9 Traditional Sea Transportation from Past to Present

21 November 2023

There are many traditional sea transportation methods still used by the community nowadays. Although they are considered old-fashioned, people still use these sea transportation. Unlike cars or motorcycles that constantly undergo design changes, most sea transportation still maintain the same shape. 

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Returning to the discussion of traditional sea transportation, let's see what sea transportation still exists from ancient times until today.

What is Traditional Sea Transportation?

Traditional sea transportation is a vehicle used to move on the surface of the water that has been used since ancient times by ancestors. Usually, traditional sea transportation has uniqueness in its design, technology, and use that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Coastal communities around the world use traditional sea transportation for fishing, trading, and passenger transportation purposes. The uniqueness of conventional sea transportation lies in its design, which is very different from modern sea transportation.

Usually, traditional sea transportations are made from natural materials such as wood, bamboo, and rattan. They also have a unique shape that depends on the needs and natural conditions around them.

These traditional sea transportation are known as such for a reason because generally, the energy source used is still manual, meaning with human or wind power. The use of traditional sea transportation has been a part of the coastal community's life for thousands of years.

In addition to being a means of transportation, these sea transportation tools also have significant cultural and historical value. Therefore, the community generally preserves and promotes traditional sea transportation tools as a cultural heritage that must be maintained.

Indonesia's Traditional Sea Transportation from Time to Time

Traditional sea transportation in Indonesia has a long history and has become an integral part of coastal communities' lives. Here are some types of traditional sea transportation in Indonesia from time to time, along with their explanations.

1. Prahu

Prahu is the most famous type of traditional sea transportation in Indonesia. Prahu is usually made of intricately carved wood and has a distinctive shape. Indonesian coastal communities have used Prahu since prehistoric times.

Prahu is used for warfare, trading, and exploring the Nusantara archipelago. In Indonesia, there are various types of prahu, such as prahu pinisi, prahu lancaran, prahu layar, and prahu dayung.

2. Kelotok

Kelotok is a traditional sea transportation used in Kalimantan. Kelotok is usually used as a means of passenger and cargo transportation in the rivers of Kalimantan.

Kelotok is made of wood and has a simple shape. Kelotok is powered by human energy and often used to explore the interior regions of Kalimantan.

3. Jukung

Jukung is a type of traditional sea transportation used in Papua. Jukung is made of wood and has a unique shape. Jukung is usually powered by human energy and used for warfare, fishing, and exploring the coastal areas of Papua.

However, you can still find this type of sea transportation in some areas of Indonesia, such as Bali. Sometimes jukung still uses paddles, but nowadays, many fishermen are adding outboard engines to increase speed.

4. Kora-kora

Next is kora-kora, a traditional sea transportation used by tribes in Maluku and Papua. Kora-kora has a slender and sturdy shape and is often used for warfare. This sea transportation is powered by human energy for various activities. From moving places and crossing to exploring the interior of Maluku.

5. Lancang Kuning

Lancang Kuning is usually used for passenger and cargo transportation on rivers in Sumatra and West Java. It is made of wood and has a simple design. You can easily recognize it by the high-colored fabric hanging to catch the wind.

As its name suggests, the boat, up to its high-color fabric, is yellow with a simple yet sturdy design. Lancang Kuning is powered by human and wind energy.

6. Dragon Boats

Dragon Boat is a traditional sea transportation used by the Dayak tribe in Kalimantan. But you can find it in West Java areas such as Banten.

Although it was once used as transportation for war, nowadays, dragon boats are widely used for daily activities and rowing competitions. The dragon boat has a unique shape because its body is slim, but it has a dragon head on one end and a dragon tail on the other.

7. Lambung

Lambung is a type of traditional sea transportation used by the Bugis tribe in South Sulawesi. Lambung is usually used as a means of passenger and cargo transportation. Lambung has a distinctive shape with curved ends upward and downward. Lambung is powered by human or wind energy and can move reasonably fast.

8. Lepa-Lepa

Lepa-lepa, which is also used by the Bugis tribe in South Sulawesi, is a traditional sea transportation that can be used for passengers and cargo. Lepa-lepa is made of wood and can move at high speeds.

9. Patorani

Patorani is a traditional sea transportation consisting of two boats connected by bamboo and wood. This transportation is often used by communities on the south coast of Java Island for inter-island transportation and fishing.

Patorani is still used today as an economical and environmentally friendly transportation. However, you need to have sailing experience because patorani only moves with human and wind power.

Learning about traditional sea transportation in Indonesia which has existed for thousands of years until today, certainly makes us realize the richness of the archipelago. It is no wonder that there are many theories that reveal that the ancestors of the Indonesian nation were sailors.

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