Know the Types of Mine Water Pumps and Tips for Choosing Them

17 February 2023

mine water pump

The mine water pump is one of the essential tools that must exist in the mining sector. Of course, you who are directly involved in mining understand how vital this tool is.

Its existence helps a lot in moving water from inside the mine area to the outside or cleaning mining materials. The work of water pumps for mining is very heavy.

Often the water pump drains not only the water but also the minerals carried along in it. So the selection certainly can not be played or haphazard. Therefore, in the following, you will learn how to choose the right water pump while at the same time getting to know the types in general. Check out the complete information below!

2 Types of Mine Water Pumps

Water pumps for mines are clearly different from pumps for agricultural activities. The reason is that the two activities require different specifications of machines and materials. If this type of agricultural water pump is used for mines and vice versa, then the machine's existence will not be optimal.

Honda Power itself has a type of water pump that can be used for mines called a Trash Pump. Its use is durable with components quality and a guarantee so you don't need to hesitate to buy it. There are three types of trash pumps that you can choose according to your needs, namely WT20XK4, WT30XK4, and WT40XK3.

Talking about mine water pumps, it's not complete if you don't know their types. When you want to buy a water pump for mining, you must know what kind of machine to choose. You must choose between a centrifugal mine pump or a submersible mine pump. In order to gain a thorough knowledge of both types, here is an explanation of each.

1. Centrifugal Pump

A centrifugal pump is a type of pump that uses centrifugal force to move fluids from one place to another. In mines, centrifugal pumps are often used to move water, clean water, wastewater, and other liquids.

The workings of a centrifugal pump start with rotating the impeller at high speed so that centrifugal force is applied to the fluid and makes it move out of the impeller and then into the discharge.

Centrifugal pumps are an efficient choice for moving large amounts of fluid. The use of this water pump also has several advantages, such as easy installation and maintenance, resistance to abrasion and corrosion, and high efficiency.

2. Submersible Pump

If the previous type cannot be used in water, then a submersible mine pump can work well in water or when submerged in water. These pumps are usually used in mining to drain water from deeper depths or drain other liquids from the bottom of wells or mine pits.

Its use in water makes this type of pump must be made of materials that are resistant to corrosion, such as stainless steel or bronze. Not only the material but the components and technology used in it must also be waterproof.

As we know, using a machine in water will often cause permanent damage, so you must ensure its quality. Using a submersible mining pump machine is not much different, and it can still use mechanical power, for example, an electric motor or a diesel engine.

The submersible pump is also equipped with a control cable that connects it to the controller on the surface so it can be operated via a remote.

Tips for Choosing the Best Mining Pump 

Even though they already know the types of water pumps for mines there are still people who are confused about the use of each type. Take a look at these practical tips to find the best mine water pump for your needs.

1. Know the Mining Location

Mining location is an important aspect that must be considered when you want to buy a mine water pump. Be clear about whether the mining site requires a pump to remove water from very deep or shallow holes.

Using a type of water pump selected based on the area or location allows the machine to be utilized optimally to assist mining work.

2. Check the Quality of the Machine

Regarding the pump selection, the machine's quality cannot be tolerated. Choosing a low-quality machine will only cost you more in the future. Even its use also can not be maximized.

So before you regret buying a poor quality machine just because the price is more affordable, choosing a machine with superior quality that lasts a long time is better.

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3. Check the Capacity

Its streaming capacity is not to be missed. Regarding capacity, of course, it will vary depending on the mining activities carried out.

You can immediately estimate it based on the material mined and the water or mining depth. The number of water pumps with various capacities should make it easier for you to adapt them to mining needs.

4. Make Sure the Water Pressure is Right

Next, look at the water pressure that the water pump can produce. In general, water pumps for mining require very high water pressure. Even much more elevated than pumps for agriculture.

This is because not only water that is flowing but also other mining materials that have been mixed in the water. But to be more accurate, you can consult with experts.

5. Check the Pump's Built Materials

Pumps specially designed for mines should be made of solid materials. Especially with use for tough areas such as in mountains or underground. So you shouldn't forget to check the materials used and ensure they are strong for various conditions.

6. Don't Forget to Measure the Dimensions

Even though it's minor, the selection of the dimensions of the water pump also needs to be taken into account. This means that the water pump is not too big and heavy but still has the required capacity. Of course, a mine water pump that can be easily moved will help with many jobs.

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After understanding the type of mine water pump, what specifications are the most suitable for your needs? Remember to choose the best after considering the many factors previously explained.

Make sure you are satisfied with the selected water pump so that the mining work becomes lighter and completes quickly. If you are still confused, just find the best and most trusted water pump according to your needs only at Honda Power Products!

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