How to Start a Lawn Mower

28 February 2023


how to start the lawn mower

If you are a first-time lawn mower user, you must know how to start it. Honda offers two types of lawnmowers: the push mower and the walk-behind mower. 

The walk-behind mower from Honda is divided into two variants: the Brushcutter - UMR345N and the Brushcutter - UMK450T. Then there is the push mower with the variant LAWNMOWER - HRJ196

Honda's push lawn mower offers outstanding performance and reliable features. One of the most reliable features is the exclusive twin blade that can produce better grass cutting. In addition, this machine can cut grass into smaller pieces. 

Honda's walk-behind lawn mower is also easy to start and has an engine braking system for operator safety. We will explain the instructions for creating the machine further in the description below.

How to Start the Honda Push Lawn Mower

However, before operating the lawn mower for the first time, it is recommended to read the safety instructions and follow safe-cutting practices. You can follow the following steps to start your Honda lawn mower.

1. Turn on the Fuel Valve 

Ensure you fill the oil and fuel before starting the lawn mower. Then, turn on the fuel valve. Then, before starting the engine, move the throttle lever to the CHOKE position.

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2. Position the Brake Lever Forward 

When you are ready to operate the lawn mower, stand at the rear of the machine, position the brake lever forward towards the handle, and hold it. Then, pull the starter grip towards the back, and once the engine starts, release the grip starter to its original position. 

It would be best to hold the brake lever to keep the engine running and the blade spinning. Keep your hands and feet away from the blade when starting and running the machine. You can release the brake lever when you finish using the lawn mower.

3. Use the Throttle Lever 

Once the engine is running, move the throttle lever to the absolute position, and adjust the engine speed according to your needs.

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4. Turn off the Engine 

To stop the engine, move the throttle lever to the low engine speed position, release the brake lever, and the machine will stop. If you need to control the engine in an emergency, release the brake lever. Turn off the fuel valve if the lawn mower is not in use.

Using a Self-Propelled LAWNMOWER - HRJ196 to Cut Grass

For safety, ensure all four wheels stay on the ground while using the lawn mower. Grip the handle tightly and walk at a moderate speed. Never run while using the lawn mower, as it can be dangerous. Here's how to cut grass using a Honda self-propelled lawn mower

1. Use Honda's Push Lawn Mower to Cut Grass on Slopes 

You can use Honda's push lawn mower to cut grass on sloped areas. However, avoid steep slopes over 20 degrees, as it can cause you to slip, fall, and lose control. 

It would help if you were careful when changing directions while mowing on slopes. If the grass you are about to cut is too tall, cut it at the highest cutting setting. You can also adjust it to your needs. You can discuss with your local lawn and garden care center or management center to get a recommendation for the grass-cutting height with a specific type of grass and area.

2. Follow Grass Cutting Patterns 

Honda's lawn mower will work effectively using the most precise cutting pattern. Use a clockwise cutting pattern to provide the best cutting performance. The cut grass can then quickly enter the bag, leaving small clippings in the mowed area. 

Have you understood how to start Honda's push lawn mower? If so, using this push lawn mower, you are ready to cut grass more effectively. Find the best and most reliable lawn mower that suits your needs only at Honda Power Products!

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