Honda Dealer Conference 2015

20 May 2015

The Fourth annual Event Honda Dealer Conference was held on April 24th-26th 2015 located at one of Hotel in Bali. The event was themed “I’AM POSSIBLE” and divided into 3 sessions : Dealer Business Meeting, Products Demonstration and Gala Dinner. Approximately 90 dealers are attended this year's event. 

I’AM POSSIBLE Theme Concepted how HPPI had an Optimistic, Energy to reach higher goals with great motivation, passion, and togheterness. And also HPPI congratulated the Dealers for their incredible achievements throughout the year in 5 different categories :
•    The Best 3S ( Sales-Sparepart-Service) Performance of 2014k
•    The Best CBU Sales Achievement
•    The Best CBU Sales Achievement for New Dealer
•    The Best Sales Growth Achievement for 2014
•    The Best Spareparts Sales Achievement

With this event, is purposed  to Motivate Honda Dealers  and  Strengthen relationship  between HPPI and all dealers, as a platform of toghetherness to achieve higher goals and keep on growing everytime. and show our comitment to the Indonesian Power products Market and get more trust from Dealers.