Solution for Lawn Mower that Won't Start

29 December 2023

mesin potong rumput kalau di gas matiLawnmowers are essential tools that help maintain lawns or other green areas. However, even though they are helpful, lawnmowers can experience problems. One of the most common problems is when the engine won't start and cannot use. 

The problem can occur due to various factors, especially fuel-related issues. This article will discuss the leading causes of a lawn mower engine problems and the solutions Sobat Honda can try. Ensure to read this information until the end.

Causes and Solutions for Lawn Mower Problems

To prevent the engine's suboptimal condition from interfering with Sobat Honda work, Sobat Honda need to be aware of and know some things that cause the lawn mower not to start. The following is information on the causes and solutions that Sobat Honda can try:

1. Carburetor Problems

The carburetor is an essential component in the fuel system of a lawn mower machine. Damage to the carburetor can cause the engine to fail to take in gasoline properly. It can occur due to fuel line damage or dirt accumulating on the carburetor.

There are several solutions that Sobat Honda can apply to overcome this problem. First, if the carburetor on Sobat Honda lawn mower is dirty, immediately clean it using a special carburetor lubricant or other cleaning fluid. Second, if the carburetor is already damaged and cannot repair, the final solution is to replace it with a new one.

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2. Use of Old Fuel

Some people usually fill their lawn mower fuel tank to the brim, even though they only need to trim a small lawn. As a result, the fuel is left in the tank for some time.

The assumption is that this will make it easier for users to cut the grass again without refilling the tank. But this habit is only sometimes correct.

Old gasoline in the lawn mower tank can cause damage to the fuel system. In addition, gasoline will also settle and clog the fuel line, causing the engine to fail to deliver gasoline properly. The solution is always using fuel as needed and filling it up correctly, so gasoline does not settle. It's recommended to refill the energy when Sobat Honda use the engine.

3. Dirty Air Filter

Another cause of a lawn mower engine that won't start is a dirty air filter. This condition occurs when a lot of dirt accumulates and prevents the engine from getting enough air and fuel during combustion. So, ensure Sobat Honda always keep Sobat Honda air filter clean. If necessary, replace the filter regularly if it is already dirty.

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4. Damaged Fuel Line

Damage to the fuel line can harm the lawn mower, ultimately causing the engine to fail to take in gasoline and adequately causing the engine not to start. It can happen due to damage to the system that causes fuel leakage, which can cause the fuel line to clog. 

As a result, the engine dies when used. The solution to this problem is to check and repair the fuel line, ensuring no leaks or dirt clogs the pipe.

5. Low Compression

Low compression in the lawn mower can be a severe problem that affects the engine's overall performance. Low compression occurs when the pressure in the engine cylinder is not high enough to ignite the mixture of air and fuel that is sucked in. Worn piston rings or a damaged cylinder can cause this. The solution to this problem is to replace the damaged parts with new ones or take the lawn mower to a mechanic for repair.

Several factors can cause low compression in the lawn mower, including worn or damaged pistons, worn or damaged valves, worn piston seals, and rust or dirt in the cylinder. Low compression can result in difficulty starting the engine, sudden engine shutdowns, sluggish or underpowered engine performance, and increased fuel consumption. 

To handle the problem, it is recommended to perform regular inspections and maintenance on the engine, including replacing worn or damaged engine components, cleaning dirt or rust inside the machine, and properly adjusting the timing. If the engine compression remains low after maintenance, bringing the engine to a trusted workshop or technician for further inspection is advisable.

Problems with lawn mower engines can disrupt Sobat Honda work and prolong the time required to complete it. Therefore, it is best to immediately identify the problem and try the above solutions when facing this condition.

However, it is best to have an expert technician perform engine disassembly for any damage requiring it. Self-disassembly without experience and expertise can pose a risk of harm to other engine components.

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