7 Types of Agricultural Irrigation Must Be Known

27 March 2023

 types of irrigation

Sobat Honda, do you have farm field? It is important for you to know the types of irrigation as  supplying and distributing water for agriculture. Without sufficient irrigation, it will affect the fertility of plants and plantations. There are various types of irrigation that must be known. Below will be explained further about the type of irrigation.

Irrigation Types

Along with advances in technology and science, irrigation systems have been developed and have several types. The purpose of the existence irrigation system is to make agriculture activity easier. at least, There are 7 types of irrigation that have developed from ancient times to the present. If so, let's look at the types of irrigation below

1. Surface Irrigation

The application of surface irrigation is the simplest irrigation systems than others. The method is by connecting agricultural land with the nearest water source such as a river or dam. You just need to let the water drain naturally. This irrigation system usually uses hose and its implemented by farmers themselves.

2. Subsurface Irrigation

This irrigation system is carried out by flowing water into the underground layers, so that the water is directly absorbed by plant roots. Water flow in subsurface irrigation systems is carried out by open conduit or underground hose.

Subsurface irrigation uses the calliper style, in which the watery soil moves toward the plant's root area so it can be absorbed. Nutrients from water and nutrients from soil are distributed to the roots. As a result, plant roots are stronger when using this irrigation system.

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3. Sprinkle Irrigation

The sprinkle irrigation system can be said to be modern and has been around for several years. The way the sprinkle irrigation system works is by draining water from the source using a pipe. Previously, these pipes were installed in several fields, the ends of pipe were closed with a pouring attachment.

when it is turned on, water will come out from the pipe as sprinkle. then the water sprinkle will be pouring the plants, so it will be absorbed into the underground layer and reach to the roots of plants.

4. Local Irrigation

The local irrigation system is carried out by the method of irrigation from the top layer of the field come down to lower field. The irrigation process uses a hose that is installed only in certain areas. Therefore, this irrigation is called local irrigation.

Basically, local irrigation is similar to surface irrigation systems. but local irrigation is more modern, while surface irrigation includes traditional irrigation systems.

5. Manual Pouring Irrigation

As the name implies, this irrigation is manual pouring using Bucket. This irrigation method is done manually without using tools such as hoses, its mean depends on human power. The farmers will draw water from the well, then watering the field.

This type of irrigation can be said to be less effective because it spend lot of farmers' energy. Even so, bucket irrigation is still popularly applied up to day. Especially on agricultural land that does not have a modern irrigation system.

6. Drip Irrigation

This irrigation system is usually used in the garden area in front of your house. The way it works is to drain water into the land using a perforated hose. The pressure on the irrigation can be adjusted as needed.

When the irrigation is turned on, water will flow from the hose in a trickle. These drops directly hit the roots of the plants, so your garden area is not muddy. Plant growth can also be maximized, because the dripping water volume is not too much.

7. Water Pump Irrigation

For the application of water pump irrigation, usually the source of water comes from wells or rivers. Farmers use water pumps to suck or transfer the water up to the surface or reservoir. Then the water will be distributed by a hose installation so that it can flow through the agricultural land.

The water pump irrigation system is most often carried out during dry conditions. When the dry season arrives, the availability of water decreases and agricultural land has the potential to be drought. Under these conditions, the water pump is very helpful in storing water stocks when the dry season arrives. In addition, this water pump will make it easier for you in the irrigation process on agricultural land.

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The Difference between Irrigation and Drainage

After understanding the various types of irrigation, you also need to know what drainage is. The function of drainage on agricultural land is to absorb excessive water, so that puddle does not occur. Then, what is the difference with irrigation? Let's look at the full explanation below.

1. Purpose of Use

Irrigation systems are applied to irrigate agricultural land so that plants can get enough nutrients. Meanwhile, drainage is used to absorb water on agricultural land so that water does not stagnate.

2. Irrigation and Drainage System Objects

Another difference is the object of each irrigation system. The object in the irrigation system is agricultural land with less water flow. In contrast to the drainage applied to land with excessive water.

3. How the System Work

In order water flow can be distributed throughout the agricultural land, the irrigation system is made with a gentle slope. As a result, water can easily flow to a wider area. Meanwhile, the steep slope drainage system is preferred. The goal is to make it easier to drain excess water quickly.

4. Differences in Height and Ground Level

The irrigation system is made higher than the ground level to accelerate the flow of water. Meanwhile, the soil surface in the irrigation system will be higher in order to drain excess water to the place of absorption. In trash drainage channels, this is also applied.

The types of irrigation and drainage are irrigation systems needed in the agricultural industry. Of course so that plants get enough nutrition and can develop optimally.

To irrigate agricultural land, now it can be easier by using a water pump irrigation system. Honda provides water pumps specially designed for irrigation systems. Honda water pumps are equipped with exclusive technology and 4-stroke engines, so that the irrigation process can run optimally.

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