Power Product Milestone

Power Product Milestone

  • Engine "H" Type

    The 1st Engine of Honda Power Products

  • Engine "T" Type

    The 1st four-Stroke Engine of Honda Power Products

  • Tiller F150

    Revolutionary Tiller that use Power Products Engine with upside down type. The 1st Power Products Engine made as CBU (Complete Build Up)

  • Engine "G" Type

    The first Power products Engine for Overseas Markets

  • Outboard Engine GB30

    The first outboard engine uses a Power Products 4 stroke engine

  • Portable Generator E300

    Preferably around the world because of its portability.

  • Engine ME Series

    The Engine has been sold for Millions unit since it was equipped with a oil alert and contactless ignition system CDI

  • Lawn Mower HR21

    The First Lawn Mower featured with a mechanism BBC (Blade Brake Clutch) in the world, the blade will be halted if the clutch lever is released.

  • Tiller F200

    The Best Selling products that Break Put the mini tiller market

  • "Snola" Snow Blowers HS35

    Opening a mini snow Blowers market

  • Generator EX5000

    Generator with super low noise levels and have been sold for a long period of time

  • GX Engine Series

    Hottest Products that have been made OHV and incline cylinder as a standard in the world of Business

  • Power Carrier HP250

    Opens Markets of Mini power carrier " crawler " type

  • Lawn Mower HRC216

    Using the mechanism of the HST (Hydro Static Transmission) for the first time in the world, who can adjust the speed option based on working field (Lawn Mower)

  • Outboard BF35/45

    with a 4 stroke engine that has the capability driving force equivalent to 2-stroke engine

  • Outboard BF8

    comply with regulations on gas emissions for the first time in the world

  • Tiller FU650 "Lucky"

    Has ARS Rotary (Active Rotary: can spin the opposite direction on the same axle simultaneously) Typical of Honda

  • Super Mini Engine GX22/31

    4 stroke Power Products engine that can be tilted 360 degrees


  • Inverter Generator Series

    super lightweight compact generator that supplies high quality power thanks to a high-quality alternator with high-speed Multi-Pole and sine wave inverter

  • Outboard BF115/130

    Featured with electronic fuel injection system (PGM-FI)

  • Tiller FF300 "SA.LA.DA"

    Low center of gravity with a lap in front, easy to operate

  • Unit Kogenerasi berukuran kecil untuk rumah tangga

    mensuplai listrik dan air panas secara bersamaan dirumah tangga, dijual dari berbagai perusahaan gas dengan merek "ECOWILL"

  • IGX440 Engine

    The New generation of Power Products with single cylinder engine which uses a electronic teknology control

  • Cell Solar CIGS dengan lapisan Film Tipis

    sel solar yang ramah lingkungan sejak dari tahap produksi berbahan dasar senyawa CIGS

  • tiller FV200 "Pianta" with LPG

    Mini Tiller machines are easy to operate with gas in the tube as fuel

  • Mesin serbaguna Khusus Perahu

  • "Enepo" EU9iGB

    The second product is operated with the fuel gas in the tube which can further extend the benefits of generator