The ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) Panel's Features and Operation

29 December 2023

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Have Sobat Honda ever heard of the ATS panel? Even though they are familiar with generators, there are still many people who are not familiar with what an ATS panel is. In its use, a generator basically requires a panel that makes it easier for users to get electricity from the generator. This panel is called the ATS panel.

Even though it is rarely used for portable generators, the presence of ATS panels is really needed for large capacity generators in large buildings such as offices, hotels and hospitals. In this article, Sobat Honda will get to know what the ATS panel actually is and its various functions and how it works. So, make sure to read it till the end.

What Is Panel ATS?

Apa itu Panel ATS

The ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) panel is an important component in an automatic power switching system. This panel is used to regulate the flow of electricity between the main source and a backup source, such as a generator set or battery.

In situations when the main power source experiences interference or shuts down, the ATS panel will automatically divert the power flow to a backup source to maintain continuity of power supply. ATS panels are often used in environments that require high reliability in electricity supply, such as hospitals, data centers or industrial installations.

The ATS panel consists of several important components such as main switches, backup switches, safety switches and logic controls. The main switch is used to connect or disconnect electricity from the main source, while the backup switch performs the same function with the backup source.

The Safety switches serve as a barrier to prevent the backflow and the defend against equipment damage. Automatic logic controls regulate how the ATS panel operates and is monitored.

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ATS Panel Control Functions

Fungsi Kontrol Panel ATS

The ATS panel has several important functions in an automatic power switching system. Following are some of the main functions of the ATS control panel:

1. Main Electrical Replacement

One of the main functions of the ATS panel is to replace main electricity. When the ATS panel detects a failure or disruption to the main power source, such as a power outage, the ATS panel automatically takes control and diverts the electricity flow to a backup source, such as a generator. This ensures continuity of electricity supply without any interruptions or prolonged outages.

2. Make the Generator Turn on Automatically

When the primary power supply fails, the ATS panel can also be used to automatically start the generator. When the primary power source is detected to be off by the ATS panel, the logic control will unquestionably issue a command to start the generator. The generator will unquestionably start up and take over the power supply in such a swift and seamless manner. In order to guarantee that the power supply is maintained without any need for human intervention, this function is extremely crucial.

3. Meet System Requirements

Apart from the main functions above, ATS panels can also have another additional functions tailored to specific system needs. For example, the ATS panel can be equipped with temperature, pressure or fuel level monitoring features on the generator. This allows users towards monitor generator conditions in real-time and take preventive action if the problems or failures occur.

4. Synchronization

Some ATS panels include synchronization capabilities as well. Before switching the electrical flow, the ATS panel can use this feature to synchronize the frequency and voltage between the primary source and backup source. Therefore, with the proper technique, electrical switching can be carried out safely while avoiding current spikes that could potentially harm delicate equipment.

5. Load Controller

The ATS panel can function as a load controller that allows setting power supply priorities for different loads. For example, in situations where power supplies are limited, ATS panels can be programmed to preemptively divert power to critical or critical loads, such as security systems or medical equipment. This ensures that power supplies are allocated efficiently and according to set priorities.

6. Monitoring and Reporting

The ATS panel is equipped with a monitoring and reporting system that allows any users to monitor the operational conditions of the ATS panel and the overall power switching of the system.

On the ATS control panel screen or by notification to the remote monitoring system, information on the state of the generator, the status of the electrical flow, and disturbance alerts can be shown. This monitoring and reporting capability enables prompt upkeep and effective problem solving.

How the ATS Panel Series Works

Cara Kerja Rangkaian Panel ATS

Sobat Honda may be curious as to how the ATS panel actually manages to shift flow from the primary electrical supply to the generator after examining the different operations of this panel. The following is a thorough explanation of the ATS panel series' operation, which will assist in providing the answer to this query:

1. Main Electricity Disconnected

The main switch on the ATS panel will immediately turn off the energy from the main source when the ATS panel detects a failure or disturbance in the main power supply. In order to prepare the ATS panel to switch energy to a backup source, it is necessary to isolate the primary source that is having issues.

2. ATS Panel Transfers Flow to Generator

The logic control on the ATS panel will issue a command to direct the electrical flow to a backup source, mainly the generator, when the main energy supply has been cut off. Electricity will be switched from the primary source to the generator by turning on the backup switch on the ATS panel.

3. Generator starts automatically

Next, the logic control on the ATS panel will give the command to turn on the required generator. Then the generator will turn on automatically and start producing electrical power. On the other hand, logic control will monitor the condition of the generator and ensure that the generator is operating properly before supplying power to the load.

4. When the main electricity is on, the ATS panel will turn off the generator

The ATS panel will recognize the presence of power supply from the main source when it recovers and begins to turn on once more. The electricity from the generator will then be turned off and directed back to the primary source via the logic control on the ATS panel. To conserve fuel, the generator will shut off automatically, but don't forget to make sure the main power source can support the load as well.

5. Electricity is returned to the main source

The main switch on the ATS panel will be actuated once again to return power to the primary source after the generator has been shut off. This re-establishes the power switching system's default settings and reconnects the load to the primary source. If there is a disruption or breakdown at the main source, the ATS panel will continue to monitor the circumstances of the electrical supply and be prepared to take action.

Difference between ATS and ATS-AMF

There are various distinctions between ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) and ATS-AMF (Automatic Transfer Switch with Automatic Main Failure), despite the fact that both are utilized in automatic power switching systems. The key variations between the two are as follows:

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1. Causes of Electricity Diversion

ATS is used to divert electricity from the main source to a backup source when there is a failure or disruption to the main source. Meanwhile, ATS-AMF, apart from carrying out switching when the main source fails, can also carry out switching automatically when the main source does not function at start-up, which is called Automatic Main Failure (AMF). So, ATS-AMF is more complete in overcoming main source failure situations.


2. Panel Configuration 

ATS generally uses separate primary and backup switches in one panel. The main switch is used to connect or disconnect electricity from the main source, while the backup switch is used to connect or disconnect electricity from the backup source. In ATS-AMF, the main and backup switches are combined into one unit in the same panel.

3. Regulatory Complexity

ATS-AMF is generally more complex than in setup and programming than ATS. This is caused by the additional function of ATS-AMF itself to detect Automatic Main Failure and carry out switching automatically. ATS-AMF setup and programming requires more detailed configuration in order to ensure proper and safe switching.

4. Application and Use

Hospitals, data centers, and other commercial settings where automated switching is necessary in the event of a primary source failure frequently employ ATS. While this is going on, ATS-AMF is frequently utilized in applications like office buildings, residential communities, and commercial establishments that call for automatic switching both during startup and when the primary source fails.

take action to conclude by saying that the ATS panel is a crucial part of an automatic power switching system that controls the electricity flow between the primary source and the backup source. One might even claim that the ATS panel is a unique solution.

Through their ability to automatically switch the electricity between the primary and the backup sources, ATS panels can also maintain the reliability and availability of the critical electricity in order to various sectors, from hospitals then to a data centers that operate in digital infrastructure.

Therefore, the ATS panel's advantage is its capacity to sustain the supply of electrical power swiftly and effectively. Because of this, it has become an indispensable technology in the current day and is still developing. What about the requirement for compact power supplies for more compact industries? Sobat Honda can pick from a variety of portable generators at Honda Power.

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