CSR - Hundreds of Tree Seeds Planted in Sukawana Lembang

16 January 2023 | by : Test

Jakarta, 21 November 2022 . Hundreds of tree seeds consists of Damar and Pinus tree species were planted in the Perhutani Sukawana Lembang Conservation Area, West Java, on Sunday October 23, 2022 (23/10/2022). The planting is a form of Corporate Social Responsibility of PT Honda Power Products Indonesia (“CSR”) in its concern for the environmental ecosystem for the sustainability of the next generation, therefore, the CSR’s named “Blue Sky For Our Children”.

In this activity, around 40 (fourty) employees gained experience of planting Damar and Pinus tree seeds as well as received enlightenment from LMDH of Parongpong Village, the Pokdarling Community (Environmental Awareness Group), and representative of Sukawana Village residents of Parongpong Village regarding the importance of planting tree seedlings for the sustainability of the human ecosystem in the future.

Our commitment is not only to carry out CSR but also to be aware of the importance of the sustainability of the environmental ecosystem for future generations. We hope that this activity is able to continue in the future.