How to Identify a Genuine Honda Water Pump?

29 November 2023

Trash Pump WT20XK4

Honda Power is a brand that releases a variety of products for agricultural and industrial Engine, one of them is a water pump. Because of its popularity, some people try to make counterfeit products for getting profit and harm consumers. For that, you need to know the features of the Genuine Honda water pump which will be described in more detail in this discussion.

The function of the water pump itself is to drain water from the ground throughout the agricultural area or transfer water from sources such as rivers to reservoirs or agricultural land its processed by sucking water from a low surface to a high surface. Honda's release water pumps vary depending on thrust, suction power, function, and also how it works.

For Honda water pump, it is a type of water pump powered by a 4-stroke gasoline engine and is usually used for plantation or agricultural activities. Considering that many counterfeit products on the market, you need to know how to identify a genuine Honda water pump and  the characteristics which will be explained below.

How To Identify the Genuine Honda Water Pump

Actually, getting Honda water Pump is not difficult, realizing that Honda product is very well known and widely used by farmers, not surprisingly some people try to duplicate it. If so, let's take a look at the following feature of the genuine Honda water pump.

1. There is a Embossed Honda Logo and Stick with Block Engine

The genuine Honda water pump is there is the Honda logo embossed and stick with the engine, precisely located on the engine block or under the tank. The logo should pop up when you hold it which indicates that the Honda water pump is genuine.

2. There is a Trustgram Sticker

To protect loyal Honda customers from counterfeit products, Honda has attached a trustgram sticker located above the On/Off button. Use the Handy Viewer card to make sure the stickers are genuine. Usually, the original sticker is very difficult to remove.

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3. All Honda Products are Accompanied by a Warranty

When you buy a water pump from Honda, you will automatically get an official warranty card from PT Honda Power Products Indonesia which is valid for 1 year. If you buy a Honda water pump and don't get an official warranty, it means the product is fake.

4. There is Serial Number Engine that is Registered with PT Honda Power Products Indonesia

Another feature that indicates whether the water pump is from Honda or not can be seen from the engine number which is a series of dotted lines that form the numbers. The machine number holder is next to the On/Off button. The serial number of engine must be officially registered with PT Honda Power Products Indonesia.

5. Equipped with Exclusive Technology

The characteristics of the genuine Honda water pump are equipped with exclusive technology, reliable features and details that are different from other water pump machines. Designed with a sturdy metal impeller housing and powered by a commercial-grade Honda 4-stroke engine.

Honda Water Pump Recommendations

Well, now that you know the characteristics of the genuine Honda water pump, now it will be easier when you want to buy it. Following are some recommendations for water pump engines from Honda that you can adjust to your needs.

1. WB20XN NF

Pompa Air WB20XN NF

The WB20XN NF Water Pump can be said to be one of the most impressive pumps among Honda pumps. This is because the volume of water produced has been designed according to your wishes, regardless of the form of its use.

Equipped with Honda's GX 160 4-stroke engine, this water pump engine is easy to start, easy to use, fuel efficient, low emissions, and lasts longer. This pump is of high quality with a maximum irrigation capacity of 670L/min and a maximum fuel tank of 3.1 liters. For a total head of 32 meters and uses gasoline.

2. WL20XN NF

Pompa Air WB30XN NF

The WL20XNF type water pump comes with a better design and high performance. It is suitable for various applications such as drainage for various construction sites and irrigation of rice fields.

The 4-stroke Honda GP160 engine that drives the WL20XN NF is an engine for light load applications and is also easy to start. In addition, this one water pump machine is easy to use, low in emissions, and fuel efficient. The maximum irrigation capacity of this water pump is 670 L/min.

3. Trash Pump WT20XK4

Pompa Air WL20XN NF

The Honda Trash Pump WT20XK4 is ideal for special purpose with high volume applications for sandy or dirty water. The pump is powered by a commercial-grade Honda GX series engine that is easy to start and provides reliable power for the toughest conditions of use.

Some of the pump engine specifications have a capacity of 190 gal./min, casting volute and iron impeller, and the out port is easy to clean. You can use this pump for various industries such as agriculture, wastewater treatment, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture.

That's a recommendation for a water pump from Honda with its features that you need to pay close attention to. There is one more feature of an original Honda water pump, a 1 year warranty and an SNI certificate. Make sure you get this warranty card when you want to buy it.

Also make sure the Honda logo that appears embossed and blends with the engine. You can check it on the engine block or under the tank.

Get the various Honda water pump recommendations above by visiting the official Honda Power Product website right now. You can also contact us directly to get more information about this water pump machine.

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