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Honda Dealer Conference 2018 " Reach the Seventh Sky "

PT Honda Power Products Indonesia (HPPI) hosted its Seventh Dealer Conference Meeting, themed “7th Sky”, on April 25th –27th in Jakarta with the aim of strengthening dealers’ services and offerings to expand Honda Power Products business in the Indonesia.

11 May 2018

Dealer Incentive Trip 2017 " Proud to be Honda - Amazing Japan"

Jakarta, the sole distributor of Honda Power Products in Indonesia (HPPI), treated its dealers to a 9-day 8-night incentive trip (from 17th to 25th November) to Japan.

21 December 2017

PT Honda Power Products Indonesia " Care Of Children "

PT Honda Power Products Indonesia, held Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) By Themed " Care Of Children " located at RPTRA (child-friendly integrated public spaces) Jatinegara Pulo Jahe

09 November 2017

Free Service Campaign for Honda General Purpose Engine.

Honda Power Products Indonesia provides free service for the Honda katingting boat engine in Service Campaign Caravan event.
Dozens of fishermen took part in the activities undertaken in Tarumajaya Village, branch of the district. Bekasi on Tuesday (18/7/2017).

19 July 2017

PT Honda Power Products Indonesia 2017 Dealer Meeting & New Product Introducing

PT Honda Power Products Indonesia recently hosted its annual 2017 Dealer Meeting event for its entire Indonesia / National dealer network. It was held on April 27th – 29th, 2017 in Makassar.

29 April 2017

Honda Dealer Conference 2016 " 10th years Anniversary"

The Fifth annual Honda Dealer Conference was held on May 28th-30th 2016 located at one of Hotel in Jakarta

11 May 2016