5 Best Models of Honda Water Pump for Irrigation

29 November 2023

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In the past, irrigation in paddy fields was discharged water manually by looking for agricultural land near springs, now there is a Water Pump as an advanced technology that can discharged water from springs in large capacity. But to be effective, you need to choose the best irrigation water pump brand.

Lately you may find many types of water pumps in market, but please note that not all of water pump can function as automatic irrigation equipment because flowing water to paddy fields certainly requires a larger water capacity than a common well pump.

So that you are not confused while selecting the best irrigation water pump brand for agricultural needs, Check the following article to get information on choosing your irrigation water pump immediately.

Recommendations for the Best Irrigation Water Pump Models

Even though they have almost the same appearance, some pumps cannot function as irrigation equipment. This is due to water capacity requirement for irrigation, which requires you to choose a pump with a larger suction power. Here are recommendations for the best brands of irrigation water pumps that you can choose:

1. Honda Water Pump WB20XN NF

The first brand of irrigation water pump from Honda was WB20XN NF which is a type of self-priming pump, centrifugal pump. This water pump has an impressive advantage in the capacity of water produced. This is in line with the demands and needs of customers who want a water pump with a large irrigation capacity.

The engine used in the Honda WB20XN NF is Honda GX160 with a 4 stroke engine type, single cylinder OHV, 250. The fuel used is unleaded gasoline with a consumption of 1.4/h. To get it, you can prepare budget ranging from IDR 4.8 million to IDR 5.2 million.

2. Honda Water Pump WB30XN NF

If you need a 3-inch irrigation water pump to get large volumes of water, the Honda WB30XN NF can be the right choice. This water pump is equipped with a transistor magneto ignition system as an ignition system that helps the engine work properly. You can get this irrigation water pump starting from IDR 4.9 million to IDR 5.7 million.

Honda WB30XN NF is the same type as the previous brand, self-priming, centrifugal pump, which is has capacity 1,100 L. Actually, this model is not much different from the WB20XN NF, in terms of the engine equipped and the capacity of fuel consumption as same as previous model

3. Honda Water Pump WL20XN NF

Honda WL20XN NF is the best water pump brand that has a superior design with more optimal performance. This brand is suitable for use in various needs for large capacity of water flow, such as drainage on construction sites, of course, irrigation of paddy fields.

In terms of size, the Honda Power WL20XN NF has a fairly compact size of 2 inches and is a self-priming, centrifugal pump type. This water pump can work using unleaded gasoline at 3.1/h. Having various advantages, the Honda Power WL20XN NF engine is priced from IDR 4.4 million to IDR 4.7 million.

4. Honda Water Pump WL30XN NF

In the WL series, Honda Power really excels in its compact design with highly optimized performance, including the Honda Power WL30XN NF. This irrigation water pump uses a 4 stroke GP160H engine model, single cylinder OHV, 250. The price for the Honda Power WL30XN NF is in the range of IDR 4.5 million to IDR 4.9 million.

The required amount of fuel consumption is 1.4/h with the type of fuel in the form of gasoline. This water pump has a size of 3 inches, but you don't need to doubt the engine power. The WL30XN NF water pump can provide water needs even in large quantities.

5. Honda Trash Pump WT20XK4

The next best irrigation water pump models is the Honda WT20XK4 which is ideal for special work that require a high capacity of water supply with slightly dirty. Unlike several other models, the Honda WT20XK4 uses the GX160T2 engine with a fuel capacity of 3.6 liters.

It indicates that this water pump is powered by a high-quality and powerful commercial-class Honda engine so that it can be relied upon even in tough conditions.

Even if it is used in dirty water, you don't need to worry about the components because the out port of this water pump can be cleaned easily. Prices for the Honda Power WT20XK4 are available starting from IDR 15.2 million to more than IDR 15.8 million.

After getting to know the various models of the best irrigation water pumps above, which pump suits to your needs? All Honda Power products are guaranteed to be easy to use, economical and environmentally friendly. There is even a full frame available as a engine housing so that the water pump will be safer and easier to carry.

If you are interested to buy one of the products above, you can contact Honda Power Products directly. Let's create smooth and easier paddy field irrigation and enjoy maximum agricultural output with the Honda Power Product water pump.

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