5 Ways to Tackle Agricultural Land Drought

17 February 2023

How to address agricultural land drought

Drought conditions often occur in certain areas, and the causes are varied. However, uncertain climate change is the main factor for drought to occur. One of the expected effects of drought is the failure of crops for farmers. So, how to address agricultural land drought?

Because if the agricultural land experiences drought, the food source for daily needs will decrease. For that, you need to find a way to tackle the drought condition. Below are some ways that you can do to tackle the drought in agricultural land.

Ways to Tackle Agricultural Land Drought

Agricultural land that experiences drought is challenging for farmers, and crop failure threatens them. However, there are various ways farmers can tackle the condition. Here are some ways to tackle drought in agricultural land.

1. Construction of Reservoirs or Long Storage

The principle of building a reservoir is to store a large amount of water when the rainy season arrives. Then, farmers use the water during the dry season to prevent wasting rainwater. To channel the water from the reservoir, you can direct it through ditches or pipes.

For faster water flow, you can use Honda water pumps. Various water pumps with maximum irrigation capacities can adjust to your needs.

Farmers can collectively fund the construction of a reservoir or submit a proposal to the government for support. The government has facilitated the construction of pools for the welfare of farmers in Indonesia.

2. Drilling Borewells

Another way to tackle agricultural land drought is to drill borewells. You can hit a borewell with a depth of 100 meters or more. Then, you can naturally take water from the ground and channel it to the agricultural land.

To suck water from the borewell, you need a water pump. Honda provides water pumps with various self-feed time features. For example, the type of water pump WB20XN NF has a water pumping rate of 110 seconds for a depth of 5 meters.

If the borewell you made reaches 100 meters, you only need 3 hours to irrigate the drought-stricken agricultural land. Isn't that efficient? Visit Honda Power Products to check the specifications of other types of water pumps so that you can adjust them to your needs.

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3. Minimizing the Use of Hazardous Chemicals

Reduce land exposure to hazardous chemicals like pesticides or other chemicals to improve the ability of the ground to store rainwater effectively. Unfortunately, this prevents the land from drying rapidly, even without drought conditions. Instead, minimize the use of hazardous chemicals by adopting natural farming methods. This will not only maintain soil fertility but also prevent soil erosion.

4. Reforestation and Greening 

Another way to address agricultural land drought is through reforestation and greening in residential areas and major roads. One of the benefits of reforestation is preserving soil fertility that can be used for farming. 

Reforestation can also protect soil structure from damage. This process of reforestation and greening must finish before the dry season arrives, as greening has been undone suddenly. You can work with other farmers to do this to minimize the occurrence of crop failure due to drought. 

Reforestation and greening can also reduce air pollution caused by vehicle and factory emissions. Then affects the temperature of the air, causing rainfall to be below average. This change in air temperature is ultimately the leading cause of drought in certain areas.

5. Pumping with Honda Water 

Pumps Pumping is irrigating agricultural land by pumping water from the nearest water source to the farmland. To efficiently and quickly channel water, you can use Honda water pumps with exclusive technology. Its features are also reliable and detailed. 

Honda designs its water pumps with robust components in the impeller iron housing. Honda's commercial-class 4-stroke engines support Honda water pumps in addition. The features applied to Honda water pumps make them easy to operate, fuel-efficient, low-emission, durable, and long-lasting. 

When pumping, paying attention to the piping system is essential to channel water efficiently to the agricultural land. For that, you need to check the specifications of the water pump to be used. Honda provides water pumps with different suction and discharge hole sizes. You can adjust it to your needs, including your maximum irrigation capacity.

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Knowing the specifications of the water pump will make it easier for you to adjust the water flow rate required by agricultural land. This pumping process encourages how to address agricultural land drought to the maximum. Minimizing the potential for failed harvests can also be achieved. 

Get the best and most reliable water pumps that meet your needs only at Honda Power Products. Experience more accessible and faster irrigation only with Honda. Contact us for further information about the water pump you need.

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