3 Alert of an Electric Short Circuit, Do You Know?

07 January 2023

alert of electric short circuit

It would be better if you recognize the various alert of an electric short circuit. Considering that electricity is one of the main needs in the household. The reason is, if the electrical installation is not installed properly, there can be a risk of electrical short circuit and fire. You can fix it by immediately recognizing these signs of an electric short circuit properly.

The problem of electrical short circuit is not something that you can take lightly. This problem is often the cause of detrimental fires. An electric short circuit can occur due to an electric current that deviates from the cable line that has been installed.

Technically, an electric short circuit occurs due to an interrupted electric current. In this case, there is a collision between the positive electric current and the negative electric current which causes a short circuit. For that, it's a good idea for you to know the various causes of electrical short circuits below so you can deal with them right away.

Causes of Electrical Short Circuit

a large electric current from the electrical device used is the main cause of an electric short circuit. This electric circuit can burn when the electricity flowing is too much.

This excess electric charge can trigger a short circuit which has the potential to cause a power outage to a fire. In addition, there are several other causes of electrical short circuit which will be described below.

  • Outworn installation cables.
  • The cable used is very small.
  • Using of non-standard electrical equipment.
  • Connecting too many electrical terminals.
  • Loose socket.
  • Electrical equipment exposed to high temperatures for a long time.
  • Wet plug.

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Electrical Short Circuit Alert

You can prevent an electric short circuit by recognizing the alert, so if this happens you can deal with it immediately. There are at least 3 alert of an electric short circuit that you need to know about.

1. Burnt Smell

If you smell a burning smell, this could be a sign of an electrical short. An overloaded electrical circuit is usually the cause of Short Circuit. If not treated immediately, this condition can cause a fire. contact an experienced technician Immediately to deal with this.

2. Pop up Sound from the Contact Outlet

Another sign that you should aware is if you hear a popping or buzzing sound from the socket. Overload due to the use of electronic devices is one of these signs. Therefore, you need to aware to the use of electrical equipment properly. Of course so that this electrical short does not happen.

3. Peep out Fire from the Electric Current Circuit

If you see a spark coming from the socket, this is a sign that an electrical short has occurred. These sparks can appear when the electrical circuit is overloaded. For that, make sure all electronic devices that require an electric current are adjusted to the availability of electricity in your home. If this is allowed to be dangerous and has the potential to cause a fire.

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Types of Electrical Short Circuit

It's also important for you to know the types of electrical short circuits, so you can fix them properly. at least, There are 2 types of electrical short that you need to understand. The following types of electrical short circuit.

1. Normal Electrical Short

This type of short circuit occurs when a current-carrying wire touches a neutral wire. When this happens, the resistance will decrease immediately and a large amount of current will flow out of the way of the electrical circuit that has been installed. Therefore, this electrical short can occur.

2. Electrical Short Circuits in Ground Electrical installation

This type of short circuit occurs when a wire carrying an electric current comes into contact with some part of the ground wiring system. For the grounding system itself, the cable line that is planted in the ground to distribute electricity to the house.

The cables in this grounding system do not connect directly with other cables when carrying out electrical installations. Well, this current-carrying cable may come into contact with a metal wall in the grounding system or a bare ground wire. Therefore, there is an electric short circuit.

After knowing the signs of an electric short circuit, what should you do next, Sobat Honda? To prevent an electrical short circuit, don't let the electricity installed at home experience an overload.

Using a quality electrical tool can be one of the effective ways you can do it so that you don't get overloaded. Also choose electrical equipment that is safe and has been tested by SNI and other related institutions.

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Before using various electrical devices, it's a good idea to check the electricity needed to use these electrical devices. Usually listed on the back of the package.

Apart from that, you also need to monitor the cable network that is connected to each other to carry electric current. If there is a damaged cable or an outlet that is more than 15 - 25 years old, you need to replace it immediately. Because, these two things can be the cause of an electrical short circuit.

When there is no electricity supply in your home due to a blackout by the National Electric Company due to a short circuit in a certain area, you can use a generator as a backup power source.

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