5 Differences between 2 Stroke and 4 Stroke Lawn Mowers

30 December 2023

difference between 2 stroke and 4 stroke lawn mowers

Cases of buying the wrong lawn mower are very common. In the end, the use of purchased lawnmowers could not help them get the job done properly. A critical piece of information that must be understood is the difference between 2 stroke and 4 stroke lawn mowers.

The two are pretty different, from power output to sound and durability. When you understand the differences, it will be very easy to choose the most suitable lawn mower to meet your needs.

So that you don't make the wrong purchase, the information in this article will explain the overall differences between the two engines. Check out more below!

The difference between 2 Stroke and 4 Stroke Lawn Mowers

There are at least two types of lawnmowers that are commonly used, namely 2 stroke engines and 4 stroke engines. These two types of machines have significant differences that you can find in the following points.

1. How it Works

A 4 stroke machine works better when it is used to help cut various types of grass. Thin or thick, everything can be cut with a 4 stroke machine.

The working process begins with mixing fuel and air into the combustion chamber. This indicates that the combustion process has started to produce pressure that pushes the piston to move up and down.

Later the results of this power will immediately rotate the knife and produce a cutting motion to cut various types of grass.

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2. Performance or Performance

The performance of a 2 stroke lawn mower is much lower than that of a 4 stroke lawn mower. The power produced by a 2 stroke engine will be less when the engine is hot than a 4 stroke engine.

If you need a lawn mower that can be used in various situations and for a long time, then 4 stroke is more appropriate.

3. Durability

The durability of a 2 stroke lawn mower is much weaker than that of a 4 stroke engine. This happens because the 4 stroke engine has a more optimal combustion process. Then the piston movement system that rises and falls also keeps the temperature in the engine maintained so that overheating does not occur.

Even the cooling system in a 4 stroke engine is also much better. This is inversely proportional to the 2 stroke engine which only uses an air cooling system.

4. Fuel Consumption

Fuel consumption on a 2 stroke engine is wasteful because the combustion process is not optimal. The mixing of fuel and air cannot be properly regulated, so it is not surprising that a lot of gasoline is wasted. On the other hand a 4 stroke lawn mower optimizes every use of fuel.

All systems in a 4 stroke engine work efficiently to convert fuel into stable and large power. Then the mixing of fuel and air is also adequately regulated to meet the needs when the engine is started.

5. Sound

The sound of a 2 stroke engine is much noisier when compared to a 4 stroke engine. This is again caused by a 2 stroke engine combustion system that is not optimal. Likewise with the low compression results produced by a 2 stroke engine.

These two aspects are the reason why the 2 stroke engine is much noisier. In contrast, the combustion and engine compression processes produced by a 4 stroke engine are far more optimal. So do not be surprised if the noise produced is much less.

Recommended 4 Stroke Lawn Mower

From the explanation above you can conclude that a 4 stroke engine is much better than a 2 stroke engine. Honda Power has understood the difference between the two, so it has decided to use a 4 stroke engine for every lawn mower that is issued. Here are 3 recommendations for the best lawn mowers from Honda Power.

1. Lawn Mower UMR435N

Honda Power issued a UMR435N lawn mower which was equipped with a mini 4-stroke OHC engine. The engine can produce 1.3 HP/9,000n rpm with a torque of 1.9 Nm/5,500 rpm.

The UMR435N machine is equipped with a flexible shaft, making it easier for each user to access hard-to-reach areas. A 2-blade cutter with a diameter of 300 mm and a speed of 5,250 rpm is also used so that work can be completed quickly.

2. Lawn Mower UMK450T

Unlike before, the UMK450T lawn mower suits better for large areas with flat surfaces, such as golf courses or commercial parks. The engine uses a straight fast type to have more stable and stronger power.

Equipped with a 350 mm diameter 2-blade cutter, this machine can help complete your work efficiently. The UMK450T lawn mower of course equipped with an OHC and 4-stroke single-cylinder engine that can produce a maximum power of 1.3 HP/9,000 with a torque of 1.9 Nm/5,500 rpm.

The ignition system uses a Transistorized Magneto Ignition system to ensure more efficient gasoline consumption.

3. HRJ196 Push Lawn Mower

Finally, Honda Power also has a special HRJ196 thrust mower using the GXV160 OHV engine with a 4-stroke drive system and air conditioning. This machine can produce maximum power of 3.6 HP/3,000 rpm and torque of 9.0 Nm/25,000 rpm.

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The ignition system is also efficient with a Transistorized Magneto Ignition system. Keep in mind that the type of gasoline used must have an octane rating of at least 86 so that its performance does not decrease.

Now, you probably have knowledge about the differences between 2 stroke and 4 stroke lawn mowers. Don't make the wrong choice again. Find the best and most trusted lawn mower according to your needs only at Honda Power Products!

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