6 Causes of Mini Generators Does Not Run Out of Electricity and How to Overcome Them

30 May 2023

mini generator does not run out of electricity

Do you have a problem with the mini generator does not run out of electricity and are confused about how to solve it? The problem of electric current not coming out is very annoying, especially for those who rely on generators for daily necessities such as at home or in shops. The mini generator is one of the solutions to meet electricity needs.

The causes of mini generators not leaving electric current can vary widely, ranging from damaged components to the environment. Therefore, to overcome this problem, a sufficient understanding of the causes of damage to mini generators and ways to overcome them is needed. Check out more information in the article below.

Causes of Mini Generators Not Exiting Electric Current

When used to support electricity needs, some mini generators may experience problems resulting in no electric current flowing. To find the right way to solve it, you need to know in advance what caused the problem. The following are some common causes that often trigger generator power supply problems:

1. Damage to the Circuit Breaker Button

One of the common causes of mini generators not producing electricity is damage to the circuit breaker button, which is the component to cut off the power supply to the generator when disturbances such as overcurrent, overload, or other electrical disturbances occur.

If the circuit breaker is not working correctly, the mini generator will automatically not produce electricity.

2. Generator Winding Resistor Disconnected

The resistor on the generator coil is responsible for regulating the electric current produced by the generator. Damage to the resistor will interrupt the electric current produced by the generator or even be absent altogether.

3. Damaged or Melted Capacitor

The capacitor in the mini generator functions to store and distribute direct current (DC) electricity. Damaged or melted capacitors will disrupt the flow of electricity and eventually cause the mini generator not to produce an electric current.

4. Burnt Generator Coil Section

Damage to the generator windings can occur due to several things, such as overload, excessive heat, or leaks in the generator cooling system. When the generator windings burn, the generator will emit smoke accompanied by a burnt smell. Another sign you will see a copper coil that turns black. The condition of the damaged generator windings hinders the electricity flow from the generator.

5. Main Switch Not Connected

The main switch is an important component in the mini generator electrical system which functions as a link or breaker for the flow of electricity from the power source to the load. When the switch is not connected, the electric current will not flow from the mini generator, so the electric current will not come out.

The reasons for the main switch not being connected can vary, such as an installation error, a loose cable, or a damaged switch component. If this condition occurs, you can immediately check whether the switch cable section is in good condition. If necessary, replace the main switch so it can be connected to the electrical installation.

6. Environmental Factors

Some environmental factors that can affect the performance of mini generators include humid conditions, unstable temperatures or temperatures that are too high. High humidity can affect the performance of mini generators because it can cause corrosion on electronic components and the engine so that the generator cannot produce an electric current.

Unstable or too high temperatures can also cause the mini generator not to produce electricity. At temperatures that are too high, the mini-generator engine can overheat and cause damage to the engine components.

Meanwhile, unstable temperatures such as those that often occur in outdoor environments can cause damage to the electrical system and electronic components in the mini generator.

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How to Overcome the Genset Doesn't Get Out of Power

After knowing some common causes of mini generators not producing electricity, the next step is to find ways to overcome these problems. The following are several ways to deal with mini generators that do not produce electricity:

1. Replacing resistors and capacitors

If the cause of the mini generator not producing electric current is due to a damaged resistor or capacitor, the solution is to replace the damaged component. But keep in mind that the process of replacing resistor or capacitor components requires adequate technical skills. So, it's best to use the services of an experienced technician to keep the replacement safe.

2. Press the Circuit Breaker Button Again

Suppose the problem with the mini generator is that it cannot produce electric current because the circuit breaker button is broken. In that case, the right solution is to press the circuit breaker button again.

However, if the circuit breaker continues to cut off the power supply to the generator, then it's best to check for a deeper source of the problem. Check whether the generator or interference bears an excessive load with the electrical system.

3. Check and Replace Fuel and Air Filters

Problems with the fuel and dirty air filters can also cause damage to the generator engine. Therefore, check and clean the fuel and air filters regularly. If the fuel has been contaminated or the air filter is too dirty, you should immediately replace it with a new one.

4. Store and Place the Generator in a Cool Place

As previously explained, placing a mini generator in the wrong place can damage several components, making the generator unable to conduct electricity properly.

Therefore, paying attention to the environmental conditions around the mini-generator is important. Place the mini generator in a dry and cool place; avoid places that are too humid or hot. Apart from that, ensure good air circulation around the mini generator to keep the engine temperature stable.

5. Choose a Quality Generator

A high-quality generator can not only produce stable and reliable electricity for a long time. Still, it can also prevent you from various problems that often occur in poor-quality generators.

One of the advantages of choosing a quality generator is the presence of reliable and durable features and components. This generator has features and parts designed with high-quality standards to function optimally for a long time.

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