Generator - EZ6500CXS

Built to last, Honda generator generator EZ6500CXS  delivers long-term reliability under the toughest working conditions. Easy handling, easy starting, safety, low vibration and exceptional build quality make Honda generators the perfect working partner for construction professionals, Home Use and Others.

For daily use, or for frequent job use, EZ6500CXS generators are the perfect solution. If you need something for more intensive use, with higher power levels and affordable price then the EZ6500CXS  is the solution for you. Its proven reliability, fuel efficiency &  low Vibration That is right for every application.


Panjang 690 (690) mm
Lebar 535 (670) mm
Tinggi 540 (610) mm
Berat Kering 80 kg
Model Mesin GX390
Isi Silinder 389 cm3
Sistem Penyalaan Recoil & Starter Motor
Kapasitas bahan bakar 15.5 lt
Lama Pengoperasian terus menerus (rated load) 5.8 jam
Frekuensi AC 50 Hz
Tegangan Output AC 220 v
Daya Output AC Rata - Rata 5.0 kVa
Daya AC Maksimum 5.5 kVa
Sistem Pengaturan Tegangan AVR
Peringatan Oli Mesin Ya

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.
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