7 Causes and How to Fix the Generator Voltage not Coming Out

30 May 2023

how to fix the generator voltage not coming out

Sobat Honda, you must be familiar with generators or generator sets, which are widely used to generate additional electricity during blackouts or as a tool to circulate electricity in open areas when selling or for recreation. However, what if the generator is damaged? Don't worry; Honda Power will provide various ways to fix the generator voltage not coming out so that it can function normally again.

Usually, the problem with the generator that the voltage does not come out arises due to damage to the components. In this article, Sobat Honda will find out what can be done if the generator does not supply the voltage according to the cause. Check out the full review below.

Causes of Generators Not Leaving Electricity and How to Overcome Them

Generators use energy from fuels, such as diesel or gasoline, to generate electricity. However, sometimes generators have problems and don't produce electricity at all. Here are some of the causes of the generator not getting out of electricity and how to overcome them:

1. Disconnected Output Cable

The output cable transmits electricity from the generator to equipment that requires electricity. If the output cable is cut off, electricity cannot flow smoothly, so the generator does not produce an electric current.

Several factors, such as worn or torn cables, loose connections, or damage to the cable connectors, can cause disconnected output cables. To solve this problem, first, check the condition of the output cable, and make sure nothing is torn or disconnected. Then check the output cable connections and make sure nothing is loose. If there is damage to the cable connector, replace it immediately.

2. Genset AVR Turns Off

AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) is a component that regulates the generator's output voltage. If the AVR turns off, the output voltage from the generator cannot be adjusted so that the generator does not produce electricity.

The cause of the AVR's shutdown can be triggered by several factors, including damage to components, continuous overload, or a short circuit in the cable connected to the AVR.

To solve this problem, check the AVR components' condition and ensure none are damaged or torn. If damage is found, immediately replace the component with a new one so the generator can return to normal.

3. Diode problems

The diode on the generator regulates the electric current that enters and leaves the generator. That is why problems with the diode can be like damage to the diode, errors in the installation, or damage to the voltage regulator, which can affect the electricity flow from the generator.

The way to deal with a generator that does not run out of electricity due to problems with the diode can be done by first checking the condition of the diode to see if anything is damaged or torn. If damage is found, immediately replace the damaged diode. Remember that the diode must be installed correctly first, then you can restart the generator.

4. Damage to the Stator Windings

The function of the stator winding on the generator is essential to produce a magnetic field on the generator. If there is damage to the stator windings, the generator will not produce the required electric current.

Several factors can cause damage to the stator windings, including overload and an inappropriate working environment.

To solve the problem of damaged stator windings, the first step must be to check their condition. See if there is damage in the form of tears in the stator windings or not. If a damaged winding is found, immediately repair or replace the damaged stator winding.

However, if the problem is simply dampness, you can heat the component to dry it out. So keep in mind a clean and dry generator work environment can also affect the condition of the generator.

5. Overload

Maybe Sobat Honda think that generators can supply electricity to many electrical devices. In fact, a load size is generally printed on the generator and is a marker for the maximum amount of load that can be accepted. When the generator is used to carry a larger load, usually, the electric current will not come out.

So, always ensure that the generator capacity used is in accordance with the required load requirements. Do not use tools with more significant power requirements than the generator capacity. If more power is needed, use more than one generator or a generator with a larger capacity.

In addition, make sure to operate the generator correctly and according to the generator manufacturer's instructions.

6. Short circuit in the Liaison Tool

Often the problem with the generator that the electric current does not come out is caused by a short circuit in the connecting device. This is caused by several factors: cables that are peeled off or cut, cables that touch each other, or cables that are exposed to water or other liquids.

The solution first checks the condition of the spark plugs in the generator ignition system. Then remove the spark plug and turn it to the ON position. Sobat Honda, you can start checking all the ignition system components and look for problems that cause a short circuit in the generator.

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7. Generator Exits Smoke or Burns

Generator smoke or burning can occur due to overheating engine parts, overload, or lack of maintenance. In conditions like this, don't delay or ignore it.

Turn off the generator immediately and only attempt to repair it if you have sufficient knowledge and experience. It's best to directly contact a generator technician or expert who can help you identify the cause of the problem and provide the right solution.

Also, ensure the generator is placed in a good and safe working environment, away from flammable materials or materials that are easily exposed to heat. Avoid using generators in extreme conditions at very high temperatures or in very humid conditions.

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The condition of the generator that cannot function properly certainly greatly hinders many activities that need to be completed with electricity. The problems above can be prevented earlier so that you don't experience problems, especially with the generator components. How to? The answer is to use the best quality generator from Honda Power.

Sobat Honda can use the Honda Power generator EU70is, which has a fuel injection system with a maximum power output of 7,000 watts. Find the best and most trusted generator according to your needs only at Honda Power Products.

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