make sure that there is nothing odd about the indicator.

2. Store the Generator in a Dry Area

This point is very important to remember. Your generator should not be placed in a damp room which also stores a lot of flammable liquids.

Do not mix oil, fuel or water together with generators in one room so that the safety of you and your family is guaranteed. Every time you want to store or use it, wipe all parts until it dries perfectly.

3. Always Clean Before and After Use

Cleaning the generator from dirt, oil and water is very important. It's a good idea to always clean the generator regularly, both before and after use. Wiping it a few days once a week also helps the generator last longer. The performance of the engine will also not be disturbed by the presence of precipitated dirt.

4. Warming up the Generator Periodically

Of course, generators are not used every day. Usually generators are used when there is a power outage or when doing activity outside without any socket connection at all. Even so, you have to keep warming it up so that the engine's performance remains proper as before.

5. Check Cables

Every time you want to use a generator, try to check the cables that will be plugged in firstly. Make sure nothing is burnt, shorted or bitten by mice. Don't let trifles cause big problems and harm your household.

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6. Check the status of the generator battery

Checking the condition of the generator battery needs to be done every time you want to use it. Make sure that the battery is not corroded so that the generator can generate the required electricity supply.

While checking the battery section, also see if there are loose cables or connections. If found, immediately tighten it. Take it to an authorized dealer to have it done if you are in doubt.

7. Check All Generator Indicators

The existence of an indicator in the generator panel is useful for informing notification that occurs in the engine. The reason is  the problem is not visible on the outside frequently. Therefore you need to pay close attention to each indicator so that the machines are maintained in good condition.

8. Pay attention to the Exhaust System

One sign that there is a problem with the generator engine is the color and amount of exhaust gas. If the color of the smoke is black or thick white and comes out in large quantities than usual, then you can confirm that there is a problem with the generator.

This could be related to fuel filling errors or the quality of the air entering the generator is very dirty. If this happens you need to take it in for service

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9. Replace Spare Parts According to Time

Make a good note of when the age limit for using the generator is. Also know what components must be replaced periodically in 6 months or 1 year. Make sure you replace worn out spare parts so that the generator's performance remains excellent.

The easiest way to find out when a generator needs to be repaired is to take it to a service center for regular maintenance. Don't let the generator just break down without any effort, which you can actually do easily.

Perform generator maintenance regularly as described above so that the engine lasts for a long time. If you are looking for a new generator, then just visit Honda Power.

There are many generator products with different usage capacities and different voltages. Adjust to the needs of sobat Honda so that the generator is used as best as possible. Find the best and most trusted generator according to your needs only at Honda Power Products!

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