Get to Know the Various Types of Fishing Boats

30 December 2023

jenis jenis perahu nelayan

Indonesia, as a maritime country with thousands of islands, has abundant marine resources. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are various types of fishing boats used by coastal communities in Indonesia to fish and earn a living.

Every kind of fishing boat has a unique history and purpose. Sobat Honda must therefore be aware of the several sorts of fishing boats that are frequently used in Indonesia in order to utilize them properly. Honda Power will enlighten Sobat Honda about the various boat types and their classifications in this post.

Types of Fishing Boats in Indonesia

Jenis-Jenis Perahu Nelayan yang Ada di Indonesia

From Sabang to Merauke, each region has its own unique type of boat and is adapted to the needs and geographical conditions of the local waters. Let's get to know several types of fishing boats that are commonly found in Indonesia through the following review:

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1. Pinisi

The pinisi, is a type of fishing boat that originated in the South Sulawesi and has come to represent the nautical might of Bugis-Makassar, is one of the most well-known in Indonesia. This boat is already used for long voyages to fish in the vast ocean and has a distinctive form with three high masts.

The Pinisi is renowned for its speed, stability and ability to traverse choppy waters and bad weather. Part of the uniqueness of this boat is that its design is inspired by Arab boats, which were brought by Arab traders to the Sulawesi region in the 14th century. Pinisi are also often used as commercial fishing vessels.

2. Sekonthing Boat

Sekonthing boats are a type of fishing boat that is often used on the coast of Central Java. Having a slim shape and a length of around 7-8 meters, this boat is usually used for fishing in coastal waters. The name of  "Sekonthing" comes from Javanese which means interesting. In the order of fishing process, this type of  boat or sekonthing boat uses a net that is pulled behind it.

3. Trawler Boat

The trawl boats are a type of fishing boat that is really popular in West Kalimantan waters. Used to catch fish using the trawl method, this boat has a long and slender shape. The trawlers' boats  are equipped with outboard engines or machines in order to help the boat move through the water.

4. Purse Seine Boat

Purse seine boats are specifically designed to catch fish using a tool in the form of a ring-shaped net pulled by a fishing boat. These trawl boats are usually made large in size so they can transport large quantities of fish.

Purse seine boats are used by most of the fishermen to navigate fish-rich waters. The ring net is thrown into the water when the boat has already reached the target area and is mechanically brought back to the boat.

5. Gill Boat

Gill boats are often used in the waters of North Sumatra and are specifically designed for catching fish using gill fishing gear or traps. The special thing about gill boats is that they have small holes on the side of the boat which function as air ventilation. Gill boats are used to find fish in shallow waters and near the coast, and are often used to catch fish with nets or fishing rods.

6. Lift Net Boat

A lift net boat is a type of a fishing boat that has become commonly used in order to catch fish using a lift net placed on the bottom of the water. Once the net is laid or inveterate, the boat will definitely pulls the net onto the boat. Tools such as air compressors help with the net removal process. 

This is done in order to ensure that the fish caught remains are still fresh. Lift the net boats are often used in order to catch fish such as tuna, sharks and other types of fish that live in deep waters.

7. Jukung Boat

Jukung boats are the type of traditional fishing boat that are often found in archipelagic regions in Indonesia, such as Bali and Nusa Tenggara. This boat is often made of wood with a simple shape and is powered by oars. Jukung boats are generally used for fishing in coastal waters and have a limited capacity.

8. Fishing Rod Boat

The rod fishing boats are usually equipped with various kinds of fishing equipment such as the rods, reels and any other navigation tools. The fishing rod boats vary in many sizes, from small ones with a capacity of a few people to large ones with a capacity of more than dozens of people.

9. Dredger Boat 

A dredger boat is a type of fishing boat used for fishing using the method of dredging the bottom of the waters. This boat is equipped with heavy equipment such as digging machines and large buckets which are used to pick up fish or other aquatic animals from the bottom of the water. The dredger boat itself is usually used in order to catch fish that live near the bottom of the water.

10. Canoe Boat 

A canoe boat is a type of fishing boat that is propelled using oars. These canoe boats are generally made of wood or fiberglass and these canoe boat have a narrow and long body shape of body. 

The boat of canoes are usually used by most of the  fishermen in river or lake waters, but can also be used in coastal waters where the water is calm but does not reach the middle part of the sea.

11. Ferry Boat

A mining boat is a type of fishing boat specifically designed in order to transport fish catches or goods from island to island. Mining boats generally have a large capacity and are equipped with a roof to protect all the cargo from the hot sunlight or a rain.

12. Ketinting Boat

One type of a boat that is widely used by many fishermen is the ketinting boat. The ketinting boat is a type of boat used for fishing in waters and is widely used because it is the right size and easier to operate when fishing. The ketinting boats have a really unique shape with a front end that curves upwards and are generally driven using an outboard engine or machine. 

13. Bagansiang Boat 

Bagansiang boats are a type of a fishing boat that are used for fishing using fishing gear. The day chart method is a method of a fishing that involves the use of the nets and the lighting of the devices at night.

This boat or bagansiang boat is  equipped with a strong structure in order to support the net and lighting devices. The fishermen use these bagansiang boats to set nets around the lake waters and then turn on lights to attract fish. The light that shines into the night waters hypnotizes the fish and collects them around the net.

14. Sail Boat

A sailboat is a type of fishing boat that uses wind power as the main propulsion. This kind of boat or a sail boat has already been used since ancient times and has a distinctive design with a large sail.

Sailboats heavily rely on the fishermen's ability in order to maneuver the sail to change the direction and speed of the boat. Typically, fishermen make effective use of the wind to scout the seas and find places with lots of fish.

The advantage of the sailboats is the speed and the efficiency obtained by the using of a wind power, so, all the fishermen can also reach their destination faster and with more energy savings.

15. Boat With Outboard Motor

A type or a kind of this fishing boat is also known as an outboard motorboat that uses an outboard engine in order to propel itself. This kind or type of this boat is widely utilized for many types of fishing throughout Indonesia. There are many different sizes of outboard in motor boats, starting from the little ones for fishing in inland areas to the enormous ones for fishing at sea.

Categories of Ships in Indonesia

Kategori Kapal yang Ada di Indonesia

Apart from the various types or kinds of the fishing boats, there are also categories of ships used in Indonesian waters. These ships have different functions according to the needs and activities carried out. The following are several categories of ships commonly found in Indonesia:

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1. Fish Catcher

Vessels in the fishing category are usually designed specifically for finding and harvesting fish. These ships are usually equipped with fishing equipment such as nets, seines or other fishing gear. In addition, there is a large enough storage space to store fish catches and is usually equipped with fish processing facilities on board.

2. Fish Transporter 

The category of a fish transport vessel includes a vessel that used to carry a fish from the waters where they are caught to land. These ships have a good cooling system in order to maintain the quality of the fish during transportation. Some of the fish transport ships are equipped with special tanks that can maintain the humidity and temperature of the fish to keep it fresh.

3. Fish Research 

Fish research vessels may be a little foreign to Sobat Honda. However, in reality this ship is widely used, especially for fisheries research and survey activities.

For the purpose of gathering information on fish populations, water quality, and other environmental issues, fish research vessels are outfitted with scientific and laboratory tools. In addition, advanced navigation and communication tools are available to support research efforts.

4. Commercial

The commercial vessel category includes the vessels that are used for large-scale fishing activities. These kinds of ships usually have a high capacity and a cruising range in wider waters and are equipped with any other modern equipment such as radar, sonar and other navigation aids to assist in fishing. Examples of commercial ships are ferry cargo ships, ferries, and many more.

5. Recreation

So, this is a category of a boat that Sobat Honda may actually encounter quite often or even use several times, namely recreational boats. As the name suggests, this kind of ship is used for sea tourism activities or even used to go to tourist locations in the middle of the sea or across the coast.

This type or kind of ship is usually equipped with fishing equipment, rest rooms and any other comfort facilities for all the passengers. Recreational boats are often used in order to visit popular or known to many people fishing spots or for sea trips around the Indonesian archipelago.

There is no denying that different types of fishing boats play an indispensable part in the daily lives of coastal communities as we explore the diversity of Indonesian waterways. Each boat is different in terms of its design, purpose, and distinctiveness, reflecting local knowledge, adaptation to environmental factors, and needs of regional fishermen.

Starting from traditional boats to modern boats, all of them are the main milestones in the effort to earn a living, maintain the sustainability of the marine ecosystem, and bring Indonesia's maritime cultural heritage into ever-changing times.

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