6 Best Golf Courses in Indonesia, Cool!

28 December 2023

the best golf course in Indonesia

As we all know, Indonesia is a country that has a large expanse of green with attractive views. Several people then utilize this in various types of businesses, one of which is the provision of golf courses. Previously, did you know there are 6 best golf courses in Indonesia?

Lately, golf has become a type of sport that is in great demand by many people because you can exercise more enjoyably. No wonder many sports fans on this one carry out the search for the best golf course. You don't need to be confused anymore because Honda Power will share the best golf courses that you can try below.

The Best Golf Courses in Indonesia

Golf courses in Indonesia are already present in several big cities with quality courses ranging from facilities to the best grass. According to several reviews written on various platforms, there are some of the best golf courses in Indonesia that you should try:

1. Damai Indah Golf, Tangerang

Damai Indah Golf Course, which was developed by well-known Indonesian entrepreneur Ir. Ciputra is a field with a length of 6,545 meters. The course is designed to challenge players in an aesthetically appealing setting, with holes placed in a panoramic view.

This course incorporates many of Ciputra's favorite features from several world golf courses, making it undoubtedly one of the best. Becoming a club member of this golf course will give you benefits such as dining at the clubhouse, use of other sports facilities such as swimming pools and tennis, and complete training facilities.

2. Bali National Golf Club

Bali National Golf Club is one of the best golf courses in Indonesia, which is located in Bali. This field was built in 1991 and developed by PT. Bali National Golf Resort. This course has an area of around 104 hectares with 18 holes which are divided into two parts, namely the Bali National Golf Course and the Nusa Dua Golf Course.

Bali National Golf Club has smooth and even grass and is equipped with quite complete facilities and of course, stunning views. When playing golf on the Bali National Golf Club course, you will be presented with beautiful views of mountains and sea, which will spoil your eyes while playing golf.

Bali National Golf Club is a suitable place for professional and beginner golfers. This course is often used for international golf events, such as the Indonesia Open.

3. Bintan Lagoon Golf Club

Bintan Lagoon Golf Club is also one of the best golf courses in Indonesia, which is located in Bintan, Riau Archipelago. This course has an area of around 150 hectares with 18 holes which are divided into two parts, namely the Lagoon Course and the Ocean Course. This field was built in 1997 and managed by PT. Bintan Lagoon Resort.

Bintan Lagoon Golf Club has a smooth and flat green and is equipped with complete facilities, such as a driving range, putting green, pro shop and restaurant. This course also has beautiful views against the sea in the background, which will spoil your eyes while playing golf.

Bintan Lagoon Golf Club is a suitable place for both professional and beginner golfers. This course is often used for international golf events, such as the Indonesian Masters.

4. Pondok Indah Golf Course

Established on August 17, 1976, Pondok Indah Golf Course is one of the best golf courses with a unique design represents the close relationship between humans and nature. This course offers a course that does not disturb much harmony with nature, where the golf course blends in with its environment.

In addition, Pondok Indah Golf Course was created with a layout that is suitable for championships while being able to offer a balance of fun and challenge for both players with special needs and beginners. This course is ideal for testing golfers of all skill levels and helping them get the most out of their game.

5. Rancamaya Golf & Country Club

If you want to experience a pleasant golf experience in the Bogor area, Rancamaya Golf & Country Club is the most appropriate choice. you who play at the Rancamaya Golf Course can throw the ball more than 20 meters. Not only that, this golf course has a series of lakes and features beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.

The excellent course design makes you more eager to score well and offers a fun experience. There are a total of 18 holes on this golf course, and each hole, of course, has its unique challenges.

The challenge changes based on how hard the pins are set and which tee is used. Different strokes will be required to score effectively on each hole.

6. Royal Jakarta Golf Club

Amidst the tall buildings of the capital city of Jakarta, it turns out that you can find the best golf courses in Indonesia with complete facilities at the Royal Jakarta Golf Club. This golf course has a vast meadow with a special combination of grass in each area for a total of 27 holes.

When playing on this court, you will be spoiled by the beautiful visual appearance of the capital city with smooth grass, which is, of course, comfortable and can help you get the best score. Royal Jakarta Golf, from 2011 to 2016, was chosen as the best golf course in terms of design and course.

Tips for Caring for Golf Course Grass

The grass on the golf course indirectly affects the comfort of playing golf. Therefore, you, of course, need to do the best maintenance to keep it in good and maximum condition. The following are some tips on caring for golf grass that you can do:

  1. Choose the type of grass according to the weather and soil conditions on the golf course.

  2. Be sure to apply fertilizer regularly according to the type of grass used and according to the manufacturer's instructions.

  3. Don't water the grass too often, because it can make the grass susceptible to disease.

  4. Old and dead grass must be uprooted so as not to interfere with new grass growth.

  5. If there are pests or diseases on golf grass, eradicate them immediately, so they don't spread and damage other grass.

  6. Avoid taking the golf ball outside the designated area. This will help maintain the beauty and condition of the grass on the field.

  7. Do not leave tools or golf equipment hanging on the grass. This will cause the grass to chip or break.

  8. Golf course grass must be cut regularly to maintain a smooth, even texture. However, only mow the grass sometimes, as this can make the grass more susceptible to disease.

So, among the list of the best golf courses in Indonesia above, which golf course do you most want to try, Honda Friend? Basically, all golf courses are, of course, designed to provide comfort and support for the game of its users. It's just that there are still many who ignore the importance of good and correct golf grass maintenance.

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Especially when it comes to routine grass cutting, many field managers think that this is not necessary because it takes a lot of time and results are not optimal. If done manually or with unqualified tools, this thought is certainly true.

However, have you ever tried a Honda Power lawn mower? Honda Power provides a sophisticated lawn mower that has optimal performance. Even some tools are designed with powerful engines but minimal vibration and sound. Amazing, isn't it?

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Therefore, there is no reason for you to delay grass maintenance either on the golf course, yard or any type of land. Find the best and trusted lawn mower according to your needs only at Honda Power Products.

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