Generator - EU30is

The EU30is also features an Eco-throttle which adjusts the engine speed to meet the load demand. This increases fuel economy whilst also reducing noise as the engine is not required to run at full capacity unnecessarily.

It features a microcomputer-controlled sinewave inverter that guarantees commercial-quality electricity – ideal for use with frequency-sensitive electrical equipment such as computers.



Panjang 658 mm
Lebar 447 mm
Tinggi 558 mm
Berat Kering 59 kg
Model Mesin GX200
Tipe Mesin Pendingin Udara, 4 tak, OHV, Silinder Tunggal
Isi Silinder 196 cm3
Sistem Pengapian Fully Transistorized
Sistem Penyalaan Recoil & Starter Motor
Tanaga Maksimum 3.82 kW/ 3.600 rpm
Kapasitas Bahan Bakar 13 lt
Lama Pengoperasian terus menerus (1/4 load) 18.2 jam
Lama Pengoperasian terus menerus (rated load) 7.3 jam
Tingkat Kebisingan (1/4 load) 51 dB(A)
Tingkat Kebisingan (rated load) 58 dB(A)
Frekuensi AC 50 Hz
Tegangan Output AC 220 v
Daya Output AC Rata - Rata 2.8 kVa
Daya AC Maksimum 3 kVa
Output DC 12V-12A
Sistem Pengaturan Tegangan Inverter
Fitur Standar
Eco-Throttle ya
Pemutus Arus AC ya
Pemutus Arus DC ya
Peringatan Oli Mesin ya
Saringan Udara yang besar ya
Tangki bahan bakar yang besar ya
Knalpot yang lebih besar ya
Koneksi untuk pengoperasian paralel ya
Kabel koneksi untuk pengoperasian paralel option

Specifications are subject to change at any time without prior notice

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