Benefits of Gardening for Mental and Physical Health

26 December 2023

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Gardening can be an enjoyable activity that not only brings pleasure but also offers numerous benefits for the mental and physical health of Sobat Honda. During the pandemic, gardening has become an alternative activity for many people, as one of its benefits is stress relief.

Are you planning to start gardening soon,Sobat Honda? If so, make sure Sobat Honda has a complete set of gardening tools. At the very least, Sobat Honda should have gardening gloves, a shovel, a garden fork, a pest control sprayer, polybags, and a grass cutter.

Sobat Honda, some gardening tools can be found at Honda Power Products, such as bruscutter s, multipurpose sprayers for pest control, and water pumps for larger garden areas.

Now, besides stress relief, what are the other benefits of gardening for mental and physical health? Let's explore the full explanation below.

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What Are the Benefits of Gardening?

Apa Saja Manfaat Berkebun

Apart from providing pleasure and satisfaction, gardening has remarkable benefits, ranging from weight control to improving the quality of life. Understanding these gardening benefits will motivate Sobat Honda even more to start gardening. Let's explore the various benefits of gardening for Sobat Honda's physical and mental health.

1. Weight Control

It might not be widely known, but gardening positively impacts weight control. It was demonstrated in a study by Westminster University in the UK. 

The study showed that people who regularly take care of plants in their garden or pots have lower body mass indexes compared to those who are not active in gardening, Sobat Honda.

Gardening activities also fall under the category of household activities that burn calories. The body remains active when Sobat Honda engages in gardening activities, such as digging, fertilizing, planting seeds, and watering plants.

However, it's important to note that this benefit will be more significant if gardening is done regularly with sufficient intensity and duration. Additionally, Sobat Honda should also have caloric intake and gardening frequency.

2. Reducing the Risk of Heart Disease

While gardening may not fall under intense cardiovascular activities, it undeniably helps reduce the risk of heart disease. When Sobat Honda gardens, the entire body, especially the hands and feet, work harder, which can positively impact the heart muscles..

The benefits of gardening in reducing the risk of heart disease have been supported by research published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. The study showed that people over 60 actively involved in household tasks like gardening have a 27% lower risk of heart attacks.

3. Boosting Immune System

By gardening regularly, Sobat Honda will be exposed to more sunlight. Why is this important? Because sunlight is the primary source of vitamin D, which is crucial for the body.

Vitamin D plays a critical role in maintaining the immune system. It has anti-inflammatory effects and contributes to the production of immune solid cells.

However, it's essential to remember that while sunlight has its benefits, Sobat Honda should protect the skin. Before gardening, use sunscreen with the appropriate SPF to shield the skin from excessive UV exposure, Sobat Honda.

4. Enhancing Brain Health

Gardening benefits mental and physical health and serves as a brain-training activity. It is supported by research published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease.

In the study, scientists found that gardening activities positively affect cognitive health. They also discovered that gardening can increase brain volume and reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease by up to 50%.

This benefit isn't surprising, given that gardening involves high concentration levels. Planning garden layouts, selecting suitable plants, paying attention to plants' water and nutrient needs, and troubleshooting any issues require focused thinking.

5. Reducing Stress

If Sobat Honda's mind is troubled and uneasy, gardening in the yard can be an effective solution. The natural greenery Sobat Honda enjoys while gardening can reduce stress and negative feelings.

In line with National Gardening Week, The Royal Horticultural Society conducted a survey involving more than 6,000 respondents to explore the benefits of gardening on mental well-being.

The survey results showed that participants who garden daily have a 6.6% higher well-being score and 4.2% lower stress levels than those who don't.

6. practicing Patience

Gardening requires time and perseverance. Plants need regular care and time to grow. Planting seeds, caring for plants, and waiting for the harvest require time and consistent attention. Sobat Honda will learn to be patient, appreciate the process, and develop the skill of waiting patiently through gardening.

7. Encouraging a Healthier Diet

Gardening can also promote a healthier diet. When Sobat Honda have a garden, Sobat Honda can have direct access to freshly grown vegetables and fruits.

When Sobat Honda starts to consume your own products, Sobat Honda can ensure the food is free from pesticides and harmful chemicals. Additionally, gardening can encourage Sobat Honda to consume more vegetables and fruits in their daily diet, which boosts health and nutrition for your own body.

8. Reducing the Risk of Dementia

A study published in the journal PubMed in 2006 found that gardening has a 35% benefit in reducing the risk of dementia.

Researchers conducted this study involving more than 2,800 individuals aged 60 years over 16. From the study's results, researchers concluded that physical activities, particularly gardening, can reduce the risk of dementia in the future.

This finding suggests that gardening can play a vital role in maintaining brain health and reducing the risk of dementia. Physical activities involved in gardening, such as walking, bending, and taking care of plants, can stimulate brain function and maintain cognitive health.

9. Improving Quality of Life

Engaging in gardening can provide a sense of achievement and profound satisfaction. Watching plants grow and flourish, harvesting the produce Sobat Honda planted, and creating a beautiful garden enriches Sobat Honda's life.

Gardening can provide Sobat Honda with a connection to nature and an opportunity to interact with the surrounding environment. It can enhance Sobat Honda's overall quality of life.

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Activities Sobat Honda Can to Do While Gardening

Aktivitas yang Dapat Dilakukan saat Berkebun

In addition to the mentioned health benefits, gardening is an activity that can do with the whole family. The actions you can do while gardening are diverse and depend on Sobat Honda's needs and preferences. Generally, here are some activities that Sobat Honda can do while gardening.

1. Soil Preparation

Before planting, it's essential to prepare the soil. This activity includes clearing the planting area of weeds, loosening the ground, and improving soil structure. 

Sobat Honda can also add organic fertilizer or compost to enhance soil fertility. Properly preparing the soil will provide the optimal conditions for plant growth.

2. Planting Seeds

Once the soil is ready, the next step is planting seeds. Sobat Honda can plant ready-to-plant seedlings or directly sow seeds into the ground. Be sure to follow the proper planting instructions for each type of plant Sobat Honda wants to grow.

3. Plant Care

Taking care of the plants is a crucial activity in gardening. It includes regularly watering the plants, providing additional fertilizers, pruning, and maintaining the cleanliness of the planting area. 

For more efficient watering, Sobat Honda can use an irrigation system with the help of water pump from Honda Power with reliable and exclusive technology.

Sobat Honda can also carry out pest and disease control if necessary. The tools Sobat Honda needs for pest control are a sprayer and a high-quality multipurpose machine like those available at Honda Power Products.

4. Harvesting

One of the most anticipated moments in gardening is harvest time. When Sobat Honda's plants have grown and matured, Sobat Honda can harvest the produce. This harvesting process can be done for various plants, such as vegetables, fruits, or cut flowers. Sobat Honda can use the harvest for personal consumption, shared with friends and family, or sold in the market.

Tips for Gardening with the Family

Tips Berkebun Bersama Keluarga

Gardening with the family can be a fun and beneficial activity that involves all family members in a productive endeavor. Here are some tips for gardening with the family that Sobat Honda can apply.

1. Choose Suitable Plants

Before gardening with the family, select plants suitable for planting in the yard. Consider factors such as climate, environment, and available space. Choose plants that are easy to grow and care for, such as bok choy, chilli, or flowers. Also, ensure Sobat Honda has complete gardening tools to increase interest in the activity.

2. Share Responsibilities

Each family member should have different responsibilities in gardening. Assign tasks such as watering the plants, weeding, fertilizing the soil, or harvesting. Distributing tasks will build cooperation and commitment among family members, Sobat Honda. Explain how to perform tasks correctly so all family members can participate effectively.

3. Schedule Gardening Time

Set a regular schedule for gardening with the family. Choose a convenient time for all family members, such as weekends or after work or school in the evenings. Make this activity a family tradition considered essential by all family members. With a consistent schedule, Sobat Honda can ensure the regular involvement of all family members.

4. Teach Knowledge and Skills

Utilize the gardening opportunity with the family to teach children about gardening knowledge and skills. Explain how to plant seeds, care for plants, and harvest the produce. Involve all family members in each stage and explain why it's essential. Through this approach, children can learn about nature and the growth process of plants and develop responsibility and patience.

5. Enjoy the Process and Results

Remember that gardening with the family is about spending quality time together. Enjoy the process of gardening, interact with nature, and observe plant growth over time.

Appreciate the fruits of the family's labor when harvest time comes. Share the pride and happiness when harvesting the planted and cared-for produce together. These are precious moments that strengthen family bonds.

Sobat Honda, gardening is not just about planting; it's also about building a deeper connection with nature, enhancing mental and physical health, and creating valuable family moments.

The benefits of gardening will undoubtedly be felt by Sobat Honda in the future, especially for mental and physical health. To make gardening more enjoyable, ensure that Sobat Honda's gardening tools are complete and practical.

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