Learn the Following Parts of the Sprayer for Agricultural Purposes!

07 November 2023

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Agriculture is one of the crucial industries for human survival. Therefore, every farmer must have quality tools to help facilitate their work. One tool that is very useful is an agricultural sprayer. So what are the parts of the sprayer that can be used for agricultural purposes?

However, to use the sprayer correctly and efficiently, you must understand how it works and what parts make up an agricultural sprayer. Please read this article to learn more about the parts of the agricultural sprayer so that you can use it properly.

Parts of the Sprayer for Agricultural Purposes

An agricultural sprayer is a tool used to spray chemicals or water onto plants with the aim of protecting the plants to grow well. In using an agricultural sprayer, you must know the parts that exist in it to use it correctly. The following are the parts of the agricultural sprayer:

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1. Large Drum

large drum

The large drum on the agricultural sprayer is a large cylindrical container made of plastic or metal used to store liquids such as water, pesticides, or herbicides that will be used for spraying on plants. This large drum usually has a capacity that varies from 50 to 5000 liters depending on the size of the agricultural sprayer itself and the user's needs.

2. Pump


The pump is a part of the agricultural sprayer that functions to flow chemicals or water to the sprayer nozzle. This pump works by pumping liquid from the large drum towards the nozzle or spray hose end on the sprayer. This pump usually uses an electric or gasoline-powered engine to produce the required power in the liquid pumping process.

3. Nozzle


The nozzle is a part of the agricultural sprayer that functions as the sprayer end that emits chemicals or water. There are several types of nozzles, such as fan nozzle, conical nozzle, and regular nozzle.

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4. Handle


The handle is a part of the agricultural sprayer that functions as a handle to hold the sprayer and make it easier when spraying.

5. Filter


The filter is a part of the agricultural sprayer that filters chemicals or water so that it does not get obstructed when sprayed and ensures maximum spraying results.

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6. Hose


The hose is a part of the agricultural sprayer that functions as a path for chemicals or water from the tube to the nozzle.

7. Valve


The valve is a part of the agricultural sprayer that functions to open or close the flow of chemicals or water from the tube to the nozzle. This part makes it easier to control the amount of chemicals or water sprayed and ensures efficient use.

8. General-Purpose Engine

general-purpose engine

A general-purpose engine in agricultural sprayers is a unit used to speed up the process of spraying chemicals or water on plants. This general-purpose engine has several features that can help improve the efficiency and effectiveness of spraying. 

The general-purpose engine is designed ergonomically to ensure comfort and ease of use. This general-purpose engine also helps reduce physical strain and ensure comfort and ease of use.

As a farmer, you certainly want to ensure that your efforts are successful and achieve maximum results. One way to achieve this goal is by choosing a high-quality general-purpose engine.

Quality general-purpose engines are usually designed with good monitoring systems to ensure that all parts of the plants are sprayed. This will ensure that the plants are well protected and the harvest yield of your field can be maximized.

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In addition, high-quality general-purpose engines are generally equipped with fuel-saving systems that ensure efficient use, making the machine's cost more affordable and profitable. So, where can you get an excellent general-purpose engine to complete your sprayer? Honda Power Product is the most appropriate answer!

Honda Power provides general-purpose engines that you can use to maximize the use of your sprayer. Honda Power's general-purpose engines have reliable quality and reliability, as well as innovative and ergonomic monitoring and control systems.

Efficient design ensures fuel savings and helps you save costs. Their customer support team and after-sales service are ready to assist you with any issues.

Choose a general-purpose engine from Honda Power for a successful agricultural business and maximum results. Find the best and most reliable general-purpose engine according to your needs only at Honda Power Product.

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