Latest Honda Generator Price List April 2023

27 March 2023

Generator is a device for emergency or backup power source. Nowadays, generators can be a primary need, especially if there is an electricity blackout. Honda offers various types of generators, ranging from various sizes to certain noise levels. Likewise, Honda generator prices also vary and can be adjusted based on your needs.

Industrial owners such of hospitals, restaurants, malls, and shops are required to have a generator as a backup power source, because electricity blackout can happen and cannot be avoided. For that, you need to have a generator to anticipate it.

Below is a price list for generators from Honda that you can use as a reference to get the best generator according to your needs.

Price list for Honda generators for January 2023

There are various generators prices offered by Honda, depending on the type of generator. Generators from Honda also offer peace of mind because the sound produced has a minimal noise level. You can adjust your needs for a generator with your funds, let's look at the following generator price list.

1. Generator EU10i

 Harga Genset EU10i

Generator EU10i is designed to be smaller, portable, and very smooth sound. This generator is suitable for camping because it produces optimal electrical power for 7 hours if used continuously with an average load. The length of this generator is 451 mm, width 242 mm and height 379 mm.

The dry weight for this generator is 13 kg. It is quite light weight; Sobat Honda can carry it easily. Even when you do camp activities in mountainous areas, this generator is very possible to carry.

The fuel capacity of this portable generator is 2.1 liters with the GXH50T engine model. The maximum power produced by this generator is 1.32 kW per 6,000 rpm. For the price itself, it ranges from IDR 12,900,000 to IDR 14,000,000.

2. Generator EU22i

 harga genset eu22i

There are also other small and portable generators that are easy to carry around, namely the EU22i generator. This inverter generator set is ideal for home use, recreation, and for professional electronic device.

Although it is small size, this generator can operate optimally. The dry weight of this generator is 21.1 kg. The dimensions for this generator are 509 mm long, 290 mm wide and 425 mm high. The noise level is 65 dB, it means that the sound produced is very silent.

The duration of continuous operation of the generator type EU22i for ¼ load is 8 hours. If used continuously with rated load, this generator can last up to 3 hours. The price range for this generator is IDR 20,400,000 - IDR 25,600,000.

3. Generator EU30is

harga genset eu30is

Generator EU30is equipped with an eco-throttle that can adjust the engine speed to meet the load requirements. This feature can improve fuel efficiency and reduce noise.

This generator is also equipped with a microcomputer-controlled sine wave inverter which guarantees ideal and commercial quality electricity. You can use electrical equipment with a positive frequency such as a computer when this generator is used.

The operating time of this generator when used continuously with ¼ load is 18.2 hours and when used continuously with full load it can last for 7.3 hours. The price itself is in the range of Rp. 25,000,000 - Rp. 30,000,000.

4. Generator EU70is

harga genset eu70is

Generator EU70is uses a 4-stroke GX390 engine type combined with an electronic fuel-injection system. The capacity of this machine can provide a maximum AC of 7,000 watts and an average output of 5,500 watts.

The maximum power produced by this generator is 9.6 kW per 3,600 rpm. The fuel capacity itself is 19.2 liters. When used continuously with a maximum load, it can operate for 6.5 hours.

There is also a fuel injection system feature in this generator. Also, there is an i-Monitor feature that can be used to display how long this generator has been used. So, Sobat Honda can carry out routine maintenance by referring to the number of hours displayed on the control panel. The price range Honda generators for this type is between Rp. 58,500,000 to Rp. 61,400,000.

5. Generator EP 1000R

harga genset ep 1000r

This generator offers efficient fuel economy for its users. The operating time for Generator EP 1000R is 6.7 hours on one time refueling, but it depends on the load.

Equipped with advanced 4 stroke technology and generates 0.75 kVa of power for better fuel efficiency. The dry weight of this generator is around 27.3 kg. The price for this generator is in the range of Rp. 6,100,000 - Rp. 8,000,000.

6. Generator EG1000 R

harga genset eg1000 r

Equipped with the latest technology engines, the EG1000 R Generator comes with a sophisticated level of efficiency. That's not all, this new 1 kVa generator engine is environmentally friendly because of its low emissions. The body shape is also simple with a tough design and full of excellences.

The dimensions of this generator are 376 mm long, 301 mm wide and 22.6 kg dry weight. The noise level is also low at 90 Lwa. To get this generator, you need to spend around IDR 7,400,000 - IDR 8,000,000.

7. Generator EP2500CX

harga genset ep2500cx

You can rely on the Honda EP2500CX generator to be a backup source of electricity when there is a blackout by the PLN at home. Especially if the blackout occurs in a long time. The reason is because this generator can last up to 13 hours for continuous operation with an average load.

Equipped with the GX engine type, this generator is strong and durable. The engine is also easy to start. The dry weight for this generator is 42 kg with a fuel capacity of 15 liters. The maximum AC power generated is 2.2 kVA.

Apart from being used at home, you can use this generator as a backup source of electricity in restaurants or shops. The price for this generator is also quite affordable, which is around IDR 10,800,000 to IDR 12,500,000.

8. Generator EZ3000CX

harga genset ez3000cx

For customer to get a generator at an affordable and reliable price, Honda provides the EZ3000CX generator. The basic features of this generator can be used for light load applications, such as electronic devices at home.

This generator engine is easy to turn on and safe to use. The vibrations generated are also very low. This generator material is also of high quality, so you can use it as a suitable partner for construction work.

To have this generator, you need to spend around IDR 7,000,000 to IDR 8,000,000.

9. Generator EZ6500CXS

harga genset ez6500cxs

Designed for long-term use, the EX6500CXS Generator  can be used for approximately 6 hours even under tough working conditions. It's also easy to maintain, the engine is also easy to turn on, safe to use, and low vibration. The material quality of this generator is also very good, so you can make this type of generator the best co-worker.

For daily use with frequent frequency, this generator can be the solution. The engine fuel is also very efficient. This generator engine is suitable for construction professionals and home use. The price for this generator ranges from IDR 13,100,000 - IDR 15,400,000.

10. Generator EG6500CXS

Genset EG6500CXS

For Sobat Honda who need a generator with an economical and trusted power source and a portable power source, EG6500CXS generator is the solution. This generator has a power of 6500 watts which offers maximum electric power. The noise level is also low, which is 99 Lwa.

The dimensions of this generator are quite large with a fuel capacity of 24 liters and a long continuous operation at full load of 8.1 hours. The price range for this generator is around IDR 22,500,000 - IDR 24,500,000

11. Generator EM10000

harga genset em10000

The EM10000 generator is an 8kVa gasoline generator with an electric starter which is suitable for household and small and medium business needs. This starter key makes the generator comfortable to use, considering that the noise level is also low, it is 99.3 Lwa. It can also be said that this type of generator is the most silent.

Prepare funds ranging from Rp. 63,000,000 - Rp. 70,800,000 to have an efficient generator with this sophisticated technology.

12. Generator ET120000

Genset ET120000

This genset is equipped with a built-in 4-stroke engine which can increase product stability. That's not all, the ET120000 Generator is distinctive in design, safety, quality and flexibility. This generator can work with gasoline. Also equipped with a tank volume of 31 liters and an electric ignition system.

To get this powerful generator, you need to prepare around IDR 69,900,000 - IDR 72,000,000.

That's an overview of generator prices from Honda as of November 2022 that you can use as a reference. The price of this generator can change at any time without notice. However, now at least you have an overview of the price list for the generator, so you can adjust it according to the conditions of your funds and needs. Find the best and most trusted generator according to your needs only at Honda Power Products.

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