The Honda BF 150 horsepower engine delivers some of the most advanced technology ever seen in an outboard. It boasts VTEC Technology that delivers more power, torque and efficiency at every speed. 

It features BLAST (Boosted low speed torque) for rapid acceleration, ECOmo lean burn control for exceptional furl economy at cruise and NMEA which enables all engine and fuel data to be viewed on a GPS screen.


Model BF150
Type 4-Stroke DOHC 4 Cylinder/16 Valves
Displacement (cm3) 2,354
Bore & Stroke (mm) 87 x 99
Full Throttle RPM Range (rpm) 5.000-6.000
Rated Power [kW (PS)/rpm] 110.3 (150) / 5.500
Cooling System Water Cooled
Fuel RON 86 / Reguler
Replacement of engine oil (Without replace oil Filter / Replace oil Filter ) 6.5 Liter / 6.7 Liter
Oil Gear Capacity 0.98 liter
Fuel Delivery Programmed Fuel Injection
Ignition System Microcomputer Progreammed
Starting System Electric
Exhaust Through Hub
Gear Ratio 2.14 : 1
Battery Charge Capacity 40 A
Transom Height
Transom Height[mm (in)] X : 635 (25)
Dry Weight (kg) X : 220

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