What Are Modern Fishermen Used to Catch Fish?

24 October 2023

apa yang digunakan oleh nelayan modern untuk menangkap ikan

Have you ever been curious about what modern fishermen use to catch fish? This is because current technological developments have affected all industries. So it is impossible if the fishermen are not affected by this.

So what do fishermen use the modern equipment? One of them is an outboard engine like that offered by Honda Power Products. Outboard engines are useful for increasing the speed of boats that previously could only move with human power or wind.

The fishermen can move faster so that the schools of fish do not disappear. Try to find other equipment below!

What Does the Modern Fisherman Mean?

Modern fishermen can be defined as fishermen who use the latest technology and modern equipment to catch fish. Instead of relying only on traditional fishing gear such as nets and fishing rods, they also use technology such as sonar, GPS and special software to help them catch fish efficiently.

Modern fishermen understand that using more sophisticated equipment and technology can increase fishing efficiency. At the same time, they can also better preserve the marine environment. Modern fishermen can avoid using fishing gear that damages the environment, such as fish bombs or dangerous chemicals.

In addition, modern fishermen also use technology in fisheries management, such as monitoring fish stocks and choosing the right time and location for fishing. They also use the internet and social media to promote their catch.

In the fishing industry, modern fishermen are also required to comply with the rules and regulations set by the government to ensure the sustainability of fish resources. This is done to ensure that fishing activities do not damage the environment and ensure that fish resources can be maintained for the future.

What Are Modern Fishermen Used To Catch Fish?

Apa yang Digunakan Oleh Nelayan Modern untuk menangkap Ikan

Previously it was explained that modern fishermen have begun to be aware of technological developments, so many use sophisticated equipment to catch fish efficiently. In line with technological developments, many tools make it easier for fishermen to find out the location of fish.

It doesn't stop there, fishermen are also greatly facilitated in catching fish which used to require a lot of energy. Without going into detail, try to find out all the equipment below.

1. Nets


Nets are one of the most common fishing gear used by modern fishermen. The intended nets are clearly different from those used by traditional fishermen. Modern netting materials are stronger to catch various fish in large quantities.

Several nets, such as trawl nets, gillnets, and seines, are widely used to catch fish. These nets are equipped with sonar and GPS technology to help fishermen identify fish whereabouts.

2. Fishing rod

Fishing rods are also a common fishing tool used by modern fishermen. But now, fishing rods are equipped with advanced technology, such as fishfinders, to help fishermen find fish faster.

Modern fishing rods are equipped with automatic features, so fishermen don't have to spend a lot of energy raising fish from the bottom of the sea to the top. Just wait for the bait to be bitten, and the fishing line will do its job.

3. Sonars

Sonar includes devices used to detect fish in water. Sonar uses sound waves to reflect them off objects in the water. Then later sonar will receive sound reflections back to determine the location of the fish.

Sonar is very helpful for fishermen in finding the location of fish, especially during winter when fish tend to move deeper into the sea.

4. GPS

GPS (Global Positioning System) is a technology used to determine the location of fish accurately. Modern fishermen use GPS to pinpoint exact areas for fishing. The existence of GPS helps fishermen to save time and effort in finding fish.

5. Underwater ROVs

Underwater ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) is sophisticated equipment that can be used to explore the seabed and search for fish at depths difficult for humans to reach. Modern fishermen can use the ROV to monitor fish movements on the seabed and determine the correct position to place nets or fishing rods.

6. Fish Aggregating Device (FAD)

Fish Aggregating Device (FAD) refers to a device installed in the sea to attract fish to a certain area. FADs are usually made of materials that float effortlessly and are equipped with lights and sounds that attract fish.

7. Longlines

A Longline is a fishing line equipped with several hooks and placed in the sea for a long time. Longlines are usually used to catch large fish such as sharks and tuna.

8. Pot Traps

Pot Trap refers to a fish catch consisting of a basket installed on the seabed and equipped with bait to attract fish. Modern fishermen use the Pot Trap to catch fish that live on the seabed, such as crabs and lobsters.

9. Floating Buoys

Floating Buoy

A floating Buoy is useful for marking the position of nets or fishing lines placed in the sea. Floating Buoys are usually made of materials that float easily, such as foam and are equipped with sound and light signals to help fishermen find nets or fishing rods abandoned at sea.

10. Harpoons

Harpoon is a traditional equipment for catching big fish like sharks and whales. However, this equipment has become more sophisticated, so modern fishermen can spear sharks and whales more easily. After the harpoon is fired, the engine rope pulls the pike moored to the fish.

11. Fishing Drones

Fishing or fishing drones are new equipment that modern fishermen increasingly use. Fishing drones have cameras and nets that can be thrown into the sea to catch fish.

Modern fishermen can operate drones from boats to monitor sea conditions and fish movements more accurately. This equipment can catch fish efficiently and minimize damage to the marine environment.

12. Motor Boats

Kapal Motor

Last but not least are the motor boats. Of course, fishermen still need boats to be able to sail to catch fish. But modern fishermen no longer struggle to row or adjust to the wind. Now there are outboard engines that will take them to sea easily.

The speed also varies so that it can be adjusted to the needs. The existence of these outboard engines allows fishermen to move faster and farther to catch certain species of fish.

In addition, motor boats are equipped with modern navigation and communication equipment such as radar, GPS and radio so that fishermen can monitor weather conditions and the boat's position more accurately.

Through the information above, you should not be confused anymore when someone asks, "What do modern fishermen use to catch fish?" There are at least 12 pieces of modern equipment that can be used to catch more fish and increase incoming income.

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