Is it safe to run the generator 24 hours? Find Out Here!

13 November 2023

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Are Sobat Honda looking for a generator for your electricity backup needs? If so, it is important for Sobat Honda to know whether it is safe to run the generator 24 hours a day. This is crucial because it affects the performance of the generator that Sobat Honda has.

So that the generator continues to function well and can be used longer, regular maintenance is very necessary. This maintenance includes regular checks, replacing worn parts, and maintaining clean fuel conditions.

So, for how long should Sobat Honda use a generator machine to meet Sobat Honda electricity backup needs? To find out the answer, see the information down below. 

How Long Can a Generator Be Used?

Each type of generator machine has varying resistance. However, Sobat Honda may be curious about how long the generator can function or how many hours the generator can last. An open generator machine with a capacity of 40 kVA usually has a fuel tank of around 100 liters and consumes around 12 liters of fuel per hour. On average, a 40 kVA generator machine can operate for around 8 hours.

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Meanwhile, the generator machines which are generally used in factories, offices and fields require a larger electrical power supply to operate normally. Typically, a 100 kVA generator machine has a fuel tank larger than 100 liters and consumes around 20 liters of fuel every hour. In general, a 100 kVA generator machine can definitely operate for around 5-6 hours.

The length of time a generator is used depends on several factors, including the type of generator, the maintenance carried out, and the workload imposed on the generator. Following are several factors that can affect the lifespan of a generator that are important for Sobat Honda to know.

1. Generator Quality

High quality generator machines are generally equipped with components designed to strict standards. High-quality components of the generator machines tend to be more durable and reliable over the long term.

This durability has a big impact on the operational life of the generator machines. A quality generator machines will last longer and provide optimal performance for years, while a low quality generator tends to experience problems earlier.

2. Routine Maintenance

The generator machines that receive regular maintenance will have a longer service life than generators that are rarely checked. Regular inspections, the replacement of worn parts, cooling system inspections, and other routine maintenance as directed by the manual are all included in routine maintenance. Good maintenance can prevent damage, thereby helping to extend the life of the generator machines.

3. Workload 

The generator machines that are used with heavy and continuous loads tend to experience a decrease in their service life. Excessive load can cause engine temperatures to rise, which can damage key components. Therefore, it is important to regulate generator machines' use according to its capacity and not impose excessive loads. This will help maintain optimal generator machines performance in the long term.

4. Generator Usage Environment

The environment in which the generator operates can also affect the generator's lifespan. For example, generators that are frequently used in environments with high dust levels or extreme weather conditions such as excessive heat or high humidity may experience a decrease in their service life.

Dust can contaminate engine components and cooling systems, while extreme weather conditions can affect generator operational temperatures. Therefore, maintaining a clean usage environment that is in accordance with the generator's ideal conditions is very important to maximize generator life.

5. Fuel Quality 

The quality of the fuel used in a generator also has a major impact on the performance and lifespan of the generator machines. Clean and good quality fuel will help keep the generator engine functioning properly.

The bad or contaminated fuel can definitely cause damage to the engine and fuel system, which could reduce the life of the generator machines. Therefore, Sobat Honda should always use quality fuel and store the generator machines properly in order to maintain its overall performance.

Is it Safe to Use a 24 Hour Generator?

Using a generator for 24 hours is an important question for many people, especially in emergency situations or when electricity supply is really needed. However, is using a generator for a long period of time like this really safe? 

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Each generator has its own operating capacity, ranging from an average of 6 hours to 8 hours. If Sobat Honda will use the generator continuously, it is better for Sobat Honda to pay attention to the rest times for using the generator.

It is best to avoid using the generator within 24 hours, but use it according to the manufacturer's recommendations so that it remains safe and its performance is always optimal. Honda Power Products itself has a generator with an average operating time of 7 hours with maximum results.

So that Sobat Honda generator can be used when needed, it is important to carry out routine maintenance through the following steps.

1. Routine Maintenance 

An ongoing generator operation necessitates more involved maintenance. To keep Sobat Honda Honda generator performing at its best, it is crucial to ensure that it is frequently inspected. Checking important parts, replacing worn parts, and performing maintenance in accordance with standards are all included in this normal maintenance.

2. Fuel Source 

A sufficient fuel supply is necessary for continuous operation. Make sure Sobat Honda have enough fuel on hand to keep the generator running for a while. Planning for fuel reserves is also crucial in addition to that. Sobat Honda needs to have a backup strategy in case the fuel supply is cut out for whatever reason so that the generator can keep running without problems.

3. Engine Warm-Up 

The continuous use of a generator machine can cause the engine to overheat. Excessive temperatures can damage engine components and significantly reduce the life of the generator machines. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the generator machine is equipped with an effective cooling system and is able to control its temperature well. This will help maintain engine performance in optimal condition.

4. Air Quality and Ventilation

The environment in which a generator operates has a major impact on the performance and lifespan of the generator. Make sure the generator is placed in a location with good air circulation and an adequate ventilation system.

The poor air circulation can definitely cause temperature problems in the generator machines, which can ultimately reduce its operational lifespan. Avoiding exposure to excessive dust and extreme environmental conditions is also very important to keep the generator machines operating properly.

So, instead of using a generator machines continuously, utilize it in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. When using the generator machines, be sure to follow excellent maintenance procedures, have a sufficient supply of fuel, and have a conducive climate. Nevertheless, continual usage necessitates extra care to ensure peak performance and long generator machines life.

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To get a generator machines that Sobat Honda can use continuously for a long period of time, Honda Power Products provides it. One of them is the Genset - ET120000which is equipped with a built-in 4-stroke engine which is capable of operating an average of 6.5 hours with a fairly large load.

Sobat Honda can still choose from additional generator machines based on their requirements, such as the supplied electricity load. Only at Honda Power Products Sobat Honda can find the greatest and most reliable generator machines for your requirements. Check out the cost and features right away.

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