Inverter: Definition, Functions and Types

04 August 2023

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Inverter is a technology that create in such a way as to be able to change the DC (Direct Current) electricity to AC (Alternating Current). The existence of this tool makes the electric voltage more stable to meet various household or even business needs.

Inverter technology has been used in many electronic devices including generators. Its presence in a generator provides many advantages for anyone who uses it.

Sobat Honda must be curious about inverter technology in generators, right? That's why this time, Sobat Honda will be invited to familiarize  with the functions, types, and recommendations for inverter generators at Honda Power. Let's start the discussion now!

What is Inverter?

Inverter is a technology that create in such a way as to be able to change the DC (Direct Current) electricity to AC (Alternating Current).

Now, generators with inverter technology are more popular compared to conventional generators. Its existence (inverter) produces more stable output (electric current) so that connected electronic devices can function perfectly and more protected from damage.

Various electronic devices that have a higher level of sensitivity are also quite safe when electricity is supplied from an inverter generator. Then Sobat Honda won't be disturbed by the noise level that is usually produced by conventional generators because the stable inverter technology makes the sound output much smoother.

In fact, inverter technology has a significant impact on exhaust emissions that are harmful to the earth. Its fuel consumption, which is known to be much more efficient, makes its exhaust emissions much less. That means the use of inverter generators is very friendly to the environment and the earth's ecosystem.

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Inverter Technology Function on Generator

The invention of Inverter used today shows that this technology has a very crucial function in the development of the electronics world. The main function of inverter technology is to convert DC current into AC and make it much more stable and good quality.

This is important considering that almost all electronic devices for household and office needs require a stable AC current. That is why the use of inverter generators is more suitable for electronic devices in homes and offices.

It is also possible that inverter generators are needed in various businesses such as hotels, restaurants, villas, or mobile activities and so on

Knowing Honda Inverter Generator

As already mentioned, the inverter generator is a more efficient and stable in distributing electricity compared to other types of conventional generators.

The existence of inverter technology in the generator also makes noise level are smaller, fuel consumption is more efficient and very friendly to the environment. Sobat Honda could say that the use of an inverter generator provides a much more secure and comfortable feeling because it provides a more stable and cleaner electricity supplied.

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Are Sobat Honda interested in using a generator with inverter technology? All the advantages provide clearly make anyone interested in having it as a much safer electricity backup.

If Sobat Honda are looking for the best quality inverter generator products, then the following products from Honda Power can be selected according to Sobat Honda needs. There are many types of silent inverter type generators provided by Honda Power with different electrical capacities. So, please take a look at the specifications and choose the generator that's the best for Sobat Honda!

1. EU10i

EU10i is a small generator that is suitable for everyday household use to outdoor activities that require a high level of portability. By its small and portable size makes this generator very easy to carry anywhere.

Moving it from the storage room to outdoors will not be a problem. Equipped with a 4-stroke engine, OHV, air conditioning and a single cylinder for optimal performance.

Fuel consumption is quite efficient with a stable supply of electricity. EU10i of course equipped with inverter technology which will make the generator's performance more optimal and safer to use.

2. EU22i

Having a slightly larger size compared to EU10i, EU22i comes with a longer usage time up to 8.1 hours (¼ load). The maximum AC power that can be supplied is 2.2 kVa. So, Sobat Honda can use it when there is a central power outage. It's also quiet so running the generator at night won't bother anyone.

3. EU30is

EU30is comes with all the advanced features designed in such a way by Honda. Of course, this generator is equipped with inverter technology for maximum performance. In addition, there is also Eco-throttle feature to ensure that fuel consumption is more efficient.

The engine used is certainly of high quality, 4-stroke, air conditioning, single cylinder, and OHV. Sobat Honda can use it within 18.2 hours (¼ load) with a maximum AC power of 3 kVa.

4. EU70is

EU70is which is not inferior to all the features of the previous generator. EU70is is equipped with a 4-stroke engine, OHV, single cylinder and air cooling. The maximum AC power is of course much greater, namely 7 kVa with a usage time of 6.5 hours (rated load).

For those of Sobat Honda who need a large capacity generator, the EU70is can be the right choice. Not only for household use but also to Sobat Honda business.

The existence of inverter technology has proven to be efficient in the use of generators. Apart from that, its use is very safe for various electronic devices that Sobat Honda have. Now Sobat Honda also come to understand that the power inverter is one of the superior inventions that help people's everyday life.

Are Honda friends interested in having a generator with inverter technology? If so, then just find the best and most trusted generator according to Sobat Honda needs only at Honda Power Products!

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