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Honda Dealer Conference 2014

The third annual Honda Dealer Conference was held on May 9th-11th 2014 located at one of Hotel in Jakarta. The event was themed "Let’s Do Together, Confidently (Time to Take Off)" and divided into 2 sessions : Dealer Business Meeting and Gala Dinner. Approximately 90 dealers are attended this year´s event.

05 May 2014

Honda Power Products Gathering 2014 North Sumatera Region

On March 1, 2014 located at one of the Hotel in Medan, Honda Power Products Indonesia (HPPI) along with one of Honda dealers PT. Istana Deli Kencana (IDK) held a "Honda Gathering".

01 March 2014

Honda Product Regional Conference 2013

PT. Honda Power Products Indonesia (HPPI) held first Regional meeting in Jakarta on October 5th and in Makassar on October 17th 2013.

18 June 2013

Honda Dealer Conference 2013

PT . Honda Power Products Indonesia ( HPPI ) held Dealer Conference in 2013 for the second time, this year has been held in Surabaya city.

28 May 2013

Modern Market

On July 2012, we established cooperation with PT. ACE HARDWARE INDONESIA TBK, to distribute Honda Power Products.

11 July 2012

Honda Dealer COnference 2012

To strengthen the relationship between dealers and PT. Honda Power Products Indonesia ( PT. HPPI ) and to foster a sense of trust, togetherness, and strong relationship, PT. HPPI held Honda Dealers Conference 2012 which took place from March 30st - April 1st 2012, an event which attended by 65 participants from all over Honda dealer in Indonesia was done really well.

09 April 2012