Get to Know Ketinting, Transportation Equipment for Fishermen

20 November 2023

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Ketinting is an engine that should be on every fisherman's boat. As we all know, ships play an essential role in the survival of fishermen. They catch fish and bring them to the shore to sell as a source of income. Besides, sea conditions, such as high waves and bad weather, are often unpredictable. 

Therefore, there is a need for equipment that helps maintain the stability and safety of the boat, such as the ketinting engine. First, however, Honda friends should understand ketinting and how it works before using it. Read on for a complete review of this article.

What is Ketinting? 

Ketinting is a boat that uses an outboard motor with a long shaft mounted on its side, which can be submerged or lifted to the water's surface. Ketinting engines are usually installed on small boats and are often used by river or sea fishermen. 

Ketinting is one of the traditional boats widely used by fishermen in Indonesia, especially in the lake or sea. This boat is usually used for fishing or daily transportation around water areas. 

Generally, ketinting has a distinctive design with a flat and pointed boat body at both ends. The size of this boat varies, but generally, it has a length of about 6-8 meters and a width of about 1-2 meters. 

In the middle of the boat, there are seats for passengers or fishermen. In addition, the ketinting ship equips with a mast and sail used to steer the boat when sailing. 

In addition to being used as a daily means of transportation to move around or catch fish, ketinting is also often used as a place to rest or a temporary residence for fishermen. When used as a means of transportation, the ketinting boat can carry passengers and goods from one place to another around the water areas. The ship is equipped with capture tools such as nets or fishing rods when fishing.

How Ketinting Works?

Honda friends who work with boats must have experienced boats that sway due to waves in the sea. Therefore, to maintain safety, you need a ketinting with the best engine from Honda Power to remain stable. The following is how ketinting works that you need to know:

1. Engine Control 

To control the engine, Honda users must insert the key into the socket on the machine. Then, it would help if you pressed the gas lever on the boat's steering wheel to supply fuel to the engine. After that, the fisherman must pull the starter lever on the machine to start the engine.

As additional information, ketinting engines generally use gasoline fuel. Although this is not without reason, it is chosen so that the machine can work optimally. The motors are generally outboard with varying power, ranging from 5 HP to 40 HP.

2. Steering the Boat 

After the engine is turned, the fisherman must steer the boat in the desired direction. To drive the boat, Honda friends can turn the steering wheel on the boat's control to the right or left according to the intended path. In addition, it will move the steering wheel connected to the bottom of the ship.

3. Increasing or Decreasing Speed 

To steer the boat, fishermen can also increase or decrease the boat's speed by pressing or releasing the gas lever on the steering wheel. When you prompt the gas lever, the engine will supply fuel to the engine cylinder so the boat can move forward at an increasing speed. 

Conversely, when you release the gas lever, the engine will stop supplying fuel to the engine cylinder, causing the boat to move backward at a decreasing speed.

4. Maintaining Boat Balance 

Next, you must maintain the boat's balance, so it does not tip over or sway by the waves. To keep the boat's balance, fishermen must evenly distribute a load of passengers and goods. In addition, fishermen can also use the guide rod on the boat to steer the ship in the right direction.

5. Adjusting the Height or Low of the Engine 

When the boat is sailing in shallow waters, fishermen must adjust the height or low of the engine to avoid hitting the bottom of the water, which can damage the engine and cause the boat to stop suddenly. To adjust the height or low of the machine, fishermen can pull or push the lever on the engine to raise or lower the engine propeller.

On the other hand, when the boat passes through deep water, you can raise the engine propeller so that the engine does not hit the bottom of the water. 

However, when the boat passes through shallow water, ensure you have lowered the engine propeller so the engine does not lift too high and can still move the ship.

Honda Power offers versatile engines that can use as riverboat engines. The GP160H1 SD1 engine is a suitable and appropriate choice for those looking for a riverboat engine for all your needs.

The Honda Powerboat engine is specially designed for fishermen. They use the latest technology to ensure the boat engine works efficiently and provides the best results. 

So, what are you waiting for? Find the best and most reliable versatile engine as a riverboat engine according to your needs only at Honda Power Product.

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