What Is Short Circuit? Causes and How to Overcome It

24 October 2023

what is electric short circuit

Talking about electricity, it certainly cannot be separated from the risks that must be watched carefully. When the electric current flowing is too large than it should be, there is the potential for a short circuit. you must know what an electric short circuit is, right? In simple terms, a short circuit can be interpreted as an electric current that flows abnormally.

There are many things that cause an electric current to flow abnormally or unstable. It is very possible that the problem is the socket, the electronic device that receives electricity, or other external factors. you need to understand why a short circuit occurs so that a dangerous incident like this does not happen.

In the following, you will be invited to understand more about the electric short circuit itself as well as the causes and ways to overcome them. understanding of short circuits will be a "safety" when there are unexpected events in the future.

What Is an Electrical Short Circuit?

Short circuit is an electric current that flows too much from the capacity that can be borne by a cable or electrical device. Short circuit is also better known as a short circuit which can occur at any time when there is an electrical problem.

A short circuit can occur if the electric current has deviated from the cable line that has been installed by the technician. If you see a short circuit in an electronic device, it is very clear that there is a problem and must be repaired immediately.

Electronic devices that have been shorted once may still be used for temporary. However, this is not recommended because it is not impossible that the short circuit will recur repeatedly with higher intensity.

Causes of Electrical Short Circuit

Electric current flowing in improper cable lines is indeed very dangerous for the future. There are at least 7 reasons why this can happen. Take a look at the explanation of each below.

1. Outdated Installation Cables

Electric cables are a crucial component so that electric current can flow properly without hurting human skin when touched. Its very important existence definitely has to be made of the best quality.

When you see that the installation cable installed at home is getting old and brittle, then the cable should be replaced. You must not allow a damaged power cord to continue to be used to withstand the voltage.

If it continues to be used, sooner or later a short circuit will occur and it can electrocute anyone who touches it.

2. The Cable Used is Not Suitable

Each power cable is sold in various sizes and capacities to withstand different voltages. So you should take into account the capacity of the electric current that flows every time you want to buy a cable.

You need to make sure that the cable is not too big or even too small for home use. Incompatibility with the use of an electric cable with a flowing electric voltage will cause a short circuit and end up burning.

3. The Use of Electrical Equipment Does Not Meet Standards

The use of electric cables also cannot be arbitrary. You must consciously pay attention to whether the use of cables and other electrical devices at home meets safe standards from the government or not.

The reason is the use of bad electrical devices will not be able to drain the electric voltage. This is clearly dangerous and can result in continual short circuits.

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4. Connecting Many Electrical Terminals

The use of electric terminals is no longer a new thing among the public. Its use is also harmless.

But the problem is if you connect many terminals at once. The location of the socket with your workplace which is quite far can be the main reason why the terminal keeps connecting.

Actions like this are not recommended to be carried out because it can cause a short circuit risk. If you have seen a small spark when you want to plug it in, it is better to refrain from connecting to the electrical terminal.

5. Stop Contact Is Loose

A loose socket outlet will also be very dangerous to use. You better fix it first so that no wires are pulled or broken. Don't try to fix it yourself if you don't understand how to do it. Call technicians who are experts and experienced for the safety of your life.

6. Exposed to Continuous High Temperature

Electrical devices that are exposed to high temperatures for quite a long time are also very at risk of causing a short circuit. High voltage electricity encounters a heat source such as fire definitely will be a trigger of short circuit.

7. Wet Socket

Any tools related to electricity must not be exposed to wet or in a damp environment. Try to pay close attention to each socket to see if it is free from roof leaks when it rains. If someone is exposed to rainwater leaks, you should cover the socket to keep it dry.

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How to Overcome When an Electrical Short Occurs

Even though you can't predict when a short circuit will occur, you can take various precautions. Some ways to prevent and overcome them are as follows:

  • Replace all electrical devices according to SNI standards;
  • Replace a damaged electrical device by contacting a qualified technician;
  • Immediately unplug all electronics if you find a spark;
  • Disconnect the electric current;
  • Keep other electrical devices away from flammable items;
  • Replace the power cable according to its capacity;
  • Submit all electrical installations to experts so that nothing is loose or has problems anymore;
  • Unplug all electronic devices that are not in use to avoid short circuits and other secondary disturbances;
  • Unplug all electrical terminals that are overconnected and not used;
  • Immediately call the fire department to number 113 to prevent the potential for an enlarged fire.

Cases of electric short circuits must always be watched out for at all times. The explanation of the information about what is an electric short circuit that has just been explained should make you more aware, so that no more dangerous incidents occur.

Early prevention by using quality electrical tools can be one of the effective ways you can do it. Then also choose electrical equipment that is safe and has been tested by SNI and other related institutions.

This includes choosing the best generator that has been proven to provide a stable electric current supply such as a generator from Honda Power. Short circuits due to fluctuating electric voltages can be minimized because the Honda Power generator is proven to be safe.

Immediately find the best and most trusted generator according to your needs only at Honda Power Products! Don't tolerate the quality of electrical equipment anymore because the safety of you, your family and the people around you is far more important than anything money can buy.

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