HPPI had launched Mobile Application "Honda Power ID" to provide benefits and convenience to consumers

05 September 2022 | by : HPPI

On Monday 18 April 2022, PT Honda Power Products Indonesia had launched their new mobile application "Honda Power ID" as part of following digitization transition and in purpose to provide comfortable and trustworthy services to customers by easier access.

General Manager of Sales & Marketing PT Honda Power Products Indonesia, Hendi Herjanto said that the presence of worldwide pandemic has changed many life and work styles, which face-to-face system previously, switch to more touch by virtual or digital. The new normal is an opportunity for Honda Power Products Indonesia business to move faster and more productively. The presence of the Honda Power ID application is one of the tools or media that will support our strategy," said Hendi Herjanto.

In this case, he explained that this mobile application comes with various useful features, such as accessing the Product Catalog, finding and contacting the nearest Honda Authorized Dealer, Checking Product Authenticity, submitting a warranty claim, and of course application users will be given special promos, such as consumers will get points which can be exchanged for various types of benefits or attractive offers every month, such as discount vouchers, E-wallet balances, souvenirs etc.

Not only for consumers, the Honda Power ID application is also available for dealers and Sub-dealers of PT Honda Power Products Indonesia with various interesting features such as easy warranty claims, discount vouchers or access to detailed information so that the communication process becomes easier, faster and accountable.

Hendi Herjanto explained that this innovation is proof commitment of Honda Power Products Indonesia's to respond the changes of consumer behavior actively and fulfill the needs of consumers of Agricultural Machinery, Fishermen & Industrial machinery that have been switched to digital channel. "We invite the entire community, both consumers and potential consumers of Honda Power Products Indonesia to download the Honda Power ID application on the Play store & Apple Store and enjoy the various conveniences and benefits of digital services from Honda Power ID. "We hope that the presence of the Honda Power ID mobile application can provide benefits and convenience to consumers and our partners so that they can be a solution of  Agricultural Machinery, Fishermen & Industrial demands in accordance with our tagline “ Mudahkan Kerjamu ", he concluded.