Ways to Use the Right and Safe Brushcutter

30 December 2023

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A Brushcutter is a very useful tool for maintaining the beauty of Sobat Honda garden or yard. However, for optimal results and to avoid damage or injury, it is important to know how to use the mower properly and safely.

In this article, Honda Power will provide a complete guide on how to use the Brushcutter in the most appropriate way, from preparation before starting the engine to routine maintenance after use.

How to use a Brushcutter that is correct and safe

Using a Brushcutter can be an easy task if it is done with the right, correct, and of course safe procedures. In this section, we will provide guidance on how to use the mower safely. Learn the right way below:

1. Turn on the Machine

When starting the engine, make sure that the blade does not touch the ground. If the position is correct, Sobat Honda can start the engine in the following way:

  • Put the machine button in the ON position
  • If necessary, change the position of the engine valve lever to the closed position.
  • Press the pump several times until the fuel position is in the pump.
  • Gently pull the starter handle to start the engine. If Sobat Honda feel resistance, pull quickly and slowly return to the starter position.
  • Next, return the valve lever to the open position.

2. Operation

Then for how to operate the machine, Sobat Honda can do the steps below:

  • Make sure Sobat Honda use a shoulder strap with a strap that fits Sobat Honda body. Make sure the shoulder straps are securely fastened.
  • Attach the mower hanger to the hook of the binder.
  • Pull the trigger lever to set the speed at the desired position.

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3. Turn off the Machine

When finished, don't forget to turn off the machine in the following way:

  • Release the trigger lever to adjust the engine speed.
  • If so, return the position of the machine button to the off position.

4. Machine Maintenance

What is no less important besides understanding the stages of machine operation above is the machine maintenance process. The following are ways to maintain the engine that Sobat Honda can do for Sobat Honda:

  • Check all parts of the machine and make sure Sobat Honda carry out proper maintenance on the problematic part of the machine.
  • Be sure to regularly change the oil in the Brushcutter.
  • Clean the spark plugs regularly if Sobat Honda feel they are dirty.
  • Repair the fuel filter and clean the fuel tank by removing water and dirt left in the tank by washing it.
  • Check regularly whether there is dust on the propeller parts of the cooling components. Make sure to always keep it clean.
  • Check the condition of the fuel tube and fuel return tube. If there is damage to these components, immediately carry out repairs so that all engine components are back in prime condition.
  • For maximum lawn cutting results, be sure to regularly replace the blades and cutting blades of the Brushcutter. When replacing it, make sure Sobat Honda also replace the nuts and washers too.
  • An equally important thing to do to keep the Brushcutter in optimal condition is to always use genuine spare parts because basically genuine spare parts are made compatible with Sobat Honda lawn mower.

In addition, original spare parts are also designed to provide optimal performance in Brushcutters. For Sobat Honda Honda Power Brushcutter, make sure Sobat Honda only get it from an authorized Honda Power distributor.

Things to Look For When Using a Brushcutter

Apart from knowing how to use a Brushcutter that is correct and safe, Sobat Honda also need to pay attention to a number of things when using it. Some of things to note include:

  1. Read the manual before using the Brushcutter. The manual book will provide instructions on how the machine works, how to install and manage the equipment, and how to carry out proper maintenance.
  2. Make sure the work area is clean and free of objects that could cause injury or damage to the machine.
  3. Maintain good balance when using the mower. Do not stand on the mower or try to climb on it while it is running.
  4. Do not touch hot or moving parts of the engine while the engine is running. Wait until the engine has completely cooled before carrying out maintenance or repairs.
  5. Be sure to take over the controls when starting the Brushcutter and before starting it make sure Sobat Honda are in a safe place and Sobat Honda are on the right track of work.
  6. Use suitable protective equipment such as goggles, gloves and shoes equipped with strong soles.
  7. Never leave the mower unattended while it is running.
  8. Leave the machine when Sobat Honda want to pick up goods or objects left on the work line.
  9. Use the proper height setting when using the mower. Do not try to use the mower on grass that is too tall or heavy.
  10. Do not use the mower in bad weather conditions such as rain or wet and slippery ground.
  11. When stopping the mower, always make sure to turn off the engine first. Then wait a few moments for the engine to completely shut down before releasing control.
  12. Always perform routine maintenance on the Brushcutter, such as cleaning the engine, checking the condition of all engine parts, and changing the oil and oil filter.

Through the steps on how to use a Brushcutter in this article, Sobat Honda can easily maintain the beauty of Sobat Honda garden or yard with the right procedures. Proper use will help Sobat Honda to complete the grass cutting process faster with neater results.

Make sure to always use a good quality Brushcutter from Honda Power. In addition, don't forget to always read the manual book and carry out routine maintenance so that Sobat Honda Brushcutter can work properly and safely.

Don't hesitate to contact Honda Power if Sobat Honda have any questions or problems with Sobat Honda Brushcutter. Find the best and trusted Brushcutter according to Sobat Honda needs only at Honda Power Products.

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