Price list for 2023 Honda Carrying Brushcutters

30 December 2023

price list of carrying grass mowers

You want to clean up weeds on plantation land or in the yard of the house? Honda has several portable Brushcutters that you can adjust to your needs. Also, find out the price list for the carrying Brushcutter so you can estimate the budget that will be spent.

Honda Brushcutters offer outstanding performance and are reliable. The features and technology applied can make mowing grass easier and faster to complete.

For example, the dual-blade feature offers the best cutting results. The weeds you cut into smaller pieces make your yard and farmland tidier.

The Honda carrying Brushcutter proves to be very smooth when you use it. The vibration is also low, and the noise level is medium. So that you can choose a Honda Brushcutter according to your needs, let's look at the price list and the advantages of the Brushcutter below.

Price List of Carrying Brushcutter

Honda's portable Brushcutter can help you quickly cut weeds or weeds that grow on your farm. You can also use it to tidy up garden grass that has started to grow out of control. You can see the price of the Brushcutter offered by Honda below.

1. Brushcutter Lawn Mower - UMR435N


Brushcutter type lawn mower - UMR345N is equipped with a mini 4-stroke OHC engine capable of full 360-degree tilt operation. It is also equipped with 2 cutter blades that can produce neater cutting results.

Not only that, this Brushcutter has a frame pipe that reduces vibration and offers high durability and maximum torsional strength. The technology applied is also exclusive, such as the throttle fix, which can make it easier to control the speed according to your wishes.

There is also a gear assy with an anti-drop system that minimizes the risk of the blade coming off when you operate it. The pipe assy section on the Brushcutter is also designed according to Indonesians' needs and comfort levels.

For its own fuel capacity of 0.65 liters, while fuel consumption is only 0.8 liters per hour. You could say this type of Brushcutter is fuel efficient. Moreover, the vibration and noise level is also low, so it doesn't disturb the surrounding environment when you use it to trim the grass in your yard.

The price range for this type of carrying Brushcutter starts from IDR 4,400,000 to IDR 5,100,000.

2. Brushcutter Lawn Mower - UMK450T


Honda Brushcutter - UMK450T offers a neater and more professional alternative to cutting grass in the yard of the house and farmland. Equipped with high-efficiency Honda technology and a mini 4-stroke engine, this Brushcutter is capable of providing power and low vibration.

So you don't have to worry about disturbing your surroundings when you use it, because the noise level is moderate. The results of cutting the grass are also more perfect with a pleasant experience operating a Brushcutter.

Depending on the specifications, the price range for a Honda UMK450T type Brushcutter is IDR 4,800,000 to IDR 6,100,000. To get information about more complete specifications, you can visit Honda Power Products right now.

Why Should You Choose a Honda Brushcutter?

After you find out the price list for a Honda carrying Brushcutter, maybe you still need reasons why you should choose a Honda manufacturer. Of course, you will get many benefits, including the following.

1. Compact and Easy-to-Use Honda Machine

Honda engines are recognized by the professional landscaping and engine rental industries as Brushcutters you can trust. The sound generated is also smooth and fuel efficient. In addition, the Honda carrying Brushcutter is more compact and easy to use.

2. Durable and Long Lasting

Honda engines are designed in great detail with high-quality materials and sophisticated designs. So, it's only natural that Honda Brushcutters are durable and long-lasting. Every Honda lawn mower is also guaranteed to be low-emission because Honda is committed to environmental sustainability.

3. Strong Power

Whichever type of Honda Brushcutter you choose, its power is powerful and gets your job done quickly. You also save more time when trimming the grass in your yard. The designed features can also help you get maximum work results.

4. Has the Best Dealer Network

Honda Brushcutters are supported by a comprehensive warranty and the best dealer network in Indonesia. Nearly 300 authorized Honda dealers are spread across various regions. You will find it very easy and get the best service in its class.

We recommend using a Honda Brushcutter if you want a neat and perfect cut. The features implemented also make you save more time. The technology is also designed to make it easier for you to mow the grass quickly.

You have received information about the price list for the latest 2023 Honda Brushcutter. Now you can choose it according to your needs. Find the best and most trusted push mower according to your needs only at Honda Power Products!

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