4 Types of Compressors, What's the Difference?

20 November 2023

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The compressor is a mechanical device used to increase the air pressure of the fluid intensity. In its application, the types of compressors are divided based on their use in everyday life.

Each type of compressor has differences in how it works, its features and applications. Some are more suitable for industrial applications, while others are more suitable for household applications. Therefore it is very important to understand the differences between each type of compressor before buying the right one for Sobat Honda needs.

In this article, Sobat Honda will get an explanation of the types of compressors and their uses at a glance. Then the information will end with how to choose the suitable compressor for Sobat Honda needs. So are Sobat Honda ready? Let's start the discussion!

Compressor Types

Compressor Types

Sobat Honda have encountered many types of compressors that exist today. If Sobat Honda need help remembering it, try to see the following explanation of each type of compressor.

1. Air Compressor Screw

Air Compressor Screw is a type of compressor that uses the principle of spiral bearing compression to reduce the volume of air or gas and increase its pressure. This compressor has a rotating shaft and a spiral bearing which moves in the opposite direction to the shaft.

Screw Air Compressors can be used in various applications, including industry, agriculture, and construction. When the shaft rotates, the spiral bearing stops the air or gas in the compressor. Eventually, the volume will decrease but manage to increase the pressure.

The advantage of this compressor is its ability to inhibit air or gas on an ongoing basis and has a good efficiency in energy. In addition, the screw air compressor also uses gasoline, so its use is very efficient and cost-effective. Air Compressor Screw also has stable performance, so the pressure generated will remain consistent.

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2. Portable Centrifugal Compressors

This type of compressor is often used in industrial applications that require more high-pressure air, such as the chemical and petrochemical industries. A portable centrifugal compressor uses a gasoline engine to drive an impeller, producing high-pressure air.

3. Portable Piston Compressors

A portable Piston Compressor is a type of air compressor that is relatively small and easy to carry around. This compressor is usually used for light purposes, such as filling bicycle or car tires, cleaning tools or machines, and various other purposes.

Portable piston compressors are usually operated using electric power or gasoline engine power. Its small size and portability make portable piston compressors the right choice for mechanics, contractors, and general users who need an air compressor.

Portable piston compressors have several advantages over other types of air compressors. In addition to their small size and portability, portable piston compressors can generate large enough air pressure.

Some models of portable piston compressors can even generate air pressure of up to 150 psi. In addition, the price of a portable piston compressor is also more affordable compared to other types of air compressors.

However, the disadvantage of portable piston compressors is the relatively small capacity of the air tank. Therefore this compressor is more suitable for light purposes and does not require air pressure that is too large.

How to Choose the Right Compressor Type

So that Sobat Honda can choose the suitable compressor, there are several ways Sobat Honda can do it. Checking quality and built-in are 2 examples of aspects that must be checked. Then a few other things Sobat Honda can immediately pay attention to below.

1. Know Sobat Honda Goals and Needs First

Knowing the intended use and needs is the first and most important step in choosing the right type of compressor. For example, assume Sobat Honda need a compressor to open a repair shop. That means Sobat Honda need a compressor to produce stable and consistent air pressure for filling tires.

2. Calculate the Required Volume

The next step is to determine the volume or size of the container needed to compress the air. This will help Sobat Honda determine the required charge and discharge capacity. Choose a compressor with a large filling and exhaust capacity if Sobat Honda need a large air volume.

3. Find out the air pressure

Also, ensure that the compressor Sobat Honda choose has the required air pressure. High air pressure is usually more suitable for construction and medical devices. Compressors with low air pressure are more suitable for household applications and other small applications.

4. Check the Type of Transmission Used

Each compressor has its transmission to help transfer energy to produce air pressure, whether direct or indirect transmission via belts and pulleys. If Sobat Honda want a more efficient then choose compression with direct transmission.

5. Check the Quality of the Material

Of course, Sobat Honda want to use the compressor Sobat Honda bought for a long time, right? That's why also check the quality of the material used. Metal materials such as aluminium, steel, and stainless steel are very tough materials in various conditions.

6. Make Comparisons

In order to get the best compressor, Sobat Honda can compare one machine to another. Compare all aspects of quality, benefits, materials, and also price.

Then choose the one that best suits Sobat Honda needs and available budget. In the end, don't choose randomly based on quality, but Sobat Honda don't have enough funds. Instead of profit, Sobat Honda suffer even more because of considerable debt.

7. Consider Aftersales

Also, consider the after-sales service available from the trademark Sobat Honda choose. Ask if various after-sales services are available should a problem occur that requires Sobat Honda to replace a component.

While talking about this, Sobat Honda can ask about the service and technical support available after purchase. Finally, don't forget to check whether the compressor has a guarantee that guarantees the quality of these machines.

8. Ask for Recommendations from Professionals

If Sobat Honda are confused, ask for a compressor professional or expert recommendation. They can help Sobat Honda choose the type of compressor that best suits Sobat Honda needs to get the most out of the machine.

After Sobat Honda know the types of compressors, choosing the engine according to Sobat Honda needs will be much easier. Ensure Sobat Honda have checked all the capacity, air pressure, quality, and price of the compressor Sobat Honda will buy so that it can be used optimally.

If Sobat Honda want to improve Sobat Honda compression performance, try Honda Power's quality multi-purpose engine. Using multi-purpose machines even helps save costs because efficient compressor performance will reduce the use of electrical energy.

This versatile machine from Honda Power has been installed with the best components and is guaranteed so Sobat Honda can use it for a long time. Immediately find the best versatile machine Sobat Honda need only at Honda Power Products!.

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