10 Ways to Care Your Home Yard to Keep It Neat

24 October 2023

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Having a neat and nice yard is certainly one of your goals when Sobat Honda has a house. Because it is located at the front of the house, of course, Sobat Honda needs to know how to take care of your yard regularly to look neat.

Taking care of your yard regularly can provide many benefits to the house's occupants because it will make the overall appearance of the house tidier, more beautiful, and pleasing to the eye. Especially if Sobat Honda plants several types of ornamental plants in your yard, of course, this will add value to the beauty of your yard.

In this article, we will help Sobat Honda find out how to take care of the yard so that it looks neat and beautiful for visiting guests. Immediately, see the explanation below to find out!

What Are the Tools for Cleaning the Home Yard?

Before knowing how to take care of your yard, Sobat Honda needs to know in advance what tools are usually needed when cleaning your yard. Using the appropriate tools will help to  keep your yard clean more effectively and easily, Sobat Honda.

As for some of the tools that Sobat Honda needs when cleaning and caring for your yard, these following tools will help you.

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1. Broom 

Talking about cleanliness, of course Sobat Honda cannot be separated from a tool called a broom. The broom itself is one of the cleaning tools that has been used since ancient times to sweep and clean the floor of the house from dust to scattered trash. In addition, a broom can also be used to clean parts of the house that are difficult to reach.

Sobat Honda needs to know that the broom used for the front yard of the house and the broom used for inside the house must be distinguished. This is intended so that germs and bacteria that are in the yard outside the house do not come into the house so that Sobat Honda can maintain the health of your family members.

2. Broom Stick

A broom is important for caring for and cleaning the house. Its function is to make it easier for Sobat Honda to sweep and clean the leaves scattered in the yard.

A broom stick is made of a stick tied tightly together, with the ends shaped like a brush. The advantage of a broom stick is that the elastic and flexible fibers of the stick can collect dust and dirt well, including dry leaves.

In addition, the broom stick is also light and easy to use, making it easier for Sobar Honda to clean the yard effectively.

3. Dustpan

A dustpan is a tool that must be noticed when sweeping the yard because the dustpan is important in collecting dust, garbage and scattered leaves. Without a dustpan, if Sobat Honda cleans it with a broomstick, the results will make the yard dirty again.

Dustpans are usually made of plastic or other materials that are durable and easy to clean. The dustpan has a flat and wide front, so it can easily collect various dirt when cleaning the floor or garden.

4. Shovel

The shovel is also one of the tools that must be provided when taking care of the yard.. This tool is handy when animal waste is in Sobat Honda's yard. When using a shovel, Sobat Honda can easily and practically clean it.

This tool is usually made of a strong material such as metal or plastic, with a flat center and shaped like a spoon to pick up and remove dirt. This tool is designed to be easy to use and efficiently clean the yard.

5. Floor Brush

The floors in the yard will usually get dirty faster, and moss will appear in some damp parts. Of course, this will make the appearance of the yard look dirty and can endanger family members because of the slippery moss.

Therefore, Sobat Honda needs a floor brush that is useful for brushing the part of the yard that is getting dirty and moss appears. To brush the floor of the yard, Sobat Honda needs to buy a floor brush with stiff bristles, which is intended for brushing the floor in the yard.

6. Brushcutters/Lawnmowers

The yard will look more beautiful with grass and beautiful ornamental plants. If the grass has started to get long, Sobat Honda needs to cut it so it looks beautiful again.

Sobat Honda can use a Brushcutter or Lawnmower to make it easier when cutting the grass easily and quickly. Honda Power has several types of lawnmowers that Sobat Honda can use as needed.

7. Hose

The last tool that Sobat Honda needs for yard maintenance is a hose. This one tool itself functions to water the plants in the yard.

To avoid being tired when watering your plants daily with a dipper, Sobat Honda can use a long hose to water the entire yard evenly.

10 Ways to Take Care of the Yard to Look Neat

The appearance of a neat and clean yard can describe Sobat Honda, as a homeowner, in maintaining your hygiene. Caring for your yard is not as difficult as you might imagine, Sobat Honda. Because if Sobat Honda already has the tools mentioned above, taking care of your home yard will be more efficient and effective.

The following are some ways to care for your yard:

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1. Sweeping Fallen Leaves

If Sobat Honda has a tree in your yard, there will surely be leaves falling daily. Therefore, Sobat Honda needs to sweep and clean the fallen leaves regularly so that the yard looks neat.

When cleaning fallen leaves, make sure Sobat Honda doesn't clean them by burning the fallen leaves, because it will only pollute the air. It's better to sweep and collect it, then process it and use it as compost material, Sobat Honda.

2. Cutting Weeds

Weeds will always be in the yard because we cannot prevent these weeds from growing. The presence of weeds in the yard will make the house look messy.

Not only that, but long weeds can also cause dirt and germs in the yard to get bigger. Therefore, Sobat Honda needs to cut and get rid of weeds which are done at least once every 3-4 days. To do this, Sobat Honda can use the UMR435N Brushcutter.

The OHC Mini 4-stroke engine that it has can help Sobat Honda. This lawn mower can operate in a full 360-degree tilt and has a 2-blade cutter.

3. Cleaning up puddles

The next way to care for your yard is to clean up stagnant water, which is usually found under pots, plant shelves, and trash cans. This method aims to prevent the development of mosquito populations that can cause health problems and risks.

Stagnant water is ideal for female mosquitoes to lay eggs and breed. Therefore, Sobat Honda needs to remove standing water around the yard routinely.

This can be done by draining stagnant water, drying places that have the potential to collect water, or changing water in containers such as pots and plant containers regularly.

4. Cleaning the Water Ditch

Apart from keeping puddles clean, it is important for Sobat Honda to regularly clean the water ditches. Ditches that are not cleaned regularly can cause blockages, resulting in standing water. This can cause a risk of flooding, which can damage the house.

Cleaning a ditch involves removing and removing debris, trash, and piles of leaves that block the flow of water. Cleaning the gutters can be done using tools such as shovels or hands with protective gloves.

5. Removing Weeds and Grass

The next thing Sobat Honda should pay attention to in caring for your yard is pulling weeds. Weeds are nuisance plants that can damage the surrounding plants and cause them to die.

Apart from pulling weeds, Sobat Honda must also pull out long grass because it can be a hiding place for insects, caterpillars, rats and snakes.

6. Provide Trash

Providing dedicated trash cans in the yard can be one of the ways Sobat Honda can do to keep your yard clean. A trash can in your yard is important because this can make it easier for Sobat Honda when disposing of trash, such as leaves, grass, and trash that has been cleaned beforehand.

7. Brushing the Home Yard Floor

Brushing the floor in the yard is also one way to take care of the yard to make it look more beautiful and neat. Usually, the floor in the yard will be easier to get dirty because of dust, and it will be easier for moss to arise, which can harm the members of the house.

Therefore, Sobat Honda needs to brush  the yard floor regularly so that it looks clean and shiny. To do this, Sobat Honda can use a floor brush with coarse bristles, as explained above.

8. Beautify the Yard with Ornamental Plants

Not only clean and tidy, Sobat But Sobat Honda also wants a yard that looks beautiful and pleasing to the eye. In this case, Sobat Honda can beautify your yard with ornamental plants as decorations.

Sobat Honda can put ornamental plants in a neat and orderly manner. If there are many ornamental plants, Sobat Honda can put them in beautiful and unique pots and arrange them on a shelf to make them look neater and more pleasing to the eye.

9. Watering Plants and Grass

To prevent plants and grass from drying out, Sobat Honda must regularly water the plants in your yard. In this case, Sobat Honda needs to get used to watering the plants and grass daily so the plants don't dry out and wither.

In doing this method, Sobat Honda can use the help of a hose so that you can do the watering thoroughly and evenly. Using a hose can also help Sobat Honda quickly and easily water plants.

10. Cleaning all equipment that has been used

If Sobat Honda has finished doing all the steps to take care of your yard as described above, then Sobat Honda must do this last step. This one is usually often ignored, even though this is also an important factor in keeping the yard clean. The step is to cleaning all the equipment that has been used.

Cleaning the equipment that has just been used is needed so that there is no residual soil or other dirt still attached to the tool because the remaining soil and dirt still will cause rust to form on garden equipment.

To do this, Sobat Honda can immediately clean it by watering and brushing all garden equipment afterwards.

So, that's some information about how to care for your yard that Sobat Honda needs to know. As mentioned in the explanation above, Sobat Honda need to have several quality machines that are needed to take care of your yard.

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Sobat Honda can use Honda Power Products for a quality machine like the Brushcutter. Because Honda Power provides quality tools for gardening activities, rice fields, and other needs.

Immediately find only the best tools for cleaning the house at Honda Power Products right now!

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