Honda Dealer COnference 2012

09 April 2012 | by : Admin

To strengthen the relationship between dealers and PT. Honda Power Products Indonesia ( PT. HPPI ) and to foster a sense of trust, togetherness, and strong relationship, PT. HPPI held Honda Dealers Conference 2012 which took place from March 30st - April 1st 2012, an event which attended by 65 participants from all over Honda dealer in Indonesia was done really well.

On the first day, the dealers was attended a seminar about the strategy, vision and mission, information about the latest PT. HPPI developments and also about the products and ended with dinner.

On the 2nd day, dealers are invited to visit the office of PT. HPPI and proceed with demonstration, and try and touch Honda product directly in the field.And on the top event of the night, the dealers were invited to attend "Kick off Time 2012" event, the awards and dinner.With helding this event it is expected to grow a sense of trust and togetherness to achieve the target of 2012.

"Together for the Future"