Honda’s Power Products Business in Indonesia Celebrates 15th Years Anniversary and 250,000 Units Production Milestones

06 February 2020

Jakarta, July 30th, 2021 – PT Honda Power Products Indonesia (HPPI), an exclusive distributor of Honda Power Products in Indonesia, announced its 15 years of operations in the country. In conjunction with the anniversary celebration, Honda’s power products’ production by PT Honda Power Products Production (HPPP) has achieved a cumulative production milestone of 250,000 units to date. During this memorable journey, Honda has been true to its commitment to “Helping People Get Things Done” by providing customers high-quality products for their agriculture, fishery, professional, and recreational needs.

HPPI was established in 2006 to import and market Honda’s power products in Indonesia. With several line up, including general purpose engine, water pump, generator, lawnmower, brush cutter, cultivator, outboard engine, spare parts and accessories, and also solid dealer network, HPPI sales reached approximately 17,000 units within its first year. Since then, with the strong patronage from customers followed by the great support from valued dealers, Honda continuously strengthens its commitment in Indonesia by gradually expanding its line-up to the market. In 2015, Honda began localizing Honda power products for Indonesian customers by establishing PT Honda Power Products Production (HPPP) to produce the water pumps and brush cutters. Its initial production of water pump was 18,300 units during its first year in March 2015. On the other side, the initial production of Brush cutter was 2,700 units in September 2018.

With the strong support from our customers for 15 years, HPPI also achieved approximately 2 million unit sales of the imported and locally produced models following HPPP’s achievement to reach 250,000 units in Indonesia. Currently, Honda grows as a reliable power products brand and a household name in the fishery, agriculture, professional sectors, also central and local Government as well as state-owned and private companies in 33 provinces in Indonesia.

HPPI and HPPP’s President Director, Mr. Shinichi Itakura said, “We are proud to have achieved the 2 million sales and 250K unit production milestone within the same year of HPPI’s15th anniversary The trust bestowed upon us by our valued customers inspires us to continuously innovate and provide products of the highest quality. It has been an incredible journey and we will continue to offer the latest technology that delivers new value to our customers. We would also like to thank the dealers and suppliers for their continuous support to HPPI in distributing Honda power products to the Indonesian society”.

To protect the consumers in terms of safety under the national standards, we have been proactively involving in continuous innovation and provide products with national standards certification. Our Water Pumps have been certified by National Certification Body (BSN) through Indonesian National Standard Product Certification (SPPT SNI) to ensure product safety and good quality. Furthermore, we also take an active part in local content percentage fulfilment through Domestic Component Level Certification (TKDN) for our water pumps and brush cutter as regulated by Indonesia’s prevailing law.