3 Causes of Overheating Lawn Mower and Solutions

28 February 2023

lawn mower overheating

Are you experiencing problems with your Honda lawn mower? It is expected, primarily if your lawn mower is frequently used. Usually, the problem that is often encountered is the lawn mower overheating. Then, how to overcome it? 

You must perform routine maintenance on your lawn mower, from cleaning it after use to regular servicing. Let's follow the reason below to learn more about the causes of the overheating lawn mower. 

Causes of Overheating Lawn Mower  

There are many reasons why lawn mower overheat. It may be due to problems with engine components, causing the engine to overheat quickly. Honda users need to know the causes to make the repairs more accurate. Generally, the following are the causes of your lawn mower overheating.

1. Inappropriate Oil Viscosity 

Level oil that is too thick or too thin can cause problems with the lawn mower, such as excessive heat and decreased engine performance. 

If the oil is too thick, it will obstruct the oil circulation in the engine, and the machine will work harder to move parts that rotate in the engine, such as the crankshaft and camshaft. As a result, the engine overheats because not all engine moving parts are lubricated well by oil. 

Conversely, suppose the oil is too thin. In that case, the engine cannot work optimally because the oil will easily pass through the gaps between the engine parts—the engine parts rub against each other without sufficient lubrication and cause faster wear and tear.

2. Excessive Use of Lawn Mower

If the lawn mower is used excessively or not per the instructions, it can cause the engine to overheat. For example, using a lawn mower on hard or dry ground conditions can cause the machine to work harder than usual. 

Therefore, avoid using the lawn mower in hard or dry ground conditions. Ensure that Honda owners follow the instructions, including the time and amount of grass--cutting allowed for each use.

3. Damage to Engine Components 

Engine components such as transmissions or valves, air filters, compressions, and cooling fans can cause the lawn mower to overheat quickly. If these components encounter problems, the machine cannot work optimally. The issue also leads to further damage if not immediately repaired or replaced. 

Therefore, Honda users must perform routine maintenance of the lawn mower, including checking engine components such as transmissions to cooling fans. If there are any damaged or worn components, they can be repaired or replaced immediately. 

In addition, you also need to change the oil regularly according to the instructions.  Dirty oil can cause the engine to work harder than usual and overheat. 

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Quality Lawn Mower Recommendations 

Overheating the lawn mower is normal, but you also need to have a quality lawn mower to minimize it. For example, Honda lawnmowers are equipped with advanced technology, making their machines easy to start. Here are some recommended lawnmowers from Honda.

1. Brushcutter - UMR435N 

The lawn mower has a mini 4-stroke engine capable of operating at a 360-degree incline with two cutter blades. The handle loop of this grass-cutter machine is also very flexible and can reduce vibration while offering high durability and maximum torque strength. 

The technology applied to this grass-cutter machine is the throttle fix technology that makes it easier for you to control the speed according to your desire. Moreover, it is equipped with a nut cover component that can produce better-cutting results as desired.

2. Brushcutter - UMK450T

The Brushcutter - UMK450T lawn mower offers more professional landscaper-cutting results. This machine is equipped with high-efficiency Honda technology and a mini 4-stroke engine. 

The technology applied to this machine can provide low vibration and high power and a more efficient operating experience. In addition, the cutting results will look perfect. You can use this grass cutter machine for cutting grass in the park.


Besides the grass-cutter machine, Honda also provides a push lawn mower that you can use to cut grass in your yard, soccer field, or even golf course.

LAWNMOWER - HRJ196 offers outstanding performance and reliable dual blades. In addition, the dual blades can cut the grass into smaller pieces. The push lawn mower also has a bag, so you don't have to collect the remaining grass cuttings manually. As a result, grass-cutting becomes more efficient and energy-saving.

This discussion lets you know the causes of grass cutter machines getting hot quickly and their solutions. The most important thing you can do is to maintain the engine to keep it in optimal condition regularly. Please don't wait for problems to arise before bringing it to an official Honda workshop.

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Official Honda workshops are located in various cities and districts in Indonesia, making it easier for you to perform regular maintenance on the grass cutter machine. Have you found the best grass cutter machine? Find the best and most reliable grass cutter machine according to your needs only at Honda Power Products!

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