Genuine Honda Parts, for Best Versatile Engine Performance and Durability

09 November 2022

PT Honda Power Products Indonesia, which comes with world-class multipurpose engine products, always ensures the availability of after-sales service for its customers. One of them is the availability of spare parts at affordable prices for all customers in Indonesia.

Honda Genuine Parts ensure that the multipurpose engine will work with the best performance and engine durability is maintained. The challenge of spare parts competition in Indonesian market, PT Honda Power Products Indonesia continues to make innovations to meet customer needs for genuine spare parts at affordable prices

One of the efforts that we continue to make is by presenting spare parts packages according to customer wishes, with "Best Quality at Affordable Prices". The Special Piston Kit GX390 Package is here as an answer to meet costumer desires in repairing your Honda GX390 engine.

For more information about the special Piston Kit GX390 package, visit the Promotion page of PT Honda Power Products Indonesia website. Customers can also contact our dealers/network in your city. Make sure your multipurpose engine uses Honda Genuine Parts to get the best performance and durability of the versatile engine.