7 Ways to Prevent Electric Short Circuit at Home


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7 Ways to Prevent Electric Short Circuit at Home

how to prevent electric short circuit

The electrical system installed in your house must not be damaged. The situation also needs to be treated carefully for the safety of all family members. However, it cannot be denied that every device that is connected to electricity has the potential to experience a short circuit.

so you have to avoid these situation, Sobat Honda, so that dangerous situation does not happen in the future. That's why you will be invited to understand how to prevent electrical short circuits at home.

Without going into detail, get out your notebook immediately and write down all the information that will be explained below!

How to Prevent Electric Short circuit at Home

Home should be the safest place to rest, relax, and talk with family. Do not let you neglect to pay attention to the crucial parts that are flammable and short circuit.

But there's no need to worry because there are a number of things you can do to prevent short circuits from occurring.

1. Unplug Electronic Devices That Are Not Used

The easiest way to prevent short circuits is to unplug electronic devices that are no longer in use. When the electrical capacity of your house is not much but the burden that must be borne is quite a lot, it is very possible for the fuse to fluctuate and cause a short circuit

2. Keep Electrical Devices Away from Water

All electrical equipment must always be ensured to be dry. When the environment is damp or even submerged in water, sparks will appear that can burn the whole house. That's why when a flood occurs, PLN will immediately cut off the electricity supply so that there is no short circuit.

However, when flooding does not occur, you can ensure that the socket, electrical terminals, MBC, and other electrical components are covered from water. Make these electrical areas completely dry so that you and your family's safety is completely guaranteed.

3. Perform Periodic Checks

Just as vehicles must be checked periodically, so is the case with electrical equipment at home. No matter how strong the components used will definitely be brittle as a result of long time use.

Electrical equipment in your home can be dusty, worn out, brittle, melted, or even damaged. When you see signs of damage, you should immediately replace it.

The decline quality of an electric device can cause the voltage being fluctuate. In the end the potential for a short circuit becomes even more and you can be in the most dangerous situation.

In fact, you should have replaced an old electrical appliance before the short circuit occurred. Therefore, check all electrical installations regularly.

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4. Avoid Too Many Electrical Terminal Connections

It is normal to use electrical terminals for supplying voltage to various electronic devices. Almost every home must have and use an electrical terminal.

There's nothing wrong with it. Plugging multiple electrical outlets directly could gain the temperature.

warm temperature is quite dangerous because it can melt the cable as well as the electrical terminals that are being used. In the end if you let it happen then sparks will immediately appear and cause a continuous short circuit.

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5. Only Use Standard Electrical Equipment

The electrical equipment that you have at home should be suitable for use based on SNI standards and other related institutions. Because the electricity that will flow in cables or other components is a very strong power source.

You can't tolerate the quality just because more cheaper. True, you cannot immediately force yourself to use all of the highest quality electrical equipment because the price is definitely very expensive.

But at least you can choose electrical components that have been tested to be safe for everyday use at home. If you are not sure about the quality, ask an electrician or PLN officer so that products used are completely safe.

6. Not Changing the MCB Independently

MCB or Miniature Circuit Breaker is an important component that is installed in every building and housing. Its function is very crucial, to cut off the electric current when it detects a short circuit that occurs. So when the voltage at home is unstable, the MCB will automatically lower the lever.

Its big role in the house needs to be ensured that it is not arbitrarily arranged by all family members. Apart from officers who are already experts and understand how to do it, no one can change the MCB. This information needs to be remembered carefully so that an electric short circuit does not occur at home.

7. Repair Loose or Damaged Electrical Devices

Feel free to call an experienced electrician to fix some loose or broken components.

You will indeed incur a considerable cost to make these replacements but it is worth the result. So you don't need to be afraid of short circuits or sparks that appear suddenly because electrical devices function normally as they should.

Using the highest quality electrical tools is clearly the most effective way to prevent electric short circuits that you can do. From now on, choose only tools that are tested and proven to be safe.

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