8 Steam Wash Motor and Car Business Guidelines for Success

07 September 2023

steam Wash business

In the era of growing motorized vehicles, the need for vehicle cleaning is also increasing. This type of steam motorbike and car business can be profitable because some people may not have enough time to wash and clean their vehicles.

Moreover, to maintain the vehicle's service life, you need to carry out routine maintenance so that it is always in good condition, including cleaning the engine on parts of the vehicle that are difficult to reach. If you want to start a washing business, you should read more information in the following article.

Is the Steam Wash Business Profitable?

The steam wash is an effort to clean vehicles using a steam engine that produces high-pressure water spray. This cleaning method is more effective in removing dirt that sticks to the machine's surface or other parts that are difficult to reach with a brush or cloth. In addition, steam motors are also safe because even though water is sprayed quite strongly towards the vehicle, it will not damage the vehicle.

Whether the steam wash business is profitable or not depends on various factors such as business location, price offered, quality of service, and so on. However, the steam motorbike business generally has a sizeable market potential in Indonesia, especially in big cities with dense motorbike populations.

steam wash may attract many customers if you start with the right steps, such as sufficient capital, good equipment, and so on. Apart from that, beginning a steam wash business properly can also make it develop into a car wash business, further increasing the profit potential.

How Much Capital is Needed For The Steam Wash Business?

The initial capital required to open a steam wash business varies depending on several factors, such as the company's size, the type of high-pressure spray machine to be used, and so on. However, the initial capital needed to open a steam wash business generally ranges from 10 million to 50 million rupiahs.

This capital is used to purchase steam engines, cleaning equipment, materials and other equipment such as rags, detergents, etc. In addition, costs are required to rent or buy a business place, make interior and exterior designs, pay employees, and promotion costs. The following details the capital costs required to open a steam wash business:

  • High-pressure spray machine: Rp. 5 million - Rp. 30 million

  • Cleaning equipment: IDR 3 million - IDR 10 million

  • Materials and other equipment: IDR 2 million - IDR 5 million

  • Cost of renting or buying a place: IDR 5 million - IDR 20 million

  • Interior and exterior design costs: IDR 1 million - IDR 5 million

  • Employee costs: IDR 2 million - IDR 5 million per month per person

  • Promotion fee: IDR 1 million - IDR 5 million per month

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Tips for Starting a Steam Wash Business for Success

As a beginner businessman, determining the steps to start a business takes work. It would be best if you considered many things, Sobat Honda, considering that the capital spent is not small. Here are tips on starting a steam wash for motorbike and car business to be successful that you can apply:

1. Determine a Strategic Place

As previously mentioned, location determines business success. Choose a location that is easily accessible and visible to customers so that the potential to attract customers is greater.

Some strategic places are around office areas, shopping centres, or on the roadside. Also, ensure the business location is easily accessible and has sufficient vehicle parking space.

2. Make a good and proper budget plan

Design a suitable and appropriate budget for the steam motorbike and car business. Determine the amount of capital needed and make realistic profit projections. Make a list of all the costs required to open a business, including the cost of tools, materials and labour. Make sure the budget that is created covers all costs and generates sufficient profits.

3. Review Competitors

Find the types of services and prices competitors offer and create the right competitive strategy. But don't forget to stay focused on good service, quality, and competitive prices.

4. Provide Comfortable and Adequate Facilities

Waiting for a motorbike or car during washing will certainly not take a moment. Therefore, Sobat Honda need to provide comfortable and adequate facilities for customers, which is essential. Provide comfortable seating, free WiFi, and fun accessories to improve the customer experience. Also, make sure the place of business is always clean and tidy.

5. Provide Satisfying Service

Provide friendly and professional service to customers so that satisfaction does not only come from the car's cleanliness. Make sure customers feel valued and satisfied with the work done. Don't hesitate to ask for suggestions and constructive criticism to improve your service's quality.

6. Enough Employees

Ensure you have enough employees to run the steam motorbike and car business. Choose employees who are experts in vehicle cleaning and have good communication skills with customers.

7. Do the Right Promotion

Do the right promotions to attract new customers and increase sales. Use social media and websites to promote your business and showcase the work done.

Give special discounts or promotions for new customers or loyal customers. Remember to maintain good service quality and provide quality service to retain customers.

8. Equip Steam Equipment

Make sure the steam engine used is of good quality and meets the standard requirements for cleaning vehicles. Complete other cleaning equipment such as brushes, rags, and detergents that are safe and environmentally friendly.

Always keep steam machines and cleaning equipment in a clean and well-maintained condition so that they can be used optimally. Buying a quality steamer can be a form of investment for your business. The reason is a qualified machine with superior components can provide maximum results.

One of the tool requirements for businesses that must be addressed is the selection of quality, a multipurpose machine to complement the air compressor. If the machine is chosen carelessly, it is possible that its life span will not be long. Because of that, you should choose a versatile engine from Honda Power.

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Engine - GP160H1 SD1 from Honda Power is designed around the reliable GX engine and has superior performance. Even more special, this machine produces low sound and vibration, so it won't disturb customers while waiting for the vehicle to be washed.

In addition, to protect the environment, Honda Power created an environmentally friendly versatile engine with lower emissions but did not sacrifice the power it produces. Was it intrigued by the reliability of its performance? Find the best and most reliable versatile machine according to your needs only at Honda Power Products.

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