4 Common Causes of Less Power Outboard Engine

21 November 2023

causes of less power outboard engine

The outboard engine is one of the main components that are very important for boats. Usually, fishermen use this engine when they go fishing in the sea. However, problems can sometimes occur with the outboard engine, one of which is a less power engine. What are the causes of a less power outboard engine? 

The possible causes of a less power outboard engine can occur in the combustion system. Therefore, Honda users need to maintain the outboard engine to always be in optimal condition. Honda users can use an outboard engine from Honda that is equipped with advanced technology and exclusive features. 

To better understand why your outboard engine is not delivering maximum power, let us look at the causes and their effects below. 

4 Common Causes of a Less Power Outboard Boat Engine 

An outboard engine that is not functioning can be a disturbing problem and affect your experience and safety at sea. To avoid more serious issues when the outboard engine is not running at full power, you should be aware of the underlying causes.

1. Problems with the Fuel Supply 

The fuel supply system in the outboard engine is an essential component. If this component has problems, it can disrupt engine performance. As a result, the fuel cannot be distributed to the engine properly, which eventually hampers the engine's performance. Some factors that cause problems in the combustion system include poor fuel quality or damage to the fuel supply system.

2. Problems with the Cooling System 

Problems in the engine cooling system can also cause a less power outboard engine. The outboard engine requires cooling to keep the engine temperature stable and not too hot. If the cooling system has problems, such as leaks or damage to the cooling pump, the engine temperature will increase and cause the engine to malfunction.

3. Problems with the Engine Lubrication System 

The lubrication system functions to reduce friction between engine components so that the engine can function correctly. If the lubrication system has problems, such as oil shortages or damage to the oil pump, the engine will quickly overheat, and the engine components will wear out, causing the engine to malfunction. As a result, the outboard engine you are using will not have maximum power.

4. Problems with the Ignition System 

The outboard engine can function properly if the ignition system is working properly to produce good sparks in the combustion chamber. Ultimately, the fuel can burn perfectly and produce optimal power. However, if the ignition system has problems, such as damaged spark plug wires or coils, sparks cannot be adequately generated and cause the engine not to function correctly.

Impact of Underpowered Outboard Engines 

What impact will you, as a Honda user, experience from an underpowered outboard engine? One thing for sure is that the engine's speed will decrease, slowing down your performance. Especially when you are fishing, the underpowered engine can be very detrimental. Let us look at the other potential impacts you may experience below.

1. Drastic Decrease in Boat Speed 

An underpowered outboard engine will reduce the speed generated by the engine. As a result, it can affect the time needed to sail on the sea when fishing and make the boat arrive late at the harbor or destination. Therefore, always ensure that your outboard engine is in optimal condition. You can check it before setting sail.

2. Affect Fuel Efficiency 

A poorly operating engine will produce poor fuel efficiency and can reduce the distance the boat can travel. In addition, if this condition occurs on the outboard engine you use, it can result in higher operational costs for the boat because you have to fill up the fuel more frequently. Therefore, Honda users must ensure that the outboard engine is always in optimal condition by performing routine servicing at a Honda dealer.

3. Causing Damage to the Engine 

An engine continuously forced to operate with insufficient power will cause the engine to overheat and damage its components. This damage can impact the engine's performance and lead to higher maintenance costs. It can also affect your safety and the safety of other boat passengers. So, maintain your outboard engine regularly to have maximum power. 

Honda users need to choose the best quality outboard engine so that the engine can have maximum speed. Honda provides various outboard engines that you can use for sailing needs. One is the BF150 outboard engine, which provides several advanced VTEC technology features. 

VTEC technology provides more power, torque, and efficiency at every speed. This engine also features BLAST for rapid acceleration, ECOmo lean burn control for economical fuel use, and NMEA, which allows engine and fuel data to be viewed from the GPS screen. 

So, what are you waiting for? Find the best and most reliable outboard engine that suits your needs only at Honda Power Products! Now, the cause of an underpowered outboard engine can be solved with an outboard engine from Honda!

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